What Was The Hit on Russia’s Ambassador About: Cui Bono?

Andrey Karlov, left, the Russian ambassador to Ankara, sprawled on the floor after being shot by a gunman, right, during a Dec. 19 attack during a public event at an art gallery in Ankara. PHOTO: Getty Images

The assassination of the Russia’s ambassador to Ankara Andrey Karlov was a theatrical-looking event with the camera-men in on it. The New Nationalist (TNN) submits that this was by design, as at first blush even we thought it was a hoax. However, it was the manner that the western lugenpresse ran the story that tipped us off that this was a real Anglo/NATO/Zio-inspired hit. The (((faux media))) made sure the assassin’s words — “Don’t forget Aleppo” — were highlighted in headlines and lead paragraphs of stories. As TNN discussed in the Berlin truck article, western populations are now so dumbed down that headlines are all they read.

The timing of this hit is certainly curious, just one day before Turkey, Russia and Iran were scheduled to meet as part of a rapprochement effort to resolve Syria, pipeline deals and other geopolitical matters.

Goldstein bites the dust?

Plus, the assassin and security agent Mevlut Mert Altintas came from a westernized region of Turkey, the city of Izmir, a Donmeh stronghold. Altintas translates to Goldstein. Turkish police and security are heavily infested with western Zionist moles from operations conducted over a couple decades by the CIA backed Gülen movement, headquartered in Pennsylvania.

Altintas aka Goldstein looked to be in a trance of some kind. And was he really killed and who actually “killed” him, more security moles? Why was it necessary to blur Altintas’ face? What’s with the huge over-sized shoe?

Suppressed and Hidden History of the Dönmeh

What many in the West don’t realize is that, going back to the days of the Ottomans, Turkey has had a major Jewish influence called the Donmehs. These were Jews who were forced to convert to Islam by Sultan Mehmet IV, the Ottoman ruler in the 17th century. They were known as Sabbateans, a particularly nasty sect. They are also known as “crypto-Jews,” who publicly proclaimed their Islamic faith but secretly practiced their hybrid form of Judaism. Because it was against their belief to marry outside their sect, the Dönmeh created a rather secretive and powerful sub-societal clan. A more through understanding of this clan can be gleaned in this article. Straight-from-the-horse’s mouth, Rabbi Joachim Prinz discusses this in-group sect in his book, The Secret Jews.

This group was enlisted and heavily financed by the Zionists when they were plotting to wrestle Palestine from the Ottomans in the early part of the 20th century. A substantial element of the Young Turk movement was Dönmeh. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (Father Turk), the founder of the modern Turkish state, likely came from a Dönmeh background and was clearly a secular nationalist.

Fast forward to today, it would be extremely naïve to think that Dönmeh haven’t infested the Turkish system, even creating a shadow government. TNN believes they were instrumental in dragging Turkey into the Syrian misadventure. Until the crushing of the recent coup, Turkish President Erdoğan had poor control over his foreign and military policies. Also take note of the bad lugenpresse Erdoğan has been subjected to, as well as currency attacks on the Turkish Lira.

Russian President Putin, along with Erdoğan, referred to Karlov’s murder “as a provocation aimed at derailing Russia-Turkey ties and the peace process in Syria.” Putin stressed, “We must know who steered the killer’s course.” 

Dec. 26 Update: Now Putin is talking about “deep penetration” of the Turkish state by “destructive elements”. Notice how he doesn’t name (((them))) though. (((MSM))) is not even mentioning Putin’s statement.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated, “Both Turkey and Russia realize that the attack was aimed at damaging bilateral relations and compromising the achievements that have been made recently. Turkey and Russia should not let the organizers of this crime reach their goals.”

What’s next: There have been more assassinations of late. Are these tit for tats? One involved a high ranking NATO counter-terrorism official. Was he identified as being involved in Karlov’s hit? Now, one has to wonder: Was the assassination a set up for something else, such as a major false-flag operation, blaming Russia? TNN puts a major DDoS or cyberattack false flag blamed on Russia at the very top of the list. By sheer coincidence the DDoS attack will bring down much of the Alt Media. It’s been an interesting run though.

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  1. More re what Thomas Müller mentions above, that a week ago on Friday 16 December 2016, NATO’s chief auditor in charge of counter-terrorism funding, Auditor-General Yves Chandelon, was found dead, ‘suicided’ in the Andennes in Belgium with a bullet in his head just before Monday’s 3 ‘terrorism’ incidents (Ankara, Berlin, Zurich)

    Below from the ‘We Are Change’ website, showing why Chadelon’s own family does not believe the ‘suicide’ story … reminds of the quick ‘suicide’ of French Police Commissaire Helric Fredou initially in charge of investigating the Charlie Hebdo massacre, which Fredou’s family & doctor also found non-believable:

    « Chandelon was left handed & the gun was found in his right hand … Chandelon had three separate firearms registered to him, but the gun found in his hand was not registered to him or anyone … Prior to his death, Chandelon was telling his son Xavier to keep certain information in case something happened … all these documents were handed over to the police on Monday & Tuesday … His body was found 140km away from his work in Luxembourg & 100km away off the city of Lens, where he lived »

    The official story is that Chandelon was ‘depressed’ over € 43,000 in debt … but that is a trivial minor amount for a high-salary top Nato official … Article which also links to YouTube video on this same ‘suicide’

    • Story emerging suggesting Chandelon had found a money black hole or looting operation:

      Belgian national, Vice President of the Institute of Internal Auditors Luxembourg and NATO Chief Auditor Yves Chandelon was assassinated last week and found dead on Friday December 16, 2016 after being intensely stalked and threatened for weeks.

      The death threats that were aimed at Chandelon were in direct response to Chandelon’s willingness to report about the massive black hole in NATO’s very secretive budget, initially amounting to well over €250 billion (in today’s currency) all concerning either missing or unaccounted funds, spread over a period of at least 4 decades.

      Chandelon was known to be a dedicated NATO employee who could not be bribed or extorted. Several such attempts had already failed in the past.

      In the weeks leading up to his assassination, at the hands of top NATO officials themselves who ordered the job, Chandelon reportedly came in possession of additional dossiers that document supplementary details for the previously assumed €250 billion black hole in NATO’s books. It is believed that the data included therein would also have enabled Chandelon to be at the basis of corruption charges being brought against NATO’s top officials and the Belgian government, who hosts the dubious NATO headquarters in its capital district, and enough incriminating evidence concerning NATO’s secret funding of real terror cells both in the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Palestine) AND in Europe, including in Turkey.

      The funding and briefing of terror cells in the ME by NATO is similar to the US government’s cooperation with the so-called moderate rebels in Libya, Syria and Iraq while the more recent funding of terror cells in Europe by NATO is frighteningly reminiscent of the notorious Gladio campaigns.

      Chandelon was shot in the head and everything so far indicates a professional hit. The first limited press reports that came out and the initial government statements tried to suggest that Yves Chandelon may simply have committed suicide but this was quickly rejected and refuted by Yves’ family and friends, who he had told about being followed on a regular basis and related to his professional occupation at NATO.

      Chandelon’s body was found in his car in Bonneville (Andenne), Belgium, with allegedly a pistol in his right hand. The pistol was not one of the 3 registered weapons that he personally owned. That same pistol, however, is now part of a much wider controversy in which well-founded doubts have been raised concerning a suspected high-profile coverup.

      In contradicting local media reports, the same pistol was found in the glove compartment of Chandelon’s car, this would certainly involve at least a second person since Chandelon couldn’t have placed it there himself after allegedly shooting himself in the head. This is why also his family doubts the official narrative and will be highly suspicious of the coming autopsy. And rightfully so.

      Clearly Chandelon had been marked for death by his employer, NATO, and a hitman was hired and sent out to start tailing him, which Chandelon apparently knew about weeks or days before being executed.

      Another troubling fact in this case is that the regular news media is largely avoiding this high-profile execution, as if it merely concerns a local suicide case unworthy of international attention, even though all indications point to murder and even his family knows it and is willing to say so in public, including some of his closest friends.

      A black out in the US and UK press for instance (who in any other instance would flood the newswires with their flimsy reporting) can, thus, mean only one thing, that their NATO-associated governments are involved in at least the coverup of the facts and the real investigation if not in the assassination itself.

      It is reported that the autopsy report is to be expected on the 27th of December. That’s in just a few days from now. Lets see how they spin it.

      • You certainly make a valid point about the lack of interest on the part of western media corporations. The death of the most powerful auditor in the NATO organisation should be front page news everywhere. A first class forensic investigation should have been compulsory.

  2. I call this a hoax. Look that sth popped up on the left side of his collar – it was not a bullet or a wound. Then his lying down in the Jesus Christ pose is pure theatrics. The Turkish James Bond looks differently than the “killed” guy on the floor who also lies in a strange pose – the hanging man. Beware that Russia is a fake controlled opposition to NATO and the Turkish – Russian relationships did not deteriorate as a result, but both want to fight “terrorism” united now. BS!

  3. Are we convinced that the Russian minister was actually killed? The images of Altintas standing over him were very suspicious, no blood ( as was pointed out earlier ) clearly posed from several angles. The crypto-jew situation appears to be a serious problem for the muslim community as much of what passes for radical muslim terrorism could easily be done by the cj’s and how would anyone know? I barely even look at video or photos anymore. The recent spate of hi-tech, adventure/sci-fi films have shown that we are capable of astounding cgi and other manipulations regarding images so you can’t trust anything. Glaring errors, therefore, are a dead giveaway and I often think they’re done on purpose so the Cabal can just laugh at how many people easily believe what they’re told. I commented to some colleagues on the fact that it was so incredibly lucky that the Berlin actor left his passport in the truck, just like the Bataclan and just like 911 and didn’t they think it was odd. One woman was appalled because she couldn’t imagine who would set that up and why, another one just said that she was upset with 911 deniers, and the guy ( who actually has some brains ) just kept looking at me and making faces. Sometimes I think much of humanity will deserve what happens to them in view of their stupidity. They all still believe chemtrails are contrails. I’m hoping there really is ascension, it’s all that’s left.

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