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Former Congressional Staffer Confirms ‘Thermonuclear Device’ Detonated at WTC on 9/11

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Fmr. Congressional staffer possessed “actionable intelligence” before 9/11, was warned of an impending “thermonuclear” attack on the World Trade Center

By Shepard Ambellas | 16 July 2017

INTELLIHUB — Former U.S. Congressional staffer Susan Lindauer said that she was told by a trusted contact of hers in the intelligence community that three suspicious white vans arrived at the World Trade Center just days before the Sept. 11 attack.

The vans were likely from the Office of Secure Transport (OST) which is managed by the U. S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration and is responsible for the safe and secure transport of nuclear munitions.

“I have been told by somebody who saw the videos that at the World Trade Center from approximately August 23 … until approximately September 3 [that] strange vans, and there were just maybe three, … janitorial vans, arrived at three in the morning,” the former Congressional staffer said. “Between the hours of three o’clock and five o’clock, these vans had never been in this building before. It was an anomaly … they showed up for ten or eleven days, approximately, then they were never seen again.” […]

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  1. I was afraid to say this but hopefully if I leave comments others will know the truth. My spouse worked for a large construction company and he and his men collectively witnessed thousands of controlled demolitions. After 9/11 he remarked to me that as his men watched the newscast together one remarked that the building fell as if by “controlled demolition” and the rest agreed. They dismissed their instincts and bought into the “official story” as did I. I then bumped into a cop in line at a pharmacy and we got to talking about it and he told me it was done by our own government. I thought it sounded ludicrous.

    Years later I was forced to be laid up for awhile and all I had was my laptop. I began by researching why all these foreigners were flooding into the country – when I would go into a store I’d only see maybe one other American – the rest were foreigners. It led me to the truth of Agenda 21. I kept researching and then someone introduced me to Walter Veith videos and I learned about 9/11 and then I recalled what the cop had told me those years ago and also what my spouse and his men observed – then I knew it was sickeningly true: Bush did it/ our own government. How anyone could descend to that level of evil is unimaginable.

    God help us.

    • Read with interest exactly six months later. I too was “laid up” “years later” (Jan 2014) and used the time to understand the Sept 11 OP better. As to whether Bush did it … 10 months was not a lot of time; didn’t former IA Senator Kerrey – member of the 9/11 commission – say cryptically: “it was a conspiracy 30 years in the making” ?

      I would love to see that video… anyone have alternate sources? or is it gone for good?

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