Ibram X Kendi’s Racket: New Underworld Order-Promoted, Made Man and Money Bags

IMAGE: University California Davis

Ibram X. Kendi, a one-trick-pony critical race theorist and proponent of “anti-racism,” is the new director of the Center for Antiracist Research at Boston University. Thirty-nine-year-old Kendi is part of the increasingly well-worn, black-victimization, blame-whitey narrative. We have just listened to his schtick in a half dozen videos, which is a drop in the bucket among literally hundreds available on YouTube. You can listen for yourselves, but we’ve found little in the way of truth thus far. It gets very repetitive.

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Kendi is not a firebrand in demeanor but rather a soft-spoken operative, dropping out of left field bombs in his discourse. He constantly circles around to the notion that policies from some nebulous group of “white people” (aka “racists”) are responsible for what ails black people. For this rhetoric, TIME magazine named him one of the most influential people in the world.

It’s not that there aren’t some grievances, but Kendi can’t see the forest through the trees. He has no concept that there’s a sinister kakistocracy or sistema behind the suppression of all people. Thus, he serves as a useful idiot distraction, a misdirection slide away from the truth.

Whites suffer from this as well and, as a result, are doing poorly. For instance Kendi never dwells on the impact of drug abuse and other cultural diminishments in both the black and white communities. Instead of uniting with all peoples suffering under the kakistocracy, Kendi proposes leveling and promotes reverse policies to discriminate against whites in favor of “people of color.”

Banana Republic

Kendi declares that policies should create equal outcomes instead of equal opportunities and says that policies yielding unequal outcomes are inherently racist. This leveling would be accomplished by creating government oversight to an unelected Department of Antiracism (DOA). This would employ commissar goons and enforcement agents to ensure said equal outcomes, something that the neo-Stasi looks intent to now put in place.

This federal department would be responsible for “preclearing all local, state and federal public policies to ensure they won’t yield racial inequity, monitor those policies, investigate and be empowered with disciplinary tools to wield over and against policymakers and public officials who do not voluntarily change their racist policy and ideas.”

What really stands out to us is the fawning and soft-toss treatment that Kendi receives from all of the usual suspects in media. Not once have I ever noticed the slightest challenging question in any of his numerous appearances on the boob tube or online.

Example of a bootlicking media appearance- and his simplistic overrated rhetoric.

(Ahem, how do you “come of age” in the 1980’s and ’90s when your were born in ’82? He’s not old enough to truly remember the ’80s.)

Kendi gets his simplistic books published and they get wide distribution from the media. A New York Times (aka Slimes) No. 1 Best Seller written in 2020, called “How to Be an Antiracist,” is Kendi’s most popular published work thus far. Those brave souls who try and counter his views are censored and cancelled- while Kendi flourishes.

His Center for Antiracist Research at Boston University was endowed $10 million by Guggenheim and others to ply his misdirection agitprop trade.

Digging a little deeper, we learned that Kendi has become quite the moneybags through selling his little con and racket. There are other critical race theory (CRT) operatives involved in these shakedowns as well. He is both heavily promoted by the ruling kakistocracy and heavily rewarded. Examples abound.

Read: HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT: AG Merrick Garland’s Nepotism Connection is Chilling Dissent Toward Critical Race Theory Peddlers in K-12 Education

The University of Michigan reportedly paid Kendi $20,000 to speak at an hour-long virtual event, Campus Reform reported. Kendi’s Nov. 11, 2020, “Discussion with Dr. Ibram X. Kendi” over Zoom was partially paid for by state funding and student fees, according to the event contract obtained by Campus Reform through a public record request. In the contract, Regents of the University of Michigan agreed to pay Penguin Random House, Kendi’s speaking agency, $20,000 for the event.

In early August 2020, Kendi tucked Apple AirPods into his ears and nestled into his seat in front of a camera to chat online in an “exclusive” “conversation” with principals, teachers and staff of Fairfax County Public Schools. An hour later, he was done, and laudatory messages (probably bots) rolled over Twitter, quoting Kendi on “systemic racism,” “the cradle of racism” and “inequity.”

As reported at Quillette, the price tag for the one-hour call over the Zoom teleconferencing platform? A whopping $24,000.

In June 2021, proving a sucker’s born every minute, Charlotte school district, second-largest school district in the state of North Carolina, ponied up $25,000 to hear Kendi proclaim, “The Only Remedy to Past Discrimination is Present Discrimination.”

The Fix obtained the contracts for six institutions. The schools include Western Michigan University, Purdue University, Madison Area Technical College, California State Sacramento and the University of California, Merced. It also obtained a copy of the contract from Highland Park Public Library in Illinois.

This represents a fraction of the schools and institutions, such as libraries, that Kendi has likely collected a fee from. He rarely leaves the comfort of his home or office.

Highland Park Public Library paid him $12,500 for a one-hour Zoom lecture, which included a Q & A session at the end that took place on the night of Nov. 9, 2020. An estimated 5,000 people were in attendance

Asra Nomani, a writer based out of Virginia, obtained a contract for the Fairfax County School District, as well. These six institutions paid the Boston University professor $91,500, combined with $5,000 being the lowest payment overall, $10,000 being the lowest payment within the last year and $20,000 being the highest payment overall.

Payments are on the increase.

When he began his spiels back in 2017, Kendi received a payment of $5,000 from University of California Merced to give his 45-minute speech on anti-racism, which was followed by a 15-minute Q & A session. Kendi’s lecture was delivered on campus in front of 175 attendees, according to the contract.

Harvard, St. Louis and Syracuse have not responded to questions from The Fix regarding Kendi’s payment to speak at their universities in the past several months. For the appearances, The Fix received accounting since 2019 that Kendi has received an estimated $300,000 for his shtick.

Kendi Debunks Himself on Twitter

Just when things were booming for this race industry practitioner, one-trick-pony Kendi accidentally debunked his life’s work on “white privilege” with just one Tweet posted on Oct. 29. He quickly deleted it, but here it is. This demonstrates what an intellectual lightweight he is at connecting the dots on the real world of reverse discrimination against whites.

Kendi tweeted a link to an article from The Hill, citing a survey by Intelligent, that revealed 34 percent of white students falsely claimed they were a racial minority in order to improve their chances of gaining admission and in order to qualify for race-based financial aid programs.

Nearly a third of these liars claimed being Native American, 13 percent said they were Hispanic, 10 percent said were black and 9 percent Pacific islander.

One third of white college applicants are gaming the anti-white reverse discrimination sistema by pretending to be non-white, which totally contradicts Kendi’s own exaggerated clown world theories about white supremacy and “privilege.”


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  1. Where was my high school guidance councilor when I needed to be told to lie about my race? Lol

    Actually why didn’t my guidance councilor tell me I could make a career in anti-racism? High paying, no talent, no credentials, no intelligence required.

  2. The Kendi backing kakistocracy are controlling and manipulating patriots who have no idea whatsoever that they are being twisted round an Ashkenazi’s thumb.

    Over the last year, I’ve searched low and high for un-propagandised information about the SARS-CoV-2 vaccines.

    One seemingly sensible news-type site I happened upon was the Unz Review. At first this site seemed above board and many of the people on its commenting threads were both conservatives and intelligent.

    I gleaned feedback about the fake pandemic and poisonous vaccines from both authors and commenters on this site.

    But I noticed something weird was happening on this perceived right-of-centre website.

    I found that a commenter who did a lot of trolling on the site actually published a blog on the Unz Review platform. The handle he uses for commenting on his Unz blog is Raches (https://www.unz.com/proems/).

    I had a look through some of Raches’ 24 blog posts and all of them were utter demented tripe, very clearly the scribbling of an out-of-touch swivel-eyed loon.

    I first came across Raches’ imbecilic Unz blog through having seen him regularly and annoyingly troll the comment threads of other Unz articles. Raches is so out-of-it that most of the trolling replies he makes to other commenters amount to nothing more than childishly worded vulgar insults.

    But on occasion, he’d post very cerebral comments, usually in defense of the Unz Review, but especially when pushing back on behalf of the Unz Review proprietor, Ron Unz.

    What really brought Raches to my attention, though, was that he was particularly interested in trolling all commenters that were anti-vaccine.

    I had known from previous experience that Ron Unz keeps a hawk’s eye on this site, and that he’s known to police the comment’s threads. I know for a fact that if a commenter on the Unz Review mistakenly posts the same comment twice on the same thread, Ron Unz will quickly be on-site to (with Ashkenazi arrogance) threaten that if they did it again, their future comments “will be thrashed”.

    So, I wondered why he hadn’t blocked Raches’ pestilent trolling, and his polluting of the site by the adding of hundreds of words of indecipherable and off-topic dribble and insults to the comment’s threads.

    What does it say about the Unz Review when a visitor with something worth saying puts their time and effort into writing and posting a readable comment. Only for an imbecile like Raches to immediately and continuously pounce and clog-up the commenter’s reply thread with insults and gibberish. And the nut-job Raches was doing this repeatedly to other commenters.

    After seeing Raches’ endless trolling, I clicked the “Website” link on his profile. I was expecting to be taken to an obscure site that he had randomly linked to in order to give himself gravitas. Or perhaps a Google blog populated with ungrammatical idiotic word-salads, and with the colorful aesthetics of a city dump.

    But it wasn’t some randomly plagiarized website I was taken to. Or a Google blog, the layout of which would do an occupant of a lunatic asylum day-room proud. I was absolutely stunned to be brought to a blog “written” by the idiotic Raches, and hosted by Ron Unz’s platform.

    So much for me having been confused as to why Ron didn’t block the imbecilic Raches from polluting his site’s comment’s threads. Ron Unz thought so much of the simpleton Raches, that he gave him the use of his platform to publish a deranged blog on!

    I’ve previously witnessed Ron Unz present himself on the comment’s threads of the Unz Review using fake profiles. On one occasion, I’d even seen Ron Unz using his real handle to have a chat with one of his doppelgängers. A lot of other commenters at the time mentioned that this was clearly Ron Unz having an intellectual chat with himself.

    Thus, I wondered if Raches was yet another one of Ron Unz’s doppelgängers. Thus, I had yet another look at Rache’s posts, and it quickly became clear that, yes, Ron Unz was either Raches, or had access to Rache’s account and was posting comments and trolling under his name.

    I suspect it’s the latter, that Raches is an independent individual and Ron Unz has access to his account, and uses this account to troll and post fake comments.

    This made for a very weird psyop on the Unz Review, where at times you’d see insane unreadable rubbish being published under Rache’s account, and then, every so often, a very well written comment which actually said something readable would appear.

    The very well written comments, though, always seemed to pop-up under Reache’s profile when the Unz Review or Ron Unz needed defending!

    But even if I’m wrong and Raches is in no way connected to Ron Unz, he might as well be. Unz clearly thinks a lot of this pestilent troll when he not only allowed him the freedom to continuously insult other commenters, but actually gave him residency on his Unz Review platform.

    Over the last week alone, I’ve heard three highly intelligent and decent conservatives say on podcasts that they can’t get a platform from which to get their words across. They’ve been banned and deplatformed from Twitter, Facebook and numerous other social media sites.

    It’s estimated by some that the Unz Review gets about 2 million visitors a month. The vast majority of whom are conservatives. I’m sure there are many highly intelligent patriotic people out there, with something advantageous to say in relation to civilization, that would jump at the chance of getting a platform on the Unz Review.

    Yet, in these desperate times, with despotic governments forcing 5-year-olds to be injected with experimental gene therapy medications, Ron Unz uses his resources to give a platform to a dribbling idiotic troll. A fu*king troll that sometimes can’t actually string a coherent sentence together. Raches is a person that very clearly has mental health problems.

    Controlled opposition: Ron Unz’s Review is definitely not doing what it says on the tin.

    For your information:
    Schools use sites such as the Unz Review to convince (propagandize) students that patriots are uneducated, vulgar nut-jobs.

    They’ll first bring up an Unz Review article in a PowerPoint presentation and point out to the students the author’s spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Check essays on the Unz Review – I’d recommend you start with the “writings” on Raches’s blog – and you’ll see that some authors absolutely murder spelling and grammar.

    Then the teacher reels the presentation down to the article’s comments, to show the students what the article’s conservative readers are like. The likes of Raches is perfect to display to the students that visitors to conservative sites are generally uneducated and mentally unstable morons.

    The teachers then compare this to a presentation that they’ve created using content from a Left news-site. The article here will have been spell-checked and be grammatically correct. Idiots and trolls will have been blocked from the comment’s thread. And the comments themselves will show that grammatically and spelling wise, their writers process a modicum of dignity.

    What the students will be shown on the conservative sites are mostly arrogant, vulgar morons that can’t string three coherent words together. Whilst on the Left site, they’ll see people that care about how they present themselves to others, and to the world.

    Who would a 15-year-old boy or girl that is just becoming aware of politics lean towards? The former know-it-all vulgar lot that seemingly gets a kick out of acting like imbeciles. Or the latter crowd that displays dignity and an ability to keep rules.

    Then, when that 15-year-old reaches voting age, who do you think they’ll believe to be more capable at running the country?

    Ron Unz is a highly intelligent (?) man, he knows all this. This is yet another pointer that the Unz Review doesn’t do as it says on the tin.

    (?): Ron Unz has in the past clearly used fake profiles to surf and troll the comment’s threads on his own site. And even on at least one occasion, he’s used his real profile to interact with one of his fake ones.

    And he seems to be at this again. Unz and Raches are one and the same, or very closely connected. Ron Unz childishly and arrogantly uses the Raches profile to defend and promote himself.

    Did Ron Unz believe that visitors to this site were so dumb they would not notice this?

    I believe he does believe this, that Unz is displaying the unique Ashkenazi authistic-type arrogance that this race is renowned for.

    Ask an Ashkenazi about White people, and he’d probably say, “They are sheep, they’ll swallow anything, no matter if it’s so misshapen it won’t even fit into their mouths”.

    The “vaccine” is the last big throw of the dice for the Ashkenazi. This is actually a do-or-die moment for them.

    The “vaccines” are all about putting in place their Vaccine Passports and microchipping the human race. If they get this done, they’ll have the most pliant and easily controlled slave population that mankind has ever seen.

    The people will either accept the “vaccines” (and the accompanying enslavement) or they will launch an armed rebellion and remove the corrupt politicians and the Ashkenazi puppet masters.

    There is no middle ground, there’s no in-between, it’s rebellion or enslavement. The Ashkenazi know this, they know if this goes wrong for them, they are finished. That they may be set upon by the masses suffer devastating losses.

    But their insane arrogance causes them to believe they’ll be successful. How many times in history have hosts chased you-know-who from their countries? Too many to mention, except to say, all these chases occurred after you-know-who attempted to enslave and use the hosts that had welcomed them and given them a home.

    The Ashkenazim are tenacious, despite perilous risk to their very existence, they have tried and tried again to enslave other demographics.

    As a race, the Ashkenazi are like Ted Bundy type serial killers. Bundy was intelligent and could have led a very comfortable and wealthy life. And all those around him assisted and aided Bundy every time he asked them to.

    But Bundy repaid them with murder. He had to feed the devil within him. The Ashkenazi are the same. Their inner devils must be fed, no matter the risks to themselves.

    If there is no rebellion before the Vaccine Passports are introduced, then all will be lost to humanity for evermore. With the Passports in place, the Ashkenazi overlords will track and monitor every serf 24/7.

    The first deviation from their laid-out routines will see the serfs swept off the streets, or out of their homes, and thrown into camps. And then done away with.

    Isn’t it strange how the Unz Review promoted itself as all-for-mankind and equality-for-all but yet its proprietor immediately jumped aboard with the Ashkenazi and promoted their untested experimental “vaccines”.

    In this last throw of the dice for the Ashkenazi, Ron Unz, with childish attempts to hide it, comes out to be fully on-side with their plans, and, by doing so opens up his past and website as a litany of lies.

    Ron Unz even goes so far as to use fake profiles to troll and denigrate anti-vaccine commenters. How deranged can you get?

    Ron Unz is a sociopathic lying die-hard in-your-face Ashkenazi promoter. But he parades himself to his quislings on the Unz Review as having an open scientific mind.

    And they swallow it. Even when shown evidence to the contrary, they refuse to believe it and lap up his lies.

    About two million visitors go to the Unz Review each month. All these people every month very probably end up in Ashkenazi databases where algorithms crunch their characteristics, personalities and traits.

    Every little bit of knowledge will be of a great help to the Ashkenazi in the initial stages of their new World Slave Colony. These chaps leave no stone unturned in their quest to ascend their Chosen One’s throne.

    I suspect when the New World Order is in place, Ron Unz sees himself as seated at the right hand of the Prince of Darkness. I’m sure that such a seat would suit his schizo Ashkenazi personality.

    The Unz Review was a learning curve for me. That you can find the Ashkenazi spending money to control and manipulate even obscure magazine-type websites shows that these guys are very serious about what they are trying to accomplish.

    • I believe UNZ is a ‘Russian Funded’ (Secular-Jewish, Red Mafiya) website, so I’m not sure what their deal is. They post some news/articles from people whose work is good (Gilad Atzmon, Whitney Webb etc), but they seem to be, like you point out, an agitation outfit which uses some legitimate articles for plausible deniability. The Vaccine Contradition, however- that is something I’ve been trying to point out

      If you all notice, the ‘Anti-Vaccine’ or those who are ‘Vaccine Hesitant’ are always portrayed a certain way, as the ‘New Villain De Jour’- the ‘deplorable’ white man, with his unruly anger and ‘inappropriate’ and ‘coarse’ manner (Tavistock is run by snobby Brits- can’t you tell? Those ‘coarse’ rural white people!). However, in spite of this pork-filled PR campaign to get white people killed or fired, the facts do not represent the picture. Actually, the most ‘vaccine hesitant’ demographics are very educated PHDs, and then ‘people of color,’ mostly black people. So then one has to ask, why blame it all on white people if their goal is just to get people vaccinated? It’s not. It has over-arching cultural/psychological goals that go above and beyond this medial bit. The mismatch here is just one example, that they choose ethno-balkanizing PR over ‘Health’ in spite of all the pious moral posturing.

      After that comes the more convoluted part. The actual vaccine ‘hesitant’ are a pretty diverse group, both in class and ethnically. The tar-and-feathering of white rural people is akin to the attacks on Latin Americans or Blacks in regards to ‘Reefer Madness’ or ‘Yellow Fever’ etc- using ethnicity to shame people, and other-ize groups that may be opposed to the orthodoxy. The threat is ‘What- you wanna be labeled a redneck, so we can cancel you later?’ Facts don’t matter- it’s just an empty threat, a ‘communitarian’ threat made from the private sector, but in a ‘public’ manner.

      When you look at the ‘anti-vaccine’ and vaccine-critical groups, NGOs, lobbies- those who are leading the ‘dissident’ (how much are they getting done? ask yourself. besides hype for ad revenue) politics, they are just as left-wing as they are right-wing, in many respects. There are two sides, roughly fronted by two dynasties, both connected and part of the Usual Suspects. They are the Selz and Dwoskin families. Selz foundation runs the right wing ‘anti-vax’ lobbying and special interests/influencer activity, Dwoskins on the left. They target demographics in different ways, but neither are ‘radical’ with their politics- they’re both DINO/RINO neoliberal moderates, i.e. Democrats or Republicans that just work for the same crime syndicate. They share information on each demographic with each other. Selz runs more of the ‘noise’- he’s Dale Bigtrees boss, whereas the Dwoskins front the ‘Holistic’ sort of Natural Medicine opposition, which has always been more liberal than conservative- and they focus a lot on the ‘safety of vaccines’ (real shit job they’ve done there).

      So, to tie it in to your point with this agitator and the narrative- ever notice that the right-wing ‘anti-vax’ have been lured into a highly-promoted Qanon leaning group? It’s controlled opposition, to get them all branded, put on lists for more pork and laundering into private security & surveillance. But with the Dwoskin-left- they’re big friends with George Soros! How about that. Huge anti-vaxers, right? Yet they are huge collaborators with Soros and Co. Not only that, but they are chairs of a Soros-funded outfit called ‘Catalyst’- the counter-mercenary targeting group that TIME wrote about to ‘Save the Election’ (i.e. Bolsheviks rigging an election).

      See the elephant in the room here, the big problem? One whole side of the Anti-Vax Lobby, which sides and shares information with the other, is leading/chairing a targeting group that ATTACKS THE VACCINE HESITANT. I.e. they are not anti-vaccine at all, but two big data laundering, spy operations, sharing cross-demographical information, and using it to target people politically- to quote ‘Correct their bad political and voting habits.’ Pretty easy for a group like Catalyst to set up something like say Jan 6, when they have been collecting Data from their partnering right-wing Anti-Vax business partners- all while they pretend they are opposition. They’ve been crucial, in fact, in this new domestic terror treason, which breaks the nuremberg code to target vaccine hesitant people as ‘murderers’ and ‘terrorists.’

      Sometimes you gotta remember- the enemy can often be those ‘closest’ to you. Dale Bigtree, if he was legit, would’ve called this out long ago- yet not a word. HMMM.

      1.) Remember all this with Governors, DAs concerning the non-punishments for arson, riots, etc- there was Soros, Dwoskin, and Catalyst- long before either Trump or CV where in the picture- here’s 2011

      2.) Now in 2013

      3.) Obama election-

      4.) Then the recent election-

      5.) Then right afterward- keep in mind all of that ‘Project Blue’ money laundered into Bidens campaign, from those astroturf riots- where a ton of Guns and Drugs were moved, along with all of the robberies (you saw target- but they did Jewelry stores, jacking 20-30k worth of shit at a time). A massive bribe, for some massively corrupt shifts in policy- all with these ‘Catalyst’ style private security groups in the background, making liaisons with organized crime. Most important to remember is that Obamas campaign funded private security apparatus more than any regime in the history of thus US, and he also amended the Smith-Mundt act. Put the two together, along with the Dwoskin-Soros connected Catalyst, and you’ve got the exact recipe for your present Bolshevik, ‘Neo-Stasi’ outfits

      What a ‘coinkydink.’ And a Cohen-cidence that one David Cohen, Mr Treasury spook during the 2008 crisis (and so Obamas admin), now sits in the backround with the rest of that Spook team that runs Biden- along with Blinken, Avril Haines, etc. That (financial) sabotage, treason, soft coup took place in 2008, and as you can see from those links- Catalyst, Private Security were already on this mission of becoming a Bolshevik, Neo-Stasi outfit to control elections in 2011. The CV-19 is just used to expand that same network, and give them more abusive power. They are all easily worthy of capital punishment, for the amount of sabotage and violence done to the West, that they have been a part of. Most countries in the world execute spies and conspirators for doing a tenth of what they’ve done.

    • For a little while I was visiting The Saker Blog. I never really liked it, but persisted because an intelligent commenter on another site recommended it, and I thought it was just a matter of time till something good came up. This eventually stopped, however, the day that the saker went mental at all the folks who went mental at him for banning talk about the plandemic and kill shots. An otherwise intelligent and insightful enough man, who was no stranger – in many ways – to the plans of the Cabal, the saker swore black and blue that there was nothing suspicious happening in the name of covid. In defence of himself, apart from a list of reasons that had as many holes in them as old underwear, he pointed to Ron Unz who was taking a similar approach. I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

  3. OT but noteworthy – another American takes refuge in Eastern Europe … Did Russ Winter started a trend?

    US citizen Jan 6 Capitol rioter wanted by FBI, gets asylum in Belarus


    “Evan Neumann, 48, was charged in July on six separate criminal charges for his alleged participation in the January 6 insurrection

    He described what he called ‘political prosecution’ in the United States and described how he fled to the eastern European country

    He was described on-air as a ‘simple American whose shops were burned by Black Lives Matter activists'”

    4chan /pol/ comments:

    “We’re reaching the point where AMERICANS are fleeing the communist dictatorship at home and becoming refugees in ex-Soviet republics

    This country is such a third-world sh-thole that we literally have political refugees fleeing persecution, Jesus Christ”

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