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Cecil Rhodes and His Warmongering Buggery Hegemony

‘I admire him, I frankly confess it; and when his time comes I shall buy a piece of the rope for a keepsake.’ — Mark Twain on Cecil Rhodes

‘To be born English is to win first prize in the lottery of life.’ — Cecil Rhodes

Many readers of Winter Watch are likely at least familiar with Yale professor Carroll Quigley (mentor to Bill Clinton) and his gigantic work “Tragedy and Hope” that connects Cecil Rhodes with the evolution of a secret society that was initially under the direction of newspaper editor W. T. Stead, Alfred Milner and Archibald Primrose (aka Lord Rosebery). For those unfamiliar with his writing, Joseph Plummer offers a condensed version of his book called “Tragedy and Hope 101.”

‘The powers of financial capitalism had [a] far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences.’ — Quote from Caroll Quigley’s ‘Tragedy and Hope,’ Chapter 20
Rhodes’ plan would be carried out via Rhodes Scholars and round table groups that grew out of his secret Society of the Elect. Readers can glean Metapedia for background on Rhodes, who was a South African diamond and gold magnate and one of the wealthiest men in the world. When he died in 1902 at the age of 49, he set up seven trusts to carry out his agendas. The scholarship is the most well known, but it goes far beyond that.

The true aim and object of the Rhodesian conspiracy was for the extension of British rule throughout the world and of colonization (defacto or otherwise) by British subjects of all lands where the means of livelihood are attainable by energy, labor and enterprise — and especially the occupation by British settlers of the entire Continent of Africa, the Holy Land, the Valley of the Euphrates, the Islands of Cyprus and Candia, the whole of South America, the islands of the Pacific not possessed by Great Britain, the whole of the Malay Archipelago, the seaboard of China and Japan and the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire.

He wanted to make the British Empire a superpower in which all of the white countries in the empire, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Cape Colony would be represented in British Parliament. Rhodes included Americans in the Rhodes scholarships and said that he wanted to breed an American elite of philosopher kings who would have the USA rejoin the British Empire.

“I contend that we are the first race in the world, and that the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race,” Rhodes declared. “If there be a God, I think that what he would like me to do is paint as much of the map of Africa British Red as possible.”

In 1931, one of the society’s key operatives, historian Arnold Toynbee, wrote:

“We are at present working discreetly with all our might to wrest this mysterious force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local nation states of the world. All the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands.”

Various think tanks and operatives funded by the Rhodes Trust were the bedrock of the Anglo-American hegemony and alliance of the 20th century. Today it includes the Council of Foreign Affairs (CFR) which marks the power shift to the US. This overlapping alliance didn’t exist in the 19th century before Rhodes’ influence.

How the Secret Society Operated

Winter Watch, however, is more interested in the mechanism by which Rhodes and his closer associates operated. We would characterize it as the Imperial Factor, Jewish finance (Rothschilds in particular) and an in-group cadre of well-connected homosexual pederasts.

Lord Rosebery

We have mentioned Archibald Primrose aka Lord Rosebery as an original Rhodes trustee. Rosebery’s claim to fame was his marriage to Hannah de Rothschild, the only child and sole heir of Jewish banker Mayer Amschel de Rothschild and the wealthiest British heiress of her day. It was also speculated that Rosebery was bisexual. Besides becoming immensely wealthy via his wife’s estate, he served as prime minister from March 1894 to June, 1895. He supported the Boer War, was part of the WWI War Party and brought along many nonconformists alike.

Next is Lord Viscount Alfred Milner who was the key imperial official of poor diplomacy and helped cause the Second Boer War of 1899 to 1902. Historian Bill Nasson says:

“As Britain’s supercilious and arrogant South African High Commissioner, his unleashing of war upon the independent Boer republics in 1899 and ham‐fisted efforts to anglicize conquered Boer society after the end of hostilities in 1902 earned him the undiminished enmity of nationalist Afrikaners throughout the rest of the twentieth century.”

Milner was also a chief author of the “Balfour Declaration of 1917” that promised Palestine to the Zionists as a quid pro quo for Jewish help in dragging the US into WWI.  The scheme was issued in the name of Foreign Secretary  Arthur James Balfour. Lord Milner was a homosexual, and likely a pederast as well. Lord Balfour was bisexual, an occultist (devotee of the paranormal) and it is alleged a sado-masochist.

Viscount Milner

Milner had an unfavorable view of Afrikaners and, as a matter of philosophy, saw the British as “a superior race.” Lord Milner would call himself a “British race patriot” with grand dreams of a global Imperial parliament headquartered in London.

“I am an Imperialist and not a Little Englander because I am a British Race Patriot,” he stated. “The British State must follow the race, must comprehend it, wherever it settles in appreciable numbers as an independent community. If the swarms constantly being thrown off by the parent hive are lost to the State, the State is irreparably weakened. We cannot afford to part with so much of our best blood.”

The secret society was renamed by Alfred Milner to the Round TableMilner’s Kindergarten was a group of mustachioed homosexuals that housed a cartel of the most powerful and wealthy people on the planet. Ronald Brown in his book “Secret Society” explains:

“Immediately after the Great War, Milner, Philip Kerr and Lionel Curtis in particular began to set up a global hegemony. It exerted influence through institutions and a hierarchy of thinkers. These institutions were all housed in grand buildings, which became known as Think Tanks.”

Cecil Rhodes (left) and his running buddy, Jewish financier Alfred Beit

Historian Thomas Pakenham noted the “secret allies” of Rhodes and Milner, the British High Commissioner for South Africa, were the “London ‘gold-bugs’ — especially the financiers of the largest of all the Rand mining houses, (((Wernher-Beit))).”

Pakenham continued: “Alfred Beit was the giant — a giant who bestrode the world’s gold market like a gnome. He was short, plump and bald, with large, pale, luminous eyes and a nervous way of tugging at his grey moustache.”

Beit and (((Lionel Phillips))) together controlled H. Eckstein & Co., the largest South African mining syndicate. Of the six largest mining companies, four were controlled by Jews.


Rhodes later maintained a significant lover relationship with Scotsman Sir Leander Starr Jameson, who was a baronet known as “Dr. Jim” and British administrator of the lands constituting present-day Zimbabwe. He ended up loyally nursing Rhodes during his final illness. Jameson was a trustee of his estate and residuary beneficiary of his will, which allowed him to continue living in Rhodes’ mansion after his death.

Although Jameson died in England in 1917, after the conclusion if WW I his body was transferred to a mountaintop grave in 1920 beside that of Rhodes in Rhodesia (present-day Zimbabwe). Tellingly, Cecil Square is today one of the main gay cruising areas of Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe.

On December 29, 1895, a band of 500 British adventurers led by Rhodes’ lover Jameson forcibly tried to seize control of the Boer republics in an “unofficial” armed takeover. Rhodes, who was then also prime minister of the British-ruled Cape Colony, organized the venture, which Alfred Beit financed to the tune of 200,000 pounds. Phillips also joined the conspiracy. According to their plan, the raiders would dash from neighboring British territory into Johannesburg to “defend” the British “outlanders.” By secret prior arrangement, the outlanders would simultaneously seize control of the city in the name of the “oppressed” aliens and proclaim themselves the new government of Transvaal.

“Johannesburg is ready,” Rhodes confided to Beit in a letter about the plan written four months before the raid. “[This is] the big idea which makes England dominant in Africa, in fact gives England the African continent.”

After 21 men lost their lives in the takeover attempt, Jameson and his fellow raiders were captured and put on trial. In Johannesburg, Transvaal authorities arrested Phillips for his part in organizing the raid. They found incriminating secret correspondence between him and co-conspirators Beit and Rhodes, which encouraged Phillips to confess his guilt.

Transvaal court leniently sentenced Jameson to 15 months imprisonment. Phillips was sentenced to death, but this was quickly commuted to a fine of 25,000 pounds. Later, after returning to Britain, the financier was knighted for his services to the Empire, and during the First World War was given a high and lucritive war profiteering post in the Ministry of Munitions.

Over the years, Rhodes accumulated a shifting entourage of fit young men known as “Rhodes’ lambs.” They were almost always blond-haired, blue-eyed, athletic types. Within the space of a few years, he would be mingling with a powerful coterie of homosexual, lesbian and bisexual men and women, all of whom would become members of, or be politically associated with, his secret society. Another key operative of the British supremacist homosexual power structure was the “self-confessed pederast” Reginald Baliol Brett (aka Lord Esher).

Lord Esher

Rhodes befriended Reginald “Regy” Baliol Brett while at Oxford. Lord Esher was a friend and confidant of Queen Victoria and later an influential “whisperer” to King Edward VII and King George V. By the end of 1903, Esher was meeting or corresponding with King Edward VII every day and functioning as éminence grise. Edward VII is another story in itself and grist for another article.

During the first World War, Esher was, in one writer’s description, de facto head of British Intelligence in France. His son, Maurice Brett, was the successful founder of the British intelligence arm MI6. Regy’s mother was a French Jew émigrée.

By 1917, England was involved in World War I, and he was an adviser to the English king. On Aug. 11 of that year, Lord Esher wrote in his diary:

“Mr. (((Henry Morgenthau))) asked me to call on him. … (He) was one of the principal supporters of President Wilson in the campaign for the Presidency, and he possesses the friendship and confidence of the President. … They are ready to sacrifice the lives of American citizens. … Mr. Morgenthau realizes the importance upon the morale of the French army and the French people of cementing the Alliance by shedding American blood at the earliest possible momentIf many lives have to be sacrificed, the influence upon the American people can only be beneficent.

In his must-read book “The Secret Society: Cecil John Rhodes’s Plans for a New World Order,” Robin Brown writes:

“Brett aka Lord Esher habitually had affairs with Eton boys who had been groomed by his old tutor, the details of which are graphically described in his Journals. [He] was part of a ring of influential politicians with similar predilections. Best known among these was Lewis (“Loulou”) Vernon Harcourt – son of the home secretary Sir William Harcourt – who committed suicide when his escapades with a Eton male student went public.

“The documented accounts of Brett’s sexual inclinations are significant because they represent rare hard evidence of the shared interests of three highly influential men at the height of Empire: Cecil Rhodes, “Chinese” Gordon, and Brett himself … supporting recent suggestions that a homosexual hegemony – which was already operative in the Secret Society – went on to influence, if not control, British politics at the beginning of the twentieth century.”

Lord Kitchner, enlist and die Great War recruiting poster

Another key actor in the Imperial Factor and in the Boer Wars was the brutal Horatio Herbert Kitchener. Pro-French and eager to see action, he joined a French field ambulance unit in the Franco-Prussian War. Kitchener carried out a scorched-earth policy against the Boers and established concentration camps for malnourished Boer women and children during the Second Boer War.

In the Battle of Omdurman in 1898, Sudanese Dervishes were slaughtered by a British army unit using modern weaponry. The battle was in response to the killing of Gen. Gordon in 1885 that allowed Britain to keep open the Suez Canal as access to India.

Kitchener was criticized for his callous treatment of the Dervishes — who he left to die where they laid wounded, forbidden them help — and for his men’s looting and murder in Khartoum. He reportedly ordered that the Mahdi’s (Muslim forces leader) remains be unearthed and thrown into the Nile and his skull made into a drinking cup. Eleven thousand Dervishes were slaughtered to secure control of the Nile for Britain and its ally Egypt.

In addition to being a member of the British War Party agitating for conflict against Germany and serving as Secretary of State for War at the start of WWI, Kitchener was an active homosexual. Captain Oswald Fitzgerald is described as his “constant and inseparable companion,” who was appointed aide-de-camp. The two remained close until they met a common death on their ship voyage to Russia in 1916.

From his time in Egypt in 1892, Kitchener  gathered around him a cadre of eager young and unmarried officers nicknamed “Kitchener’s band of boys.” These homosexual men typically went on to serve in high political office or military positions, where they would further infest the ranks with more members of their cadre.

Kitchener avoided interviews with women, took a great deal of interest in the Boy Scout movement and decorated his rose garden with four pairs of sculptured bronze boys. According to British historian Ronald Hyam, “there is no evidence that he ever loved a woman.” Patrick Barkham, a contemporary journalist, remarked that Kitchener “has the failing acquired by most of the Egyptian officers, a taste for buggery.” This established tradition in the British hierarchy continues to this day.

31 Comments on Cecil Rhodes and His Warmongering Buggery Hegemony

  1. Cecil Rhodes idea was hijacked by the Rothschild’s did the World turn British or English, no it did not it is plastered with the Star of David using subterfuge, Rhodes was duped.

  2. “I contend that we are the first race in the world, and that the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race,” Rhodes declared. “If there be a God, I think that what he would like me to do is paint as much of the map of Africa British Red as possible.”

    In 1931, one of the society’s key operatives, historian Arnold Toynbee, wrote:

    “We are at present working discreetly with all our might to wrest this mysterious force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local nation states of the world. All the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands.”
    Various think tanks and operatives funded by the Rhodes Trust were the bedrock of the Anglo-American hegemony and alliance of the 20th century. Today it includes the Council of Foreign Affairs (CFR) which marks the power shift to the US. This overlapping alliance didn’t exist in the 19th century before Rhodes’ influence.”

    I think rather than emphasize the white nature of colonialism, it is time we rested full responsibility for that enterprise on the rich race who followed the dictates of the Jew race. Ordinary white ppl didn’t care about colonializing the world, a what is now truly multi-cultural entity called “the rich race” and the Jew races desire to exploit for profit and world domination all those unabrahamized cultures that needed civilizing (exploiting) did, the reapers of the financial harvest of new crops harvested with slave labor. White ppl weren’t behind that. Mr. Rhodes would like us to believe so, though.

    I am sure Mr. Rhodes was quite capable of telling ordinary white folks that it was their handiwork and I think we now see why. As these same two entities are working an intentional reverse colonialization on these same white ppl while demonizing them through the papers they read for having been behind colonialism (when you take pride in the conquering, you get the blame from those no longer conquered.
    And the Jew and the rich race whistle along while all the slave races (including whites) argue it out and probably kill each other off before finishing the arguing
    This better explains what I mean

    Now the white racialists have deemphasized Jew-awareness for race awareness and the alt-right leaders all seem to have Jewish blood and a problem confronting Jewish power.

    I would submit to you, since we know what the Jews want in the end, doesn’t it make more sense to confront the Jewish power problem and put the white race worship on the back burner for awhile?

    There’s not too many ppl that still get it that are willing to fight this subversion. Secret Jews are about to fully rule our resistance.
    Those that stand against it must unite!
    Silly ideological battles must no longer stand in the way of what needs to be done to confront our true enemy. Of course this means that many supposed friends will become enemies because their preference for race worship and victim-hood rants was always cover for their actual Jew friendliness.
    They are here to see the Jews get the job done. We will lose them. But how many are following them and are Jew-wise cause they feel it’s the only game in town , this wink and nod attitude about Jewish controlling the alt-right and the David Dukes and so many more.

    The enemy has already brought the storm and it looks like the house is about to cave. Any carpenters around?

  3. “british” is a jewish/herbrew word, it means “people of the covenant”, showing who was really behind the british empire (and its genocide of native americans, just like current palestinians or africans under cecil rhodes), and ((who)) still controls the uk to this day. It was also britain that made the first mandate creating israel in 1939, which to this day still serves israel, but via its proxy saudi arabia (saudi royal family are all jewish).

    • as they were sooo understanding of the Israeli terrorism against the British when things didn’t happen as fast as the settlers wished. Anyone else would have been immediately annihilated

    • What “genocide” of Indians?
      I drive across the country on a regular basis. The Indians are doing fine. And now getting rich off of White people using their retirement to play the slots.
      Are you one of those bleeding heart liberals who thinks the first Settlers, upon seeing the first TeePee, should have boarded their ships and set sail back to Europe???

      • If you go to Russia, you will find a lot of, well, russians. Doesn’t mean that there was not a genocide against the russian people (slavs) commited by Nazi Germany under the orders of Hitler and Himmler.

        • You mean Lazar Kaganovich and Joseph Stalin…………..right?
          As Hitler and Himmler were just defending Germany from Talmudic Bolshevism.

          • No, Himmler and Hitler, the german lads that invaded Russian lands and destroyed them as if their lifes depended on it … oh, wait, yes, it was self-defense, right? Like Irak and it’s “mass destruction weapons” that led the “poor” anglo-American psycopaths to destroy what was left of that country, with the blessing of the State of Israel. And NEVER FORGET, who paid the young Nazi Party: Wall Street and The City. You do the math …

            • Well…………….you are way off. You need to dig just one more layer on that Conspiracy Onion.

              I just finished a great book. I would encourage you to read it also.

              “Germany’s War” by John Wear.

              Hitler and the NSDAP were the good guys. We fought on the wrong side of the war. Patton said the same.

              Have you read — “For My Legionaries”by Iron Guard leader Corneliu Zelea Codreanu first published in 1936?

              • I’m afraid your theories would also fall in such category “conspiracy” whatever. Anyone that don’t fit in the CNN/NYT narrative does.

                Hitler got money from the german capitalists, then these invited the american bankers as an international cover (Bush; Harriman) then Wall Street protected their traces (Dulles brothers) and in the midst of all this international scheme, you find the City (controlled by the jewish bankers and the Royal family, the Dutch bankers and, again, the royalty, and some other capitalists. Everyone made some bucks from Nazi Germany.

                Why Kissinger sent Pfeiffer and Rauff -both nazi boys- to Chile to advise Pinochet? Those dealings between the anglo-saxon establishment and Fascism were decades old.

                And let’s not forget, Von Bolschwing was one of the brains behind the Zionist State and supported the Haganah and their activities inside Germany.

                Patton hated the reds, he naturally felt in good company with the germans, that doesn’t mean the germans didn’t massacre americans and belgian civilians in the Bulge.

        • Are you of the opinion that when the first Settlers arrived on the shores of North America, that upon seeing the first Tee Pee…………………..those settlers/explorers should have immediately boarded their ships and set sail for Europe? Where there ‘no trespassing’ signs that they ignored?
          Read — “Scalp Dance” by Thomas Goodrich.

          • Nope, my opinions is that, as long as you keep screwing people everywhere -and when I say this I’m talking about the Zionist triumvirate of USA, UK and Israel- you will always found yourselves screwed by the “inferior races”. They call it Karma …

            • Somehow I don’t see the correlation: The Red Indian has no influence on why the Jews are destroying Western Civilization.

              I’m all with you on your philosophy of the “Zionist Triumvirate”.

              I just disagree with you that we somehow “screwed” the Indians.

              The true story is much larger and more complicated that simply saying we sought to genocide the Red Indian.

              If you are referring to black slavery……….you may have a point. The largest mistake we made was accepting black slaves onto the north American Continent. Even though Lincoln had plans to ship all the blacks back to Africa, it was still a huge mistake.
              We didn’t know the power the Jew weld. We have always miscalculated just how deceitful the jew truly is. And how much power they wield, and how determined they are to destroy us.

              If you are interested in Theology, you would benefit by reading — “Who is Esau-Edom” by Charles Weisman.

              • I think you have misunderstood Zionism: the foundations of the United States of America are Proto-zionist, since the Puritanists that founded your country are the very same that developed such sect.

                Oliver Cromwell was the very first zionist and when the Anglicans retook power in Britain, these puritans fled North europe and the USA, where they developed their creed -and the lie of the “promised land” for the jewish people.

                Zionism is creed for the USA, and greed for the UK, but still both protect it in the Security Council when required.

                As you surely know, only one entity in the States is not under zionist control: the Military. But tell me, what have they done to counter this evil influence…?

                • You ought to read — “Who is Esau-Edom” by Charles Weisman.
                  “Zionism” is not the problem. “Jews” are the problem. The Jew will sacrifice Israel if that allows them to remain in control.

                  The Jew pulled off the Bolshevik Revolution without Israel.

                  If you mean ‘zionism’ is simply Jew solidarity, then we agree.

                  • No, Zionism is an anglo-saxon creation, Cromwell “predicted” that the British people would only get the higher spirituality after the Millenial and that a key element to get things done was the “return” of the jews to Israel. Of course, for Cromwell, the “jews” where actually the Khazars living in Europe -the ones centuries later Hitler tried to erase from the earth. It was Cromwell who lifted the ban on jews in Britain.
                    Zionism is a historical mistake that the English created and the americans believed and took to the bloodiest of consequences for humankind.

                    • centuries later Hitler tried to erase from the earth.
                      Why do you LIE?
                      Nice how you blame the “Jewish Question” on the White man. F O mongrel.

                    • I don’t blame “the White man” -whatever that means to you-, I blame Anglo-saxons, don’t pretend. Perfide Albion and America the Beautiful. The only ones that have created this miserable world full of chaos.

                      Just remember the USS Liberty, 1967. Why the USA didn’t protect it’s boys? Why not retaliation for such a horrible, coward act of treason? Because America the zionist won’t ever hurt the Zionist State of Israel, since they are both One and the Same. Everytime an american president sworns before a Bible, he is also swearing for the Zionist Doctrine and it’s mythic State of Israel.

                      It’s a cicle by which America will accept all of the crimes of Zionism no matter how dreadful, how illegal, how depraved.

                      But clearly, you want to live in denial …

                    • It’s called the “Jewish Problem” you ignoramus.
                      Again….read “Who is Esau -Edom” by Charles Weisman.
                      Read also — “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” by E. Michael Jones.
                      “The Synagogue of Satan” by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock is also a must read.

  4. Then there is William Slim, like Kitchener a British field marshal (in WW2) and a pedophile as well.
    Bernard Law Montgomery was, like Slim and Kitchener, a British field marshal and pederast. ‘Monty’, as he was known, takes the grand prize for British Buttholery, though, because unlike Slim and Kitchener he was an inept soldier as well as being a pervert.

    • Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interest of the United States,characterizing my family and me as ‘Internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure-one world if you will.
      If that’s the charge,I stand guilty,and I am proud of it.
      David Rockefeller

      “I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire upon which the Sun never sets.The man who controls the money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British Money supply.”
      Nathan Rothschild

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