6 Comments on ‘The Shock Doctrine’ (2009)

  1. Yes read the book and still a piece of the puzzle was missing, then looking at the ((((author))))) guess what group was never mentioned??? A total waste of my time!

  2. Naomi Klein… written by a communist and jew… I’m not sure why this is even up here… except to expose more propaganda… i hope…

  3. I picked up that book back when it came out. The general thesis is solid. She’s made a lot of other calls lately I can only disagree with, mostly the climate change stuff “This Changes Everythng” (no-just ordinary geology and climate fluctuation). Exposing one line of subversion only to embrace another because it’s more ‘feel-good’ is just hare-brained. The same as her proposed solutions which are just Fabian pap. Looking to journalists for solutions to political problems is like looking to Generals for same. They are no more wise than any of us reading this site.

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