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Vidhya Ramalingam – The Lady Who Decides What You Get to See Online

By Charles “Sam” Faddis | 21 July 2021

AND MAGAZINE — A number of press outlets have reported recently that the Pentagon is working with a private contractor to monitor the internet searches of Department of Defense personnel.  Certain searches are apparently now considered signs of domestic violent extremism. Surprisingly – even seemingly innocuous searches such as “the truth about black lives matter” can now be considered indicators of white supremacism and result in your designation as a threat to the republic.

All this is true.  It is a matter of record. The Pentagon is employing this private contractor to monitor “extremism” in its ranks.  It is also, as usual, not the “half of it.”  The private company in question is called Moonshot.  It is run by a lady named Vidhya Ramalingam, and she and her company don’t just monitor what you do online.  They control what you see and what you are told.

What is Moonshot?

Several years ago, Moonshot in cooperation with Jigsaw, developed something called the Redirect Method Jigsaw was created by and is controlled by Google.  It was originally known as Google Ideas, but its name was changed in an attempt to shake the effect of bad press concerning the company’s focus on censorship and the manipulation of search results.  The Guardian referred to Jigsaw as Google’s “intelligence agency.” […]

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