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Corneliu Codreanu: Son of Romania, Father of the Iron Guard

Although few today few seem aware of it, the methods of Zionist-Occupied Government (ZOG) control have been around for some time. In the 1920s and ’30s, it was common knowledge and discussed openly. At that time, the threat was Jewish-backed Bolshevism [see “Suppressed History of Red Terror”]. Today, it’s the Jewish-influenced and backed neo-conservatism (aka neocons).

This earlier period holds a wealth of hidden history that offers words of warning from those who fought ZOG infestations within their own countries. One such soldier was Corneliu Codreanu ( 1899-1938). [Note that the Codreanu link goes to Metapedia, which has a far less suppressed information and a more uncensored rendering of real history.)

Codreanu was a super charismatic man active from 1921-1938 in Romania as the leader of the Legion of the Archangel Michael, also known as the Iron Guard. He was murdered by his opponents in 1938 and turned into a martyr.

There is a Codreanu revival in play today in eastern Europe. It uses the theme of “third position,” meaning a future beyond the divide of left and right.

The Legion was as much a spiritual movement as a political one. It was also a meritocracy. Leaders literally swore a vow of poverty. There was a great deal of work and charity for the Romanian people, which gave them popularity.

They were more about deeds than talk. If a legionnaire was corrupted by bribes or payoffs, it likely would mark him for expulsion or, in serious cases, internal political assassination.

Especially note the “other methods used” below. The Legion had no problem with virtue signalling and making demands on the comportment of its members or other nationalist groups. They would have had real problems with the American Alt-Right of today.

At a demonstration event like the one in Charlotteville this coming weekend, they would have shown up in formation as a distinct fraternal cadre dressed to a tee and skilled at street fighting, if necessary. They had a reputation for masculinity and self-sacrifice, which made them difficult to oppose. The Nordic Resistance Front looks modeled after Codreanu’s Legionaries.

Along the way, Codreanu wrote an eye-opening and instructive book called “For My Legionaries.” Here is what he said about democracy:

Democracy serves big business. Because of the expensive, competitive character of the multiparty system, democracy requires ample funds. It therefore naturally becomes the servant of the big international Jewish financiers. In this manner, a nation’s fate is placed in the hands of a clique of bankers.

This brings us to the reality of money in American and European politics today. The Jewish Forward gives the particulars, bragging that Jewish donors, “dominate the top list.”

Codreanu’s book also discusses the methods of foreign ZOG infestation and quite a section on dealing with ZOG tactics and incessant lies. In reading Codreanu’s account, I got the impression Jewish media control was not quite as dominant as it is in the West today. The Third Position movement rejects American ZOG media and entertainment as warmongering, totally corrupt and culturally depraved [see “Degenerate MTV Viewership Slips“and review of “Fuller House” series].

All Jews over the entire world form a great collective bound together by blood and by the Talmudic religion. They are constituted into a very strict state, having laws, plans, and leaders making these plans. At the foundation, there is the Kahal. So, we do not face some isolated Jews but a constituted power, the Jewish community.

In every city or market town where a number of Jews settle, the Kahal, (the Jewish community there) is immediately formed. This Kahal has its own leaders, separate judicial set-up, taxes, etc. and holds the entire Jewish population of that locality tightly united around itself.

On methods used:

I. For winning over local politicians: 1. Gifts; 2. Personal favors; 3. Financing the political machine for propaganda, leaflet printing, traveling expenses, etc. If there are several bankers in town or rich Jews, each is assigned to a specific political party.

II. For winning over local authorities: 1. Corruption, bribery. A policeman from the smallest town in Moldavia, in addition to the pay he receives from the state, gets monthly another salary or two. Once he accepts a bribe, he becomes the Jews’ slave and if he does not follow orders, then they use on him the second weapon:

2. Blackmail, if he does not comply, his bribe-taking is revealed.

3. The third weapon is destruction. If they realize you cannot be swayed or subjected they will try to destroy you searching well your weaknesses. If you drink, they will seek an opportunity to compromise you through alcohol; if you are a skirt-chaser, they will send you a woman who will compromise you or destroy your family; if you are violent by nature, they will send your way another violent man who will kill you or whom you will kill and then go to prison;

4. If you lack all of these defects, then they will employ the lie, whispered or printed calumny, and denounce you to your superiors. In the market towns and cities invaded by Jews, local authorities are either in a state of bribery, a state of blackmail, or in a state of destruction.

III. In order to infiltrate into various circles or around some highly placed people, they use: 1. servility; 2. boards of directors; 3. base personal favors; 4. flattery.

4 Comments on Corneliu Codreanu: Son of Romania, Father of the Iron Guard

  1. I live in Charlottesville. This weekend will be interesting but I’m likely not going to be around, thank goodness.

  2. Re-reading now. The similarities between then and now is striking. As they say — History Repeats Itself”.
    I’m thinking Codreanu might be the right ‘gate-way’ drug (so to speak) to accepting and learning the real truth of Hitler, ww2 and the nsdap. The masses are so programmed toward the word ‘hitler’ but Codreanu’s plight is eerily similar. Was Codreanu mentally ill as well???! Surely not everyone who speaks of the JQ is insane. It really baffles me how most everyone believes “anti-Semitism” is a mental disorder. Pathetic. Are we that easily fooled? Maybe we are.

    A tactic I use when called ‘anti-semitic’ is to ask the question — “Bernie Maddoff stole my father’s pension. I hate Bernie Maddoff. Am I therefore now anti-semitic?” I’ve only had a few “yes” responses. Most people acknowledge that to hate a jew for his wrong-doing is not anti-semitic.

    So at least it gets people to “think”.

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