Iran Releases Drone Footage of Israeli Vessel That Was Recently Attacked in Sea of Oman

An undated picture of an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy patrol craft. PHOTO: via South Front

7 March 2021

SOUTH FRONTOn March 7, the al-Mayadeen TV broadcasted exclusive aerial footage of the Israeli-owned vessel that was recently attacked in the Sea of Omar.

The vehicle-carrier ship MV HELIOS RAY suffered an explosion while she was sealing in the Sea of Oman on February 26. The attack did not disable the ship or injure its crew, but forced it ashore for repairs.

Senior Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, blamed Iran for the attack on the vessel, without providing any real evidence.

The footage shared by the al-Mayadeen TV were taken by an Iranian drone. The Iranian source who provided the Beirut-based news channel with the footage denied that Tehran was behind the attack on MV HELIOS RAY. […]

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