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Government by Blackmail: Jeffrey Epstein, Trump’s Mentor and the Dark Secrets of the Reagan Era

Appalling for both the villainous abuse of children itself and the chilling implications of government by blackmail, this tangled web of unsavory alliances casts a lurid light on the political history of the U.S. from the Prohibition Era right up through the Age of Trump.

By Whitney Webb |  25 July 2019

MINT PRESS NEWS — Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire who now sits in jail on federal charges for the sex trafficking of minors, has continued to draw media scrutiny in the weeks after his arrest on July 6. Part of the reason for this continued media interest is related to Epstein’s alleged relationship to the intelligence services and new information about the true extent of the sexual blackmail operation Epstein is believed to have run for decades.

As MintPress reported last week, Epstein was able to run this sordid operation for so long precisely because his was only the latest incarnation of a much older, more extensive operation that began in the 1950s and perhaps even earlier.

Starting first with mob-linked liquor baron Lewis Rosenstiel and later with Roy Cohn, Rosenstiel’s protege and future mentor to Donald Trump, Epstein’s is just one of the many sexual blackmail operations involving children that are all tied to the same network, which includes elements of organized crime, powerful Washington politicians, lobbyists and “fixers,” and clear links to intelligence as well as the FBI. […]

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  1. Wordyprussy bounced my longer post here as verboten, so will just try to say that there is a lot in this latest from Ms Whitney Webb on Mint Press

    Exactly whilst Jeffrey was working for AG William Barr’s father teaching juveniles, school headmaster Donald Barr published a novel with has fantasy of Jeffrey-like activities, ‘Space Relations: A Slightly Gothic Interplanetary Tale’

    There are no less than six major operations of the apparent Epst-island type, all connected to the same people, J mobsters, Bushes & intel … group name from the perps themselves re the youths being handled, ‘Bodies from God’ … the identified leaders, details in the Webb piece:

    (1) Roy Cohn (1927-86)

    (2) Robert Keith Gray (1921-2014)

    (3) Bruce Ritter (1927-99) ‘Covenant House’

    (4) Craig Spence (1941-89) suicided after the info broke out

    (5) Lawrence E. King Jr, Franklin / Omaha

    (6) Jeffrey (born 1950)

  2. My local congressman Pete Olson has suddenly decided to not seek re-election this month. Seems the timing is odd with Epstein in the news.

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