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The Gaslighting of the American Mind

February 19, 2021 Winter Watch 2

By J. Peder Zane | 3 February 2021 REAL CLEAR POLITICS — Democrats are the party of make believe. Through their domination of the media, academia, Hollywood, and growing swaths of corporate America, they successfully peddle […]

Secretary of Ethnic Studies?

February 4, 2021 Winter Watch 2

President Biden’s choice to lead the Education Department has a thin record—except in one trailblazing area. By Max Eden | 2 February 2021 CITY JOURNAL — President Biden’s nomination of Miguel Cardona to be Secretary of […]

Silence Will Be the Next Hate Crime

January 17, 2021 Winter Watch 0

By John Klar | 9 January 2021 AMERICAN THINKER — Attacking so-called “hate speech” has proven an effective Trojan horse technique by BLM and Antifa social justice warriors, who have incorporated Critical Race Theory (CRT) into […]

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