Divided We Stand: Israelis Splitting from American Jews — American Whites Splitting from Each Other

By James Kirkpatrick | 9 May 2019

THE UNZ REVIEW — Hamas and Israel clashed recently [700 rockets, 240 intercepts, 4 dead Israelis: Is the Iron Dome getting worse? By Sam Sokol, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, May 7, 2019] and, needless to say, the Trump Administration is backing Israel. GOP Big Brains think this is the way to win over Jewish voters (and donors), the so called “Jexit”. [Trump backers plan ‘Jexit’ rally to attract Jewish votersby Debra Saunders, Las Vegas Review-Journal, May 6, 2019] Which is also why they are targeting anti-Israel Democrats like Ilhan Omar. But it probably won’t be as effective as they hope.

Jewish voters generally support the Democrats, apparently because of domestic issues. [Pro-Trump Republicans plan big-money play for Jewish vote in 2020by Alex Isenstadt, Politico, April 7, 2019] But there are also signs that Leftist and younger Jews are increasingly less supportive of Israel.

In San Francisco, only a minority of young Jews believe that a “Jewish state” is important. [Vast numbers of progressive California Jews are disengaging from Israel, Survey Findsby Judy Maltz, Haaretz, February 14, 2018] Most Jews still support Israel, but younger Jews are increasingly hostile towards Netanyahu’s long-lasting nationalist government. [As Israel turns 70, many young American Jews turn awayby Dox Waxman, The Conversation, May 3, 2018] This has been developing for some time: 2013 survey from Pew showed support for Israel among American Jews is inversely related to age. [Chapter 5: Connection With and Attitudes Toward Israel, Pew Research Center, October 1, 2013]

Remarkably, a recent survey found American Jews are far more likely than Christians to say President Trump favors Israelis too much! [U.S. Jews are more likely than Christians to say Trump favors the Israelis too muchby Gregory Smith, Pew, May 6, 2019] […]

2 Comments on Divided We Stand: Israelis Splitting from American Jews — American Whites Splitting from Each Other

  1. Israel would not have the power it does over America if it were not for Christian Zionist. Karl WB Schwarz said it best: Zionism is not a religion; it is a power cult that represents the pure embodiment of greed and evil. It is an arrogance towards all others that are not part of their cult.

    Under Trumpenstein and Javanka, America has surrendered unconditionally to the Chabad Lubavitch Zionist. These Zionist have sought control of this country to be used as their human chattel,even before there was a nation of Israel. We either cut loose from these human parasites, or we allow them to continually weaken and eventually kill us.

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