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Winter is Here Update

November 29, 2022 Winter Watch 9

Volkswagen among others is warning that the energy crisis is grinding industry to a halt. The US benefits from the proxy war in Ukraine as a catalyst to onshore industry. Thus the US, has little […]

Perpetual Debt, Perpetual War

May 28, 2022 Winter Watch 1

By David Stockman | 27 May 2022 ANTIWAR — It’s always useful to visit the museum in order to offset the recency bias that distorts perceptions of current realities. In the great scheme of things, the […]

A Roman lesson on inflation

May 28, 2022 Winter Watch 0

‘While it is the duty of the citizen to support the state, it is not the duty of the state to support the citizen.’ — President Grover Cleveland 26 May 2022 GOLDMONEY — After two centuries […]

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