Israeli Company Is Selling Autonomous Surveillance Systems to Governments Around the World


An Israeli company has announced plans to launch new “autonomous” surveillance products which are specifically designed to monitor large metropolitan areas.

By Derrick Broze | 8 June 2018

ACTIVIST POST — On Thursday, Israeli surveillance technology company Jenovice announced a slew of new surveillance products aimed at monitoring Wi-Fi enabled devices in order to gain intelligence on targets. The announcement was part of a presentation – “Tactical Wi-Fi Interception – Identify, Acquire, Intercept” – given at the Intelligence Support Systems for Electronic Surveillance, Social Media/DarkNet Monitoring and Cyber Crime Investigations, or ISS World Europe Conference, in Prague.  Jenovice stated the presentation would “go over the challenges, limitations and operational solutions in tactical WiFi interception missions. We will cover the following: identifying targets, acquiring them and manipulating Wi-Fi enabled devices to extract intelligence.”

Jenovice’s announcement was first reported by CyberScoop in late May. CyberScoop elaborated on the new surveillance products being sold by Jenovice.

Jenovice’s Metropolink, which is only available for law enforcement and intelligence agencies, is sold as an “autonomous” surveillance system meant to monitor entire metropolitan areas. The capabilities list reads like hacker tech from a Jason Bourne movie: It’s advertised as being able to locate, list, map, track, analyze and visualize all Wi-Fi networks and identities across whatever environment a customer chooses.

CyberScoop explains that Metropolink works due to a network of sensors which are to be strategically placed around a large populated area. These sensors track various electronic devices via the MAC address and geolocation. This includes phones which are broadcasting and collecting Wi-Fi information. These sensors have a range of about 500 meters. Jenovice advertises that Metropolink can detect and track suspects even while moving at high speeds in vehicles. CyberScoop notes that Jenovice sells Metropolink as a “passive” technology which allows for less regulations and does not require a warrant in many countries. However, the term passive is a bit of a misnomer. […]

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