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The FBI’s Increasingly Odd Silence on Boston Bombing

Unanswered Questions about Tamerlan Tsarnaev by Jamie Bologna and Meghna Chakrabarti (left). Maximum Harm by Michele McPhee. PHOTO: Who.What.Why./WBUR/ForeEdge

By James Henry | 10 July 2017

WHO.WHAT.WHY. — As another mega-budget Hollywood movie about the Boston Marathon bombing nears release,  the mainstream media are finally addressing the many unanswered questions concerning the mastermind of the bombing, Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

And yet — four years after the bombing and two years after Tamerlan’s younger brother Dzhokhar was sentenced to death for his role — the feds still aren’t talking.

WhoWhatWhy readers will be familiar with most of these open questions:

•  How was Tamerlan able to travel back and forth to the country from which he sought asylum in 2012, despite being on multiple terror watchlists?

•  Why was he not questioned about the 2011 murder of three of his friends?

•  Was Tamerlan working for or manipulated by the feds for some purpose?

•  Was the FBI or some other federal agency using Tamerlan’s desire to become a US citizen as leverage?

•  Did the Tsarnaevs have help constructing the bombs?

•  Was anyone else involved in planning or inspiring the plot?

As we highlighted in April, ABC News investigative reporter Michele McPhee published a damning exposé which documents the suspicion in Boston’s local law enforcement that the FBI is covering up its interactions with Tamerlan Tsarnaev prior to the bombing. McPhee’s investigation led her to conclude that there is indeed an FBI cover-up afoot. […]

2 Comments on The FBI’s Increasingly Odd Silence on Boston Bombing

  1. WhoWhatWhy is controlled opposition. The Boston bombing was simply an elaborate act of street theater. Google ‘sawdust cannon’ and watch the very short video. You will recognize the firing signature of the Boston ‘bomb’.

    • I agree on the staged element of the street scene. But I have always had questions about the Tamerlan brothers. Were they set up patsies? Actors? I lean toward the former.

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