UK government reports suggest the fully vaccinated are rapidly developing acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, and the immune system decline has now begun in children

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The eight previous Public Health England / UK Health Security Agency ‘Vaccine Surveillance’ reports on Covid-19 cases show that double vaccinated 40-79 year olds have now lost lost 50% of their immune system capability and are consistently losing a further 4-5% every week (between 3.7% and 7.9%).

Projections also now show that 30-49 year olds will have zero Covid / viral defence at best, or a form of vaccine mediated acquired immunodeficiency syndrome at worst, by the first week in January and all double vaccinated people over 30 will have completely lost that part of their immune system which deals with Covid-19 in the next 18 weeks.

30 October 2021

THE EXPOSÉ — The Vaccine Surveillance reports published by the UK Health Security Agency (previously Public Health England) of all fully genome sequenced UK Delta Covid-19 cases (mainly using a genome identifying PCR test), clearly show the progressive damage that the vaccines are doing to the immune response of the fully vaccinated.

Here is the weekly decline in double vaccinated immune system performance compared to unvaccinated people.

Vaccine efficacy is measured using Pfizer’s vaccine effectiveness formula…

Unvaccinated case rate per 100k – Fully Vaccinated case rate per 100k / the Larger of Unvaccinated or Vaccinated case rate

We are using the normalised absolute ratio of vaccinated to unvaccinated case numbers to determine vaccine effectiveness just as Pfizer itself does.

A vaccine effectivenessof +50% means that double vaccinated people are 50% more protected from Covid than unvaccinated people. It means that the Delta case rate in the vaccinated is half the delta case rate in the unvaccinated.

A vaccine efficacy of -50% means that unvaccinated people are 50% more protected from Covid than doubly vaccinated people. It means that the delta case rate in the vaccinated is double the Delta case rate in the unvaccinated. […]

2 Comments on UK government reports suggest the fully vaccinated are rapidly developing acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, and the immune system decline has now begun in children

  1. Dr. Roger Hodkinson says “It’s all been a pack of lies” (video)

    From: Tom Conner
    Sent: Sun, 7 Nov 2021 22:10:53 -0600

    Sometimes, expressing oneself too diplomatically masks the true meaning
    of your words. Please watch the four minute video linked immediately
    below and, if you have time, please explain to me how Dr. Roger really
    feels about the virus and his views on taking the vaccine.

    Thank you.
    Bill Madden

    Dr. Roger Hodkinson: “It’s all been a pack of lies” (CAN) 4:15

    The best summary I have ever seen from a clear mind.

  2. There are many conditions that cause poor health. The claimed ‘attack’ by socially transmittable pathogens and viruses is not one of them.
    I also once dredded the annual flu and colds but no more.
    With sound advice from many world experts on diets and wellness I have finally reversed my declining health. Wellness is a science fact. People who eat a substandard diet will over time get sicker and sicker until death ends the process.
    Never in all history have so many people been so sick.
    In the so called West sickness rates run North of 30%
    How on earth with so many luxuries never seen in all history can this be the case?
    The vast majority of people in the west have piped water, electricity, gas, transport, access to unlimited food, heating, cooling, reefer options, shelter and various levels of medical care.
    Yet millions suffer long term ailments. So what’s wrong?
    The answer is just about everything is.
    From fluorides in water and toothpastes to dubious chems within the food chain.
    To cut to the chase, if you like me once suffered one ill after another begin reading material in the ”Banned” sector. Learn why certain authors are banned for their views.
    I have spent many years reading what causes what and finally the whole jigsaw puzzle fell into place.
    The ”Key” to my wellness hunt was an experiment conducted in the 30’s in Canada on surviving 100% on the Inuit diet. This diet 100% destroyed todays insane low fat diet mantra
    This report prompted me to expand my research into other claimed falsehoods.
    Folks , Big Inc has lied for a very long time. Their Business is your Business.
    A healthy population is not Business to them. By keeping the masses in a toxic state they make trillions selling snake oil products.
    Here’s just a sample of things to consider in your quest to life long wellness
    1/ Iodine. Why was this mineral soiled by big Inc 120 years ago?
    2/ Salt. Life is not possible without salt, the white refined stuff is not salt, it’s a product!!
    3/ All high carb diets cause illness. If you are already on medicines for various ills reduce carbs to almost zero. Subsist on whole natural foods until wellness is restored.
    4/ Avoid CAFO and GMO’s. To eat healthy your food must also be healthy.
    5/ Avoid all contact with fluorides. Fluoride is lethal to all living cells
    6/ Avoid veggie oils, most are GMO and HAZCHEM produced. Try cold pressed oils
    7/ Avoid fake fats like marg and crisco. Nothing fake is good for wellness.
    8/ Do not juice or drink liquid produce. Always eat the whole item.
    9/ Sugar? Robert Lustig has proved this substance is as toxic as Booze!
    10/ Control fruit intake. Way too much sugar content, seek citrus first
    11/ avoid all you can eat buffet’s. They are all made with budget rubbish products
    12/ Alert!! All meds have side effects. All cause organ issues. Reduce inflamation by reviewing your diet. Everything is cause and effect.
    The road to wellness means being aware of what causes harms to vitality.
    Once this picture becomes clear you’ll better manage your wellness

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