Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: The CIA Killed My Father & Uncle – Do Not Trust The Medical Or The National Security Establishment!


By Tim Brown | 19 August 2020

DC DIRTY LAUNDRY — Agency had his father and uncle assassinated, and in that light, he has been speaking out against the medical community with regard to vaccines.  Kennedy warns Americans not to trust the same people, the national security establishment, who murdered his father and uncle and added not to trust the medical establishment as well.

Nephew of President John F. Kennedy, son of Robert F. Kennedy, and tireless crusader against the tyranny of the mainstream medical establishment, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. joins today’s Liberty Report to discuss his startling discoveries about who really killed his father and uncle…and why.

Plus, Mr. Kennedy, an environmental lawyer, has been among the most vocal and most successful opponents of the mainstream medical establishment, driven by big Pharma to inoculate and medicate everything that moves. […]

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  1. No kiddin’ !!!

    The fledgling ” Medical ” establishment also had mid-wives gruesomely tortured and burned at the stake as ” witches ” in the middle-ages ( they had allied themselves with the church ) to gain the monopoly over medical matters …

  2. Ten years ago, I had a private conversation about the Kennedy assassinations with the late actor Robert Vaughn (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.). He was an active Democrat and close friends with the Kennedy family especially Bobby. He told me everything that Robert Jr says here. But, he said there really was a “Good Bobby” and a “Bad Bobby.” And, “Bad Bobby” was too volatile and vindictive to make a good president.

    I want to know more about Israel’s part (perhaps via the C.I.A.) in the JFK killing and the involvement of Aristotle Onassis with the RFK murder.

  3. Speaking of not trusting the medical establishment:

    The New Normal: ‘Covert Moral Enhancement’ for ‘Coronavirus Defectors’ — ‘Morality pills’ may be the US’s best shot at ending the coronavirus pandemic, according to one ethicist

    Moral enhancement is the use of substances to make you more moral. The psychoactive substances act on your ability to reason about what the right thing to do is, or your ability to be empathetic or altruistic or cooperative. … These substances interact directly with the psychological underpinnings of moral behavior […] Then, perhaps, the people who choose to go maskless or flout social distancing guidelines would better understand that everyone, including them, is better off when they contribute, and rationalize that the best thing to do is cooperate. … Another challenge is that the defectors who need moral enhancement are also the least likely to sign up for it […] a solution would be to make moral enhancement compulsory or administer it secretly, perhaps via the water supply.

    On the other hand, if you’re ever seriously injured, you may want to consider allowing a trauma surgeon to save your life.

    • You’re absolutely right, he is making stuff up! But Hebrew midwives were infamous even in the Old Testament for making sure the newborn babies of the Gentiles did not survive. Their allies in the medical establishment also advised Gentile women to give birth in the ridiculous, awkward, difficult and painful supine position, just to make it easier for doctors to peer into their nether regions, while Hebrew women used eminently sensible “birthing stools”, giving birth sitting down on a special wooden chair with a hole in the middle, the newborn sliding out easily onto soft straw or blankets.

      Most of the people burnt at the stake for “witchcraft” were actually Christians, falsely accused as an excuse to steal their property: 1/3rd was given to the accuser, 1/3rd to the church, and 1/3rd to the state.

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