Zero National News Networks, Including Fox News, Are Covering Photo of BLM Supporters Kneeling on White Baby’s Neck

The Gateway Pundit's founder Jim Hoft (left) with Pundit writer Lucian Wintrich. PHOTO: Twitter/Jim Hoft/@gatewaypundit

By Cassandra Fairbanks | 22 July 2020

GATEWAY PUNDIT — The grandmother of the two year old boy in the viral photograph of Black Lives Matter supporters kneeling on his neck tells the Gateway Pundit that zero national news outlets have reached out to the family.

In the photo, a man named Isaiah Jackson is seen kneeling on the neck of his girlfriend’s two year old son as another person holds down the diaper-clad baby’s feet [arms behind his back]. The photo was captioned with “Blm now mf.”

Not even Fox News has bothered to contact them to cover this story and local media is blurring the face of the man and refusing to publish his name unless formal charges are filed. A kindness that has not been granted to people like Amy Cooper, who was doxed and had to flee New York City after a rage mob targeted her for calling the police on a black man. […]

5 Comments on Zero National News Networks, Including Fox News, Are Covering Photo of BLM Supporters Kneeling on White Baby’s Neck

  1. I searched the CNN website and did not find any mention of this story.

    But I did notice this juxtaposition of stories in the following screenshot of the CNN start page –> link: Trump is an ‘autocrat’ because he refers to “protesters” who “throw explosives at police” as “terrorists”.

    It has been many years since I paid regular (actually any) attention to major mainstream media news sites, so maybe I missed a (more) gradual evolution — in any case, I find the biased, agenda-driven presentation of news stories on the CNN website, ostensibly/supposedly an outlet for journalism, i.e. unbiased coverage of events (?), to be glaringly obvious — it’s quite shocking really.

    • eah – Your last sentence resonated with me. I myself have been far removed from mainstream news for a long time now (I never really got into it in the first place, nothing beyond my local news for weather and such) and to look at some of it it is truly shocking to see the clown show it’s become. The mockery is through the roof, to boot.
      This particular story has really hit a raw nerve with me and this is not the first place I’m hearing of it. However, in the video I saw on it a couple days ago, the little boys face was blurred out and seeing his face here has multiplied my disgust 10-fold – I see the face of a scared and upset BABY. Clearly NO mainstream news outlet is going to touch this.
      I hope the child’s mother has zero intentions of resuming relations with this bottom-feeding s*** bag. If she does, she should give her child to her mother.

  2. off topic Hi, Winter Watch! I’ve just come across your blog site and I’ve noticed that your avatar looks awfully similar to our national hero and nationalist Corneliu Zelea Codreanu (I’m a Romanian, btw). I’m so glad that somebody living so far away appreciate him. In Romania, the history about the Iron Guard has been falsified under Communists and we’re still being lied to about this outstanding man (I personally believe he’s a saint) and his organization. The Chosenites which run rampant in our beautiful country even lobbied the Parliament a few years ago to outlaw the Iron Guard and any public dissemination of their ideas. They even barred us Orthodox Christians from publicly worshiping the legionaries who reached sainthood in Communist prisons, such as in the satanic experiment Pitesti nobody wants to talk about. They have holy relics scattered in mass graves and we’re not allowed to honor them as we should. The traitorous mass-media calls them “fascists” to shut down any interest of the public into digging deeper to find out the truth. I’ll stop here. I’m so glad that the message of, as we call him, “Capitanul” has spread so far and wide.

  3. Definitely a poster child for HARM: Humans Against Race Mixing. (‘Hope that bastard reaps what he has sewn.)

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