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Driving Pox Americana Off the Cliff

August 26, 2018 Russ Winter 7

America is the abusive psychopathic ex-boyfriend that never stops stalking you after the relationship ends. Every day, another round of sanctions and tariffs makes the case against continuing to do business with the U.S. stronger. A […]

Government for Sale

August 24, 2018 Winter Watch 0

The real estate industry is Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s number one backer and it is getting its money’s worth By Georgia Kromrei | 13 August 2018 THE INDYPENDENT — As Gov. Andrew Cuomo stepped out from between […]

How Russiagate Became Israelgate

June 14, 2018 Winter Watch 1

It’s not about Vladimir Putin anymore By Lee Smith | 8 June 2018 TABLET — Earlier in the week, the Daily Caller reported that George Papadopoulos’s wife, an Italian lawyer named Simona Mangiante, said her husband had pleaded guilty in July to lying to […]

Desperate Republicans Turn to Adelson

February 13, 2018 Winter Watch 0

Outraised by energized Democrats, the party is depending on megadonors like the casino mogul to close the gap. By Alex Isenstadt | 11 February 2018 POLITICO — Republicans made their annual sojourn to the lavish Venetian […]

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