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70-Year-Old Woman Prosecuted for Hate Speech

Torched: Hundreds of cars like this Volvo were set alight in Stockholm during what was described by the press as an 'orgy of violence' by migrant gangs in 2013. PHOTO: Daily Mail

[Translated from Swedish]

12 May 2017

FRIA TIDER — A 70 year old woman in Dalarna is being prosecuted for hate speech because on Facebook she wrote that immigrants were defecating in the streets, writes

According to the prosecution, the woman via Facebook disparaged people with a foreign background.

In a post from 2015, she wrote that immigrants “fire up cars and urinate and defecate on the streets.”

This violates the law on incitement to racial hatred, according to the prosecutor.

The accused woman in police interrogation admitted that she wrote the post, but denied that she committed a criminal act.

As evidence against the 70-year-old woman there is a screenshot from Facebook.

The penalty for incitement to racial hatred is imprisonment not exceeding two years or, for petty offenses, fines. If the offense is considered to be grave, the sentenced defendant’s prison term could be of between six months and four years.

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  1. Barbara Lerner Spectre, that chosenite who resides in Sweden unfortunately, always said Europe would have to be multicultural and that Jews were there to “help” them make the transfer. And we western countries went to war in WW2 to destroy a good country for these parasites!!?

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