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  1. Excellent selection, Russ. Thank you. These will do a lot of good, especially given how short attention spans and how limited intellectual capacity many people, for various reasons, have nowadays. Well-made, to-the-ppint memes can mitigate that.

    When I get home, I’ll grab all of these and upload them in an archive, for easy and guaranteed access.

    Printing and posting effective memes in public is a good way to bypass censorship and manipulation online and reach more people. No algorithm can control what gets posted or seen in public.

  2. Unfortunately, many social media pages such as the Faceberg pages of many media outlets no longer allow posting memes.

    But they do nothing about crypto shills, fortune tellers or binary options traders.

    • Print and Post them in public!

      Then they’ll be seen by everyone who passes by and no algorithms or restrictions can do a damn thing about it. If someone tears one down, put another one. Globalist “grass roots movements” like Climate-ism and Communism post propaganda posters all the time and we can and should do the same to put the truth out there in the public view. Especially now given that it’s made more and more difficult online.

  3. Definitely bookmarking this post. Excellent! So many “faves” on here I can’t even choose which ones…all are truthy. Thanks, Russ! I guess my three most fave are the ones “old literature vs. modern” (since my novels have spiritual overtones), the one about white slavery (since some of my ancestors were Scots-Irish, and thus, indentured…or maybe even slaves), and that old guy talking about taking orders from, basically, the minions of Satan, vs. the non-compliant (such as myself, a pure-blood, and always will be–even if I lose my SS and MC which I paid into).

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