The Hidden Truth About US Hate Crime in 47 Charts

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=Hardly a week goes by that we’re not told that racism or antisemitism are growing threats in America.

Racial tension in the U.S. was relatively subdued, or below our radar, until the violent Ferguson protest erupted in August 2014 after a white police officer shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown during an altercation. People around the world were glued to U.S. news broadcasts and social media threads showing militarized police in Ferguson responding to demonstrations with tear gas, sound canons, concussion grenades, less-than-lethal riffle rounds and armored vehicles.

The media, which were struggling with declining viewership, quickly learned from Ferguson that news stories on racism increased ratings, and that social media is a treasure trove of race-baiting content. Before long, we had weekly news reports showing black people being pulled over by police and black students being reprimanded in class by white teachers. And any racism demonstration or police protest across America, no matter how small, received national news attention. Often, “breaking news” would show a “protest” that featured about six kooks alongside three dozen reporters and cameramen.

The racist America meme has been stoked in part by the nation’s two largest lugenpresse publishers: The New York Times and the Washington Post. Certain broadcast cesspools like CNN and MSNBC have piled on as well, further amplifying the gap between perception and reality.

This news trend segued into the 2016 election cycle. As the nation’s focus shifted toward politics, the media found ways to keep their racism rhetoric in the forefront. (After all, they need to get their monies’ worth out of their hired contributors for racism commentary.) So the press began using the term “white supremacists rally” to describe gatherings of white people showing support for pro-nationalist/anti-globalist political policies and even defending historic statues. Hillary called them “deplorables,” others called them “Nazis.” And if you’re a Nazi, you’re antisemitic, of course.

The specter of white supremacy is good business for the multi-billion-dollar black and Jewish race industries, which were struggling to remain relevant in light of America’s increasingly liberal culture and the Great Recession of 2009-2013. Not anymore. The Nazi rhetoric reached its crescendo in August 2017 with the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

Post-Charlottesville, there has been a public-policy and private-industry shift toward stifling free speech under the guise of combating racism and antisemitism. The tech sector has taken the lead by censoring content on social media platforms, in search engines and message boards. Website hosts and domain providers like Godaddy have even killed entire websites without warning, causing publishers to lose their content.

There appears to be a new trend emerging that involves tech. For lack of a better term, it’s a tattle-tale app with which people can report “hate incidents” without oversight or authentication. The bar appears to be very low for what defines an incident.

Are you feeling excluded? Do you suspect it’s because you’re a woman, or you’re black, or you’re Jewish? Report it.

The reports are compiled and transformed into “real” hate crime statistics that can then be used by race industry organizations to raise funds and by lobbyists to argue public policy reforms related to Internet and speech censorship.

Ultimately, the goal of most identitarian groups is to suppress nationalist political views and criminalize speech that criticizes protected groups. Their model is similar to the criminalization of antisemitic speech in Canada, Germany and most other western and European Union countries.

One such hate incident reporting app is being launched by the University of Utah, Winter Watch reported on May 12, 2019. The university’s press release announcing the app’s launch states the following in the first paragraph:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is responsible for tracking hate crimes across the country, but the data are notoriously unreliable. Despite the FBI recording an all-time high in hate-motivated incidents in 2017 (the most recent year’s statistics available) the number is likely much higher. Low reporting from victims to police and inconsistent reporting from police to federal authorities have created a massive gap in how we understand hate in America.

This statement — which is the premise of university’s entire app project — gave me pause. Specifically, their premise that FBI data isn’t inclusive enough and that 2017 had an all-time high in hate-motivated incidents. No historical data is provided in the press release, only a link to the 2017 report.

The FBI, by order of Congress’ Uniform Crime Reporting Act (UCR) — has been tracking, compiling and reporting hate crime data from all police divisions across America since 1996. So why not show the trend, if you’re going make an “all-time high” statement? (Because it “feels” true to them, and reality was inconvenient.)

We scoured the FBI’s database and the Internet for trend-line charts of the FBI’s data. We found none. Sure, news organizations republish the FBI’s annual announcement of fresh data, but references to data typically go back no further than one year. How can that be? And how can one possibly know whether there was an all-time high in hate-motivated incidents in 2017 without doing a lot of compiling and crunching? And, if they actually did bother to do the work, why wouldn’t they share their results with the public?

Rather than accept the statements of known liars, we chose to dig into the historic data. We consider it a public service in the battle against false narratives. The results may surprise you, and you will note that reported hate crimes in general are at reduced levels than in the past. Fake or hoax hate crimes are on the rise.

The largest increases have been in the general “anti-male” and “anti-heterosexual male” categories of hate crimes. Keep in mind that this is just an initial, macro look at the data. Future posts may delve into topics related to the results of specific groups.

Please feel free to use and share the following 47 charts, and republish them with attribution. A pdf file with the data tables we’ve compiled is available here: FBI UCR Bias Reporting Charts.

Inclusivity of Data

US Hate Crime Statistics

Race/Ethnicity Hate Crime Statistics

Anti-White Hate Crime

Anti-Black Hate Crime

Anti-Hispanic Hate Crime

Religious Hate Crime Statistics

Anti-Jewish Hate Crime

Anti-Catholic Hate Crime

Anti-Protestant Hate Crime

Anti-Islamic (Muslim) Hate Crime

Sexual Orientation Hate Crime Statistics

Anti-Male Homosexual Hate Crime

Anti-LBGT Hate Crime

Anti-Heterosexual Hate Crime

Gender Hate Crime Statistics

Anti-Male Hate Crime

Anti-Female Hate Crime

Gender Identity Hate Crime Statistics

Anti-Transgender Hate Crime

Anti-Gender Non-Conforming Hate Crime

36 Comments on The Hidden Truth About US Hate Crime in 47 Charts

  1. Lol – not sure what happened there….as I was saying, September was quite a brutal month for black on white crime (murder, actually) and the 1 or 2 incidents that did get attention dedicated a few mere minutes and did their best to minimize the blatant brutality (kids being kids, or in these cases, “teens” being teens. It’s really got a lot of white people seething with out and out rage. I talk to people every day who are just beside themselves with what is transpiring today.
    It’s this whole distraction story game. No sooner is John Weed murdered, then we have a 12 year old psychopathic, compulsive liar getting her “nappy & ugly” dread locks chopped, by 3 white boys who pinned her down and stole her lunch money and told her she didn’t deserve to live. Without even confirming the story or getting the side of the boys being accused, this girl’s Grandmother had interviews with both local and national (CNN) news!!! No sooner does the girl admit to this being a lie 3 days later, well, what do you know??? It’s time for the convenient sentencing of Amber Guyger and CRINGE WORTHY hug seen around the world.
    I might sound crazy to say so, but I do not even believe this story about Amber Guyger and the shooting of this black man from last year. It just doesn’t add up but sure is awfully convenient.
    Also, the DHS Subcommittee hearings of September 9 and September 20 (how ironic John Weed was “knocked out” on September 20 and died in the hospital surrounded by his devastated and in-shock family Sept. 21) – hearings hosted by mainly Jews from what I gathered, on the rising domestic and global threat of “white nationalist extremism” – a witness panel that consisted of a female PhD, Jewess, who works for ADL and happens to oversee the ADL office in Israel – SHE is a “witness” for White Nationalist Extremism? In an opening statement the Jewish man quoted some kind of UNBELIEVABLE crime statistic for 2018 – something about the percentage of “white nationalist extremist” killings for 2018 being 78%??? WHAT?? I watched the first few minutes and felt too sick to listen any further.
    I spoke with a man online a couple of days ago who told me his 87 year old father was murdered on September 3 by a black man – he stabbed his father in the neck with a screw driver. He gave me a link to read about it – I saw only local reports, and they were VERY MINIMAL, it was atrocious. I read this man’s obituary and cried for 10 minutes, and then I was enraged. 25 year Army vet, Oklahoma, lives to 87 to be stabbed in the neck with a screw driver by a NUT CASE NEGRO? This should have been all over the news, just like John Marvin Weed, and THAT 34 second video was 34 seconds I wish I could have had back. Seeing that animal spit on Mr. Weed after they had already rendered him unconscious with a death blow to his head was disgusting to see.
    What are we going to do? This cannot go on.

  2. Certainly ratings matter to media but that’s not the main reason for promoting spurious and divisive narratives. Bolshevik types rule the roost through central banking. Dissolution of nations, families, morality, and anything else standing in the way of global tyranny is the order of the hour.

  3. Please don’t take my comment as denigrating Torchy, because this is a good article and graphing out that compilation of data had to take a while. I believe these graphs show the reason that the data wasn’t put into easily comparable documents by those who compiled it in the first place. Because it’s obviously bullocks. It’s deception. Hate crime tracking is a mind job. A psyop in and of itself. A set of lies based upon another (the fallacious concept of a hate crime). There’s no need to delineate the “why” of an individual criminal act. A crime is a crime, and if additional punishment is assessed because of the “why”, well that’s textbook moral relativism. It’s the same age old double-standard based babylonian situation ethics. Funny how the crowd that rails on endlessly about “equality” advocates the opposite, in relation to applying punishment under the law. The slight of hand being used with this data is the epically wrong assumption that the “why” of the crime matters. It doesn’t.

    • You provide excellent food for thought here. Now that I’m really thinking about it, I can’t imagine we, the goyim, the cattle, have access to any statistics, charts, data, that can be construed as anything remotely resembling fair objectivity when one considers who defines the how and why.
      Also, I’m reminded of the time someone provided a link to an FBI crime database to make a point about how many non-whites are categorized as “white”. I started scrolling through the database and had to make myself cease and desist after only a few minutes in because I’d already come across 11 instances in which men who were clearly not “white” were classified as such. I think my blood pressure went up. Another wake up call for me at the time.
      I’ll be forever grateful Mr. Muller wrote an article on the 85-86 year old couple that was gunned down in early May by a 29 year old black male “looking for revenge for Ahmoud Arbery”. It happened 3 miles from my home at a Veteran’s cemetery where they were visiting their son’s grave. It was finally some time in July when Fox News did the BRIEFEST of reporting on it, but it was way too little way too late. Unbelievably insulting.

    • You’re absolutely right. But sometimes we have to work within the framework of their narratives — especially when their narratives start trickling into discussions among the Legislature.

  4. Yes – someone has been busy – thanks much. I found the NYT charts fascinating – the Rulers are obviously fixated and have reproduced the “hockey stick” template. It is calculated cultural engineering – how much more obvious could it get? Case closed.

    It is probably ungracious to suggest you not settle back and relax as the weekend approaches. But it came to my attention just today that the Pentagon announced in July that aliens/UFOs are/have been present on Earth. I would be very interested to hear the Winterwatch take on that. I do recall some discussion here 2,3? years ago – or did I insert it briefly into the comments – “probably psy op” – I referenced Jung’s “Flying Saucers” early 1960s.

    Can’t bring myself to learn what the MSM presentation has been. CA Fitts mentioned it brief in conversation with Corbett – (a link from a ww commenter which was revelatory for me, thank you)

    And I have this:

    “Very few people have recognized the connection between MK Ultra and the rise of the UFO movement that grew in spades throughout the Cold War.”

    (Small pat on back): I did not know the language or context, and just re some compelling accounts of UFO encounters – a tentative hunch of mine 25 years ago was “more likely to have been enactments on military bases” – one such account did take place on a base in the UK during the 1960s … toss in some LSD laced rations … must have been fun for all involved – except for the apparently terrified soldiers and then, life-long UFO evangelists.

      • “And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie.”
        Werner Von Braun’s deathbed confession

        • Where have I read this before? Oh it’s going to drive me nuts!! It’s probably been a few years since I read this & my memory isn’t what it used to be. Do you have a source for this you can share? Thank you.

        • Full disclosure: (Pun intended)- Werner Von Braun’s 1977 deathbed confession was to Dr. Carol Rosin. Dr. Rosin also participated in Dr. Steven Greer’s International Disclosure Project at the National Press Club in 2001, where she revealed this story. So there’s that. Perhaps not believable. Greer is a gasbag of a spook if there ever was one. Hilarious to look at his activities over some time now, because you can see how well he’s kept his assigned limited hangout chasing its own tail, while “disclosing” nothing for over 20 years.

      • Thanks – I had totally missed this – you were there 20 months ago …(my brief comment is somewhere else) – got the Rockefeller involvement (that I just saw today on the other link). I will read carefully – I need a break from Covid – tho the recent Pentagon announcement is hardly a coinkydink – … maybe you are planning a refresh/re-post.

        Enjoy the weekend.

        Actually, just these past 10 minutes I have finally learned to use the ww archive! I have been relying on the “related articles”; not exploring the top menu “articles by” – and duh! -not keying in ufo in the search bar – 3 keys and a mouse click and it’s right on top.

        Learned something! -Won’t trouble you again.

  5. Dang it Torchy, while all of your posts (and Russ’s and Thomas’s) are outstanding, this one takes the cake!

    Don’t have the link, but I read a post somewhere a few days ago stating that the ONLY reason MSM is constantly hammering TV/Radio/Social Media/OnlineNews channels with this “white privilege-white racism-white “fragility” BS is RATINGS!!! And the same applies to their “covid” “coverage” 24/7 before “St. George” (Floyd) “changed” the “narrative”.

    When they get back to the “anti-semitic” “narrative”, let me know…. I guess the time for Noahide (decapitation of Christians) has been “put off for now”….. Satan’s orders and all that….

    • Yeah, WASPs et al take abuse for a lot of bad Jewish behavior, especially “white privilege.” If we try to point out that most of these bad actors are Jewish,” not “white”; or if we try to make the distinction that it’s actually “Jewish privilege” in most cases, not white privilege, then we get called out for being anti-Semitic. No win situation.

      At this point, to get attention refocused on the antisemitism/”Nazi” meme, they’re going to need a Jewish hate crime hoax — a Jewy Smolletstein event, if you will — because it seems that for now, white people/normies are laying low, keeping quiet. They’re hoping it’ll all stop on Nov. 4. But it won’t.

      Also, as dangerous rioting dies down and protesters reemerge, look for signs of white-sheeted “KKK members” hovering like ghosts in the background at these events, or other fake actors.

  6. Hi Torchy, when did you originally post this? I commented on one of your articles a while back, before this scam-demic nonsense hit, and as I recall you sent me a link to this. I see above that I already “liked” this, which confirms I’d read it before. I also remember because this is BLOODY FANTASTIC and there can be no disputing the truth bombs you drop throughout. Most non-whites wouldn’t agree, but who cares? WE know what the truth is.
    Even today, I have no problem admitting there are some evil, dysfunctional and overall useless white people, but they are certainly not the norm and rather, are the exception. The statistics prove it, not that we need them – if we have eyes to see and ears to hear (this does not include seeing and hearing anything put forth by MSM, obviously).
    P.S. I’m still trying to come to grips with information Jack Mullen put out/linked to his site the other day on police defunding and smart cities. Everything we see literally “playing out” on the staged theater that is the reality as they bring it to people on the “news” makes more sense when considering American cities are dropping like flies, selling out (probably not by choice?) in getting on board with the UN.
    Correct me if I’m wrong – Charlottesville 2017 – this was, at least partially or to some degree, a PsyOp, yes? A couple of years ago I decided I wanted to participate in a survey the SPLC was doing and as a result got on their mailing list – snail mail. For a while I was getting mail quite regularly from them (until the scam started) and LITERALLY every mailing included glossy color brochures extolling the evils of white supremacy and spoke at length about Charlottesville 2017 and the woman (HH = Heil Hitler) who was killed (I don’t believe it for a second – if she did die, I think it had more to do with her being morbidly obese and a Newport cigarette smoker, but what do I know?) I’m of the understanding that if it gets mainstream attention, it’s a PsyOp, plain and simple. Are there any examples of this NOT being the case?
    P.S. Lots of people on Bitchute are still promoting “Patriot Front”. Some of these people are quite intelligent in other regards and I don’t understand why they have fallen prey to Patriot Front. Clearly someone is funding them. This is a group of young (white men? hard to tell since they all wear masks) yet they can afford to pay for all of their promotional gear they put all over, flyers and stickers that look professionally done and I know that stuff isn’t cheap. I heard the James Field guy who is sitting in jail (is he? patsy?) for “killing H(eil) H(itler) with his grey sports car was affiliated with this PF group, however, up until the time of “Charlottesville”, they went by a different name, something “VanGuard”, which is highly suspect. They say the front man, the only one who does the speaking to the crowds, was a “teenager” when this group was formed. Know anything about this?

    • Yes, I posted this last year. I don’t think anyone appreciated it much back then except you. At that time, it seemed a little off topic from the news cycle. But I knew this information would be important in 2020. I suspected race riots and protests were going to be the plan for this election year — a big distraction to avoid debate over real issues.

      Last year, the most current data ran through year-end 2017. So there’s a one-year lag (about 18 mos in reporting). Whenever the new data is released by the FBI (thru year-end 2018), I’ll have to update my charts. Oi vey, what a task.

      I think Russ would be a better person to answer your Charlottesville question.

      No, I don’t know anything about Patriot Front. Thanks for tip. If time allows this weekend, I’ll look into it.

  7. Superb article— a huge amount of work went into that! Thank you for providing such a valuable resource.

    It reminded me that there is also a website that lists and describes as many Fake Hate Crimes as it can gather for the US, here:

    It also reminded me of similar Fake Hate Crimes exposed in Britain a few years back, though I don’t have any links to hand. Muslims set up a hotline called “Tell Mama” (?) for Muslims to anonymously report hate crimes against them in the UK, and they were deluged with tales of gangs of vicious white men roaming the streets, ripping off the headscarves of pious Muslim women, assaulting Muslim babies, and all manner of other horrific attacks. The media ran with it, until the police investigations proved that all of them were hoaxes. One Muslim even staggered dramatically into a police station covered in blood, claiming that patriotic British National Party members had kidnapped him, beaten him up and left him for dead in woodland. All proven to be false, and yet the media never reported the police findings, and to this day, many members of the British public still think his claim was true!

    • I don’t know if this data is adjusted over time for hoaxes. Given the delay in reporting, I certainly hope so, but doubt it. But I think the “Known Offenders” distinction in the data is an important one.

      What is notable, however — and perhaps explains slight bumps in data over time — is the way in which we define what a “hate crime” is. Arguably, the bar has been lowered dramatically during the last 10 years, and especially the last five.

      • Now that is the most important point: “What is a hate crime?” Forgive me if I’ve already posted this in the past and forgot:

        An ancient foreign religious concept from the Middle East called “LASHON HARA” is now being forcibly written into the laws of the Christian West as “hate crime”.

        “LASHON HARA” condemns “hate speech”, forbidding their members to talk about their own children being raped & sodomized by their “priests”. Originating with a desert tribe, it was introduced to Bolshevik Russia by that same tribe, who are now forcing it upon western democracies, destroying the concept of freedom of speech. It was also incorporated into the Koran, written by Jewish Yemeni Slavetrader Khadija, first wife of Mohammed, based entirely upon the Talmud. Can you guess which desert tribe it is?

        It is time for us to REJECT the whole idea of “hate crime” & “hate speech” as an ALIEN CONCEPT violating freedom of speech, just like Sharia Law. It is time to say, “We do not consent!”

  8. Hate crimes against white males are not reported. In a case in CA a black man robbed an 80 year old white man. After the successful robbery he beat him so severely he wound up in the hospital. Police are searching for the suspect but do not suspect a hate crime. Turn it around and it would be a hate crime.

    • They’r’e reported. You can see the chart above. But I suspect the threshold that must be met to classify a black-on-white crime as a “hate crime” is very, very high relative to the inverse. We see evidence of this all the time.

  9. Shame on you.
    Why give any credence to this garbage? Admitting there is even such a thing as “Hate Crime” gives it legitimacy irrespective of accumulated data. This is how the goal posts keep moving. Racism is another one. No such thing. Doesn’t even exist. Discrimination? Prejudice? Evil? Sure… but not racism or hate speech/crime or microagressions or any of the other terms of the Woke.

    • Shame on you! That’s what the WRITTEN portion of the post was all about. Clearly you didn’t take the time to read the post. You read the headline, skimmed the charts and made your judgement. How embarrassing for you.

    • Admitting there is even such a thing as “Hate Crime”

      Where is this admission in the post?

      Should we start ban hammering headline only readers?

      We have a new request, no it is actually a requirement. If it appears you are commenting without actually reading the material or post or show minimal comprehension skills or a propensity to make straw man arguments we will delete your comment. If you show this to be habitual we will ban you.

    • First about the post in general: thanks, it must have taken a LOT of work to put together, especially all the charts, albeit they may have little practical value other than in online discussions which, in my experience, change the minds of exactly no one (“The data proves the woke perceptions are garbage.”) — for too many, including the media, it’s about the “narrative”, not data.

      But Bryan is correct in one sense, and I’m glad he mentioned it: no self-respecting white person should endorse the use of, or even acquiesce to the existence of, “hate” laws — these are used almost exclusively against Whites, and were designed to intimidate/silence Whites while their country is being demographically stolen from them — they give the Establishment another tool to brainwash Whites into believing that opposing their dispossession is equivalent to “hate” — anyone who cares to can do a simple internet search and find the video of Eric Holder saying that federal hate crime statutes are not meant to protect Whites from “hate”, or punish non-whites who commit crimes against Whites motivated by “hate”.

      Whites who demand “hate” laws be applied equally are the same as Republicans who say shit like ‘Democrats are the real racists’.

      And look at all the categories of ‘who, whom’ “hate” — what a dumpster fire of a country America has become.

        • I didn’t say “hate” was not a motive in some crime — I said self-respecting Whites should not endorse the existence and use of “hate” laws, since they were designed to be, in practice are, and always will be used almost exclusively against them for primarily political purposes.

          Police/detectives normally try to determine motive — “hate” may be the motive in some crimes — if so, this can be present in the indictment and mentioned in court like any other motive — but “hate” laws should not be used to create special, protected classes of victims, or to mete out extra punishment.

          I agree a significant fraction of black on white crime is probably motivated at least in part by racial/ethnic animosity — but this is very rarely considered during the investigation and adjudication of these cases — whereas it often seems the Establishment assumes, prima facie, that “hate” is a motive in (the rather uncommon instances of) white on black crime — which just demonstrates my main point.

  10. Ever heard of ‘White girl bleed alot’ by Colin Flaherty? I regret to say that, in my opinion, the problems we face in the world today are being perpetrated, as described so well on this website. Peace will only come following a severe thinning of the herd, which, seems to be underway.

  11. Documented fake hate crimes.

    The purpose of this site is to compile a comprehensive database of the false reports of “hate crimes” committed (mostly) in the USA. It builds on the work of Laird Wilcox, whose Crying Wolf (PDF) is the original book on this subject. The books Hate Crime Hoax and Hate Crimes: Criminal Law & Identity Politics are also recommended.

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