72% of French believe migrants pose security risk and the government gives them too much aid

Remix | Sept 5, 2023

A new poll shows 72 percent of French believe that the government offers too much aid to migrants, and the same percentage think they pose security problems.

According to the research by French consumer and public opinion firm Toluna, 61 percent believe that immigrants are a cultural threat and 56 percent that they are a threat to the social fabric, French news portal Fdesouche reports.


3 Comments on 72% of French believe migrants pose security risk and the government gives them too much aid

  1. Governments and the oligarchs they serve could care less about immigrants.

    They’re nothing more than means to create problems and to divide the peoples. That and sources of vast income as reception and accomodation of these people means great tax based profits for the companies contracted to do it and embezzlement opportunities for officials or just opportunity for embezzlement if handled by government. All the problems caused are also very lucrative for the same reasons and also serves as excuses for increased government control. That and that mass immigration means massive amounts of cheap labor to exploit.

    • Are you in that company in real life or through media and social media bots, trolls and algorithms? Such ideas are the “right wing” version of leftists believing themselves to be surrounded by racists, “fascists,” and white supremacists. Neither is anywhere near true in real life but looks that way in curated social media feeds. People who use social media is corralled into a false or highly selective reality based on data collected about them.

      It’s also important to remember that whatever terrible things happens or appear to happen, ultimately the Globalist crime syndicate is responsible for and guilty of it.

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