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Our Interesting Times: Tim Kelly, Russ Winter on ‘Red Symphony’

Russian Civil War White Army propaganda poster depicting red Leon Trotsky as a devil. IMAGE: via McGraw-Hill

Click here for the podcast of Tim Kelly’s interview of Russ Winter.

Winter Watch posts discussed during interview:

Note from Russ: I am doing more podcasts of late. So far, these don’t seem to be that popular, probably because of time commitment necessary for listeners, but I am doing them anyway. There are more invitations that have come in from some good broadcast partners.

I also have some uncorrectable vision issues that I’m experiencing due to corneal deterioration, which has made keyboard writing and computer screen research more difficult. This emerged during the last couple years. It’s caused by Lasik surgery that I had in 2001. I’ve been hearing that such side effects are becoming commonplace. For more info on this topic, read “Twenty Years Later, LASIK Has Its Pros and Cons.”

Irregardless, we have more than 1,000 posts of existing work, many that deserve reruns, as the audience here has grown considerably and many have never read them. I will produce new posts at a comfortable pace and as needed.

Starting on Aug. 18, I will also be having every other week discussions with Dino Costa. These will be on Tuesdays in the third hour of his show slot. He’s on live from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. EST. The links to those shows will be posted.

15 Comments on Our Interesting Times: Tim Kelly, Russ Winter on ‘Red Symphony’

  1. Oh! so sorry to hear this. A common scenario: LASIK was and is a major profit center for lots of eye MDs. I am blessed to be fairly extremely near sighted and to have had an eye MD who, tho he had that profit center, was honest and ethical enough to say to me: you’ll never be able to go without glasses. End of story – I never considered the procedure.

    I am a reader – the podcasts do seem to demand a “time commitment” in a way that the reading does not. I will make an effort to find the time – this is of particular interest to me. And there’s lots here that I have not read – keep the reposts coming! I just read one -first time- from Nov 2016 – the retrospective view was very interesting – worth a whole new set of comments.

    OT – I just saw a Fox / Tucker Carlson item from June 11: “We were lied to about” Corona Virus … seemed like a huge msm defection – (“my heart leapt” as the novelists used to say) – only then did I see it was two months old … it didn’t make the slightest dent in the public consciousness …. ?!? – that is pretty spooky .. hope I am wrong in my reading to the public consciousness.

  2. I am doing more podcasts of late. So far, these don’t seem to be that popular, probably because of time commitment necessary for listeners, but I am doing them anyway.

    I hit pause after 30m on this one; I will probably resume later — it is 1h37m, and you cannot really casually/background listen; there are just too many names, events, connections, etc — due to this, given the length of the podcast the time/attention required to listen is an issue for me.

    It is also in partly about relevance — meaning I see this sort of thing as belonging to the ‘smart white guys elucidate abstruse historical background material’ genre, and while I see myself mostly as an intellectual, someone to whom ideas and history/background are important, I also do not have as much interest in this sort of thing as I did years ago.

    I like Dino Costa, and was not aware of him at all before seeing him mentioned here — he has a kind of gruff blue collar persona, but in his rants he expresses well what I’m sure many people feel viscerally — I listened to a lot of what he had to say before your segment started.

  3. Russ, so sorry to hear the vision degenerates.

    Six years ago I had to stop wearing glasses (I’d had them almost 50 yers) because they caused excruciating pain. It was the first time I ever tried. My eyes were hideous – had a suture rip out from an early childhood surgery I never should have had, hence hairline amblyopia which is untreatable in adults, misshapen eyeballs now tubular instead of spherical due to the eye’s natural tendency to stretch towards lenses, and my retinas were full of divets called astigmatism. Inoperable, untreatable, no one had been able to give me a lens prescription that worked. I began learning about vision therapy. Let me recommend this website for starters:

    I finally have gotten my eyes to where I see one, not two of everything with eye exercise.

    Miracles can happen with eyes. They are muscles. Vision therapy (the Bates Method et al) used to be the norm until optometry took over in the 60’s and 70’s. Here is a miracle story of the man who developed “Yoga for the Eyes” – Meir Schneider was born blind. Learned Braille. Had his eyes utterly disfigured by quack surgeons. In adulthood he began developing what would eventually render him 20/70 vision. He now holds an unrestricted drivers’ license and teaches people how to rebuild the eye:

    I had a horrible time getting onto the Schneider site. It seems Google may be blocking anything that’s not standard medical quackery.

    Anyway all kinds of people are restoring even horribly damaged eyes by natural means. If you get the starter kit from Rebuild Your Vision, there is an amazing series of white letters by professionals, all critical of glasses. This was earlier thought towards eyesight problems. It is stunning to read historical treatises on the harm done by corrective lenses published earlier in the 20th century.

    • Have had more trouble than anyone can imagine just trying to post. Interference from Fuxfire (wants update), McAfee, you name it… What took minutes to write took an hour to post. They want everyone to stay indebted to the quackery system.

      Anyway when I stopped wearing glasses my eyes were in such horrible condition it was like being condemned to an acid trip for a couple of weeks. I stuck with it. In good clear light I can see very well. Stunningly well. They are still not as strong as I’d like. When the Gates of Hell crams the sky with Bill’s Filth (chemtrails) it can become quite hard to see clearly. We traveled quite a bit during the past five years so I got to learn the difference between vicinities that were under heavy attack and those that were clear. I could tell at a glance from the ground. A lot of people are losing eyesight due to atmospheric manipulation. Nanoparticulate is so fine it is beyond what the eye can perceive and will bring on retinal fatigue and worse. Anyway I’ll check back and if anyone wants more info on vision therapy exercises and information (for those interested please check out the Bates method) I am glad to help. Sure wish I had someone experienced in it when I started. I would have stuck with glasses except I’d pay hundreds of dollars for high index lenses (I was wearing a correction so thick) and in a very few weeks it would no longer work. Above all, the pain was too much. I am writing a bouk about the odyssey of regaining my sight.

  4. Dear Russ,
    Great podcast, sorry your vision is deteriorating. Thanks for the heads up on lasik… I was just recently considering it and I think I’ll steer clear, especially with the fact that I’m pretty nearsighted, and I know from others’ experiences that it didn’t necessarily remove their need for glasses. Podcasts do take time, but they’re kinda special, because with two people conversing, ideas and information are exchanged at a rapid pace and this allows a distillation of facts to be formed. The complex idea can then be communicated in a very short, understandable way. As I have said before, truth doesn’t take paragraphs to explain, only lies require lots of words. One of my favorite truths you have said is: “They privatize their profits and socialize their losses”. Another one I liked was when you talked about double bind situations, likening them to a (forced) “decision between two bad options”. Those are distilled, understandable truths that 90% of people can comprehend. Although I like reading your articles and they do take less time, they don’t always contain these “pajama person ready” distilled truths. Most pajama people zone out if you go too in depth about these things, you must be succinct in your speech and ideas. I’ve found you do that more in podcasts, likely because you’re bouncing ideas and information back and forth with another person. Also, I will take your bait regarding Hitler having any pacifist tendencies. I don’t have any sayings of his that demonstrate this, as I don’t read his books or speeches, but I have one real life scenario in which his actions/decisions certainly seemed pacifist: Dunkirk. Some might say he was pursuing his own interests, i.e. stopping the war with England for selfish reasons, such as that he wanted to focus on russia, he viewed the english as a germanic people, etc. That’s all fine and dandy, but it doesn’t remove the underlying fact that his desire to cease the war with england was by definition pacifist.

    • My podcast partners are all good, and in different ways. I call it a value added approach. And the variety allows the listener to select favorites. I am a big fan of Tim Kelly, and enjoy his interaction. I learn things from it.

  5. OK – I got just 15 min in … to about “Baden-Baden” … very interesting – but my audio quality was not very good – probably my devices. I said I as a “reader” – I just bought the book from Amazon dot com – about $16 with shipping – I used my Covid UBI card!

    It’s just 58 pages. – someone used he word “abstruse” – it is that even with some acquaintance with the standard secondary literature (in English) on the RusRev (what does Baden Baden have to do with the purges?!) – plan would be: read the book and return to the podcast.

    Best wishes to you and the Winterwatch team.

    • “Covid UBI card?”
      What exactly is going in New Jersey?
      Your comment overall barely makes sense.
      And fuck you for using amazon. Cunt.

  6. WikiPedia is a BAD resource, run by; along with American Free Press, The Holy Sea.

    Question for Russ Winter,,,,,Why do you AVOID talking and writting about the Nazis?

    • Your question isn’t accurate, but nonetheless I live in Europe in a country where you can go to prison or be sanctioned for saying the wrong things. My butt is already at risk for hundreds of other more contemporary topics I do write about.

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