A Wave of LGBTQ Hate Crime Hoaxes Engulfs Portland

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A decade or so ago, I thought the LGBTQ Movement might have adults on the scene. Increasingly over the years, however, it looks like it has been overtaken by deviants, who have no self-policing or restraint. A gay movement with morals and scruples would reign in extreme deviants when they acted out of line. After the Jesse Smollett hoax broke, instead denouncing him, they went up their Mafia-like hierarchy to get the charges against him dropped. Not only did Smollett (a black homosexual) get off, but he was up for an Image Award from the NAACP last weekend (he didn’t win).

Now emboldened with more green lights, the LGBTQ’s extreme deviant wing has doubled down yet again with more hoaxes. An intrepid New York Post reporter, Andy Ngo, busted multi-layered LGBTQ-hate hoaxes in Portland, Oregon. Frankly, I’m surprised that his investigation was even published. The goal, as with the Smollett case, seems to be to portray conservatives and straight white males as violent bigots and homophobes who are willing to indiscriminately target members of the trans and gay communities.

In the Portland area alone, trans and LGBTQ activists have incited a panic with reports of attacks on LGBTQ individuals. Ngo’s investigation revealed that these fake hate crimes went viral on social media but were not reported to police. In some cases, details gathered by police differed dramatically from what was disclosed in social media posts in such a way as to suggest that an attack never occurred.

Ngo’s piece begins with the Feb. 10 “attack” on Sophia Gabrielle Stanford. This individual also claimed to suffer injuries and raised money on a GoFundMe page that went viral. It describes her as the victim of a “brutal and aggressively blatant hate crime” and recounts how unidentified assailants had “beaten her unconscious with a bat.” The page stated that Stanford had suffered a “serious concussion” and would need “intensive physical therapy, CT scans and counseling.”

Per New York Post: ” The responding officer, Edgar Mitchell, noted that Stanford smelled of alcohol. “I asked [Officer Zachary Roe] what happened,” the report states. “Roe said the individual admitted to being intoxicated, and Roe believed the person fell and hit her head.” “Nothing in the police reports indicate that Stanford told police she was attacked with a bat by multiple assailants in a hate crime.”

In fact per the police report, Stanford even made a threat against the officers who were questioning her: “Stanford either could not or would not state her name to the police.”

The responding officer was unable to discover Stanford’s name and claims that she made a threat: “If you don’t treat me right, my people will get you,” she said, according to the report.

On Feb.17, a week after Stanford’s assault hoax, another “fat-queer activist” published a claim on social media about an attack on her and her partner, claiming that “two young white men” in a “maroon SUV” had lobbed a full beer can at her and called her a homophobic slur. A photo of Bruso’s partner was posted with a picture of a bruise on her cheek.

Though Bruso said the incident had been reported, when Ngo contacted police, he found no record of an incident at that location on that day.

I spoke with staff at businesses along that intersection, but nobody I talked to had witnessed an attack. When Bruso’s post went viral on Facebook and commenters raised questions about the incident, she deleted the post.

“I, WE, owe you NOTHING,” Bruso wrote on Facebook. “The intention was to warn our communities and that’s precisely what I did.”

Bruso originally said the attack was “reported,” but Portland police stated in a report that there was no case number associated with the incident as of Feb. 27, 2019. I contacted Bruso several times by email asking where she reported the incident. She didn’t respond.

Per the New York Post:

Within days, the number of alleged hate attacks ballooned through uncorroborated and vague online rumors. These stories were then amplified by progressive media, nonprofit groups, businesses and politicians. Activists, driven by their own personal grievances, then launched a crusade to find the phantom suspects, doxing and targeting innocent people in the process.

“Activists” started sharing “attack alerts” and distributing flyers around Portland with photos and names of people they blamed. The number of alleged hate attacks quickly grew from two to 15 as the hysteria took hold. Portland was now in a full-blown cartoon-world rage and panic about marauding right-wing gangs hunting the LGBTQ.

Illustrating our theory that higher-level positions have been infested with this tribe of narcissistic sociopath deviants, we learn the mayor of Portland, Tom Wheeler, who doubles as a police commissioner, was quick to take the word of hoaxers to amplify the lies via Twitter.


Winter Watch Takeaway

When people with such behavioral abnormalities try to claim they are normal, they are being delusional. Normal people shouldn’t have to cater to the demands of deviants let alone be victims of their hoaxes. To accept this without a lot of stiff resistance is a prescription to be enslaved.

Yes, they have a right to live their lives, so long as they don’t infringe on the rights of the rest of us — but their abnormality and derangement should not be given privilege. Call us deviant-phobic and enslavement-phobic, not homophobic.

The problem is that the LGBTQ community seems to think they are entitled to privilege because of their behavior abnormalities, and in the process are creating resentment against themselves. Their own hatred and rage is showing. Smollett and Portland are just the tip of the iceberg as far as deviants hating normal people.

And, as importantly, we are not seeing any signs that the adults in the so-called “gay” movement are moving to check this behavior with tough love — in fact, quite the opposite as this tweet from Ngo states:

People with narcissism are characterized by their excessive and persistent need for others’ admiration and positive reinforcement. They generally have grandiose opinions of themselves and believe they are superior to other people. Narcissists are also frequently convinced that they are above the normal responsibilities and obligations of everyday life.

Narcissistic sociopaths who typify this hoaxing behavior demonstrate a noticeable lack of regard for the rights of others and a tendency to regularly violate those rights. They do so in these cases under the delusion of being oppressed.

One notable difference between a narcissistic sociopath and people with narcissism alone is that the narcissist with the sociopathy reacts strongly and sometimes even violently to negative feedback. True sociopaths generally do not respond to criticism or care what others may think of them. A narcissistic sociopath is unable to tolerate criticism and needs constant praise, as well as deference from other people. We are mostly dealing with the latter in this hoax epidemic.

On the right is a classic example of narcissistic sociopathy in action — attack the messenger and declare criminality and behavioral deviance normal.

Black academic Wilfred Reilly writes, “I have done a great deal of research on hate crimes in America, and the tragically under-reported fact is that an enormous number of such incidents reported over the past decades turn out to have been hoaxes.”

And we dare someone to come on here and state these cases are isolated. We have dozens more examples in wait. Make our day.

4 Comments on A Wave of LGBTQ Hate Crime Hoaxes Engulfs Portland

  1. LGBT movements are noting more than radical Marxist movements, no different than ANTIFA movements. As stated below,gay assimilationists just wanted equal rights, far from what these radical LGTBQ groups push:

    “In a nutshell, gay assimilationists seek complete integration within existing cultural norms and institutions, while radical queers reject integration because they view it as an embrace of the very values and institutions that have fostered sexual and gender-based oppression in the first place. Naturally, these opposing views have been the source of much debate among queer and non-queer communities. As pointed out by Jonathan Kemp in his discussion titled Queer Past, Queer Present, Queer Future :

    In America since the mid 90s a fierce debate has raged between assimilationist lesbians and gay men and radical queers. The assimilationists want gay marriage, inclusion in the military, the right to adopt children–i.e., equal status within the status quo. Queers, on the other hand, want nothing to do with the status quo, instead regarding the most vibrant and radical aspect of homosexuality as being precisely its opposition to normative sexuality and society.”


  2. I lived in San Francisco’s Castro for decades, and want to amplify Johnny Walker Read’s comment. Like Judaism, there are many facets of gayness, most of them inclusive within greater society and benign. The exceptions are almost always noisy and alienating – radical queers, Jewish US settlers in Palestine for examples – and there is a particularly virulent strain of these people who worm their way into positions of power to push agendas. Their communities know these are often bad people but since ‘outsiders’ don’t understand the nuances they are blind to these goals and agendas.
    These obnoxious types will try every trick in the book to ‘win’ and get ahead and are all too often ultra judgmental and superior. There is a percentage of society who are predators and a trick they often use is to claim they themselves have been attacked. They are often in reality attacking the rest of society themselves….

  3. There’s an entire Identity Industry out there. It would be interesting to calculate the funds raised by Identity Industry organizations, such as the NAACP, ADL, LGBTQ, etc. I’ll bet it’s a staggering figure, probably in the billions. Money = political influence/power. Anticipate a massive ramp up in Identity Industry activity in 2020.

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