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Secret Archive Reveals How Russians Showed Huge Support for ‘Christian Crusader’ Nazi Invaders Who Had Come to Fight ‘Godless Communists’

A group of Russians captured by the Nazis during Operation Barbarossa. Documents from secret archives have revealed how some Soviets believed the Germans were Christian crusaders come to throw of the yoke of communism. PHOTO:

By Allan Hall | 15 February 2012

WEAPONS AND WARFARE — An extraordinary secret archive has revealed for the first time how thousands of Soviet citizens collaborated with Nazi invaders during World War II.

The cache of documents, some retrieved from the files of the KGB, shows how many viewed the Germans as Christian liberators – and their own masters as godless Communists.

This view was reinforced when the soldiers of the Third Reich opened up 470 churches in north-western Russia alone and reinstated priests driven from their pulpits by Stalin.

In turn, the clergy co-operated closely with S.S. death squads in betraying Communist officials, Jews and partisan resistance groups. […]

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