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Seattle’s Revolt of the Elites

April 24, 2019 Winter Watch 0

With residents fed up by the homelessness crisis, city leaders and their allies coordinate a PR campaign to convince them that everything is fine. By Christopher F. Rufo | 16 April 2019 CITY JOURNAL — In […]

Facebook Got Caught Phishing for Friends

April 8, 2019 Winter Watch 0

By Bennett Cyphers and Jason Kelley | 4 April 2019 ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION — Once again, Facebook is in the news for bad security practices, dark design patterns, and secretly reappropriating sensitive data meant for “authentication” […]

A Look into Owen Benjamin

March 31, 2019 Russ Winter 34

Owen Benjamin is a stand-up comedian known for his Bill Hicks-like edgy humor. The 38-year-old former Hollywood actor uses politically incorrect language and, in the past, has entered into the culture wars. He made the […]

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