Winter Watch is not a news publication. It is a news blog focused on the following core issues: the misuse of U.S. and NATO troops in foreign military interventions, the lopsided Israel First agenda in the U.S. and U.K. in particular and the excessive influence of the extremist Likudnik Jewish lobby and their controlled media.

Additionally, we draw attention to the problems of western intelligence misconduct and covert action, domestic government repression, police state surveillance, violations of civil liberties, repression of free speech, the use of weaponized migration, false flags and staged deceptions, the ills of cultural Marxism and promotion of cultural and social degeneracy.

Since starting the site in June 2016, we have come to realization that there is a severely suppressed hidden history and agenda. The global media is terminally corrupt, and the term “Lugenpresse” is well deserved. The term “matrix” also truly applies. We strive to bring forth what has been hidden, to peel back the matrix.

Good Sherlock Holmesian investigation doesn’t only reveal the hidden mechanisms of our time, it also exposes those who refuse to confront the mechanisms. Lord knows we try.

A central theme of Winter Watch is that the lowest common denominator kakistocracy that runs America (and humanity in general) into the ground has been put in place by design. Our approach to government is to the point: Put it into the hands of outstanding personalities (merit-based) instead of criminal money-driven hacks with the ability to be compromised and/or paid off. The latter will be called out on these pages at every opportunity.

If the Powers that Be were outstanding and countries were doing well, you would have no quarrel from us, but this is not the reality. Their lopsided and negative influence needs to be replaced for poor performance and fraudulent agendas. It’s analogous to firing losing football coaches. Those who sound the alarm about powerful people opposing you and your right to defend your interests are often called “reformers” and “progressives.” Yet, if we told you who those powerful people are, many would call us “Nazis.”

Outstanding personalities (which we will praise) come from the heart and soul of the people, not the kleptocratic elites. If some form of Democracy is to work — which is debatable — there must be total reform and the removal of money from politics, an end to the revolving door and legislative term limits. There’s also a serious issue of voting and election fraud in the current faux Democratic system.

The answer isn’t to take the other side in the dialectic or binary choices they’ve provided for us but to rescue and form new principles away from those who have hijacked them.

Recommended Dialogue on Winter Watch

Hate Facts (also referred to as truth bombs) are uncomfortable truths that make people angry. The taboo nature of such facts trigger deep emotions in those who have been culturally conditioned to believe that the facts themselves, and those espousing them, are morally inferior. This self perception of moral superiority is enough to dismiss any and all factual claims through pejorative accusations while never actually addressing the facts themselves.

Hate facts/truth bombs are not to be confused with Hate Speech, although it is often labeled as such by those who wish to ignore the facts presented to them. Whereas hate facts are nothing more than factual information presented as an argument, hate speech is derogatory language used pejoratively with no intention of educating an individual or group. Thus cheap pejoratives and it’s evil twin gaslighting are frowned upon at Winter Watch.

The suppression of dissidents attempting to spread factual truths to their fellow citizens are then suppressed through false accusations rendering society less flexible to correct its flaws early enough to avoid widespread harm. Worse yet, this strategy enables very sketchy operatives to hide their criminality. This is often easy to do, since many have been brainwashed early on to believe that individuals who fit a political label are immoral and should be shunned.

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