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The Fraudulent Stanley Milgram Authority Electric Shock Experiment

August 23, 2022 Russ Winter 23

The Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures was a series of social-psychology experiments conducted by Jewish Yale University psychologist Stanley Milgram (1933-1984). Milgram first described his “research” in a 1963 article in the Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology and later discussed his findings […]

The Ghislaine Maxwell Deception

August 16, 2022 Russ Winter 52

Editor’s Note: This is a timely re-run of our July 4, 2020 post. Ghislaine “Jizz” Maxwell is the CEO of a multi-decade kompromat operation. Are we to actually accept that she has hidden out without […]

Lying is Their Most Powerful Weapon

August 13, 2022 Winter Watch 0

Weaponized Cognitive Dissonance Cognitive dissonance takes place when the official state and mass media narrative is constantly contradicted by the evidence. The solution for most people is to ignore the evidence. We need to ignore […]

Israel Shamir – The Trouble with Judaism

June 1, 2022 Winter Watch 1

… is that Jewish leadership is supplanting God. July 1, 2014 HENRY MAKOW — Israel Shamir’s new collection of essays, “Pardes,” contains a prescient and shocking warning to Jews and to humanity as a whole: Judaism wants to make […]

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