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John F. Kennedy’s Prescient Belief in Conspiracies and His Own Demise

Let’s begin with Kennedy’s prescient speech on conspiracy practices and secrecy. He used the words “conspiracy” and “secrecy” repeatedly, and there is little doubt as to what he was referring. No one of importance today could make such a speech without being called crackpot or a conspiracy nut. Please, listen to the CONTEXT OF HIS ENTIRE SPEECH, especially the term “ruthless conspiracy.”

I assume any American over the age of 40 with a pulse and a functional I.Q. knows the common narrative of Kennedy’s assassination, or at least in part. After 50 years, few subscribe to the Warren Commission’s version of events. Therefore, this comprehensive article is my good-faith effort, or matrix, to gauge what happened. This can be utilized to compare against any new developments or misdirection coming in the recent Kennedy CIA files release.

Update: Trump Blocks Full Release Of JFK Assassination Records After Last Minute CIA Push

One of the remarks one hears on these conspiracy practices is that “someone will talk.” The point is that many who talked were subject to being compromised or media blackouts. In the JFK coup death squads took out up to several hundred targets. Hits are standard procedure in high-impact conspiracy practices, and those smart enough to keep quiet made deathbed revelations or came forward when others involved were out of the picture. This is a statistical analysis of unnatural deaths of general population versus JFK witnesses.

Cover ups were the norm. For example, this letter went from the CIA director to the Warren Commission investigators confirming Lee Harvey Oswald was in fact a CIA agent but remained undisclosed and classified until just recently.

In the following video, Oswald makes direct eye contact with Jack Ruby in the seconds before he is killed. Although Oswald was part of the goons and spooks scene around the assassination, I tilt strongly toward the patsy theory. I definitely don’t believe he could have made successful shots at Kennedy with the deficient weapon involved.

In the following video, expert marksman Jesse Ventura tests a weapon similar to Oswald’s. The latter was a Marine radio operator and involved in intelligence, not a rifleman or hit man.

Jack Ruby aka Rubenstein is like a ghost in the night in this story. The man seemed to show up everywhere, always in the background. He clearly had the ability to gain access. I believe many of the Ruby sightings are true, because he was generally kept in the know. This is true of others as well. These truly strange individuals had a purpose, if called on, which Ruby (Jewish) was. One theory espoused by Michael Collins Piper is that Israeli interests also played a role given JFK’s attempts to prevent that country from developing nuclear weapons. Short of naming names, Ruby all but admitted to his nefarious, secretive role.

For further reading:

The actual hit men were gangsters working for the organized crime boss of Chicago Sam Giancana, but they were also assets for the CIA doing contracts. Giancana did a lot of work with the CIA. Charles Nicoletti was Giancana’s best hitman, and James Files was the driver and bodyguard for Nicoletti.

There is a jailhouse interview three decades later, in 1993, with James Sutton, aka “James Files,” who made the head shot. Yes, there are some slips, like saying he shot the left temple rather than the right and mispronouncing the name given the people of Laos as Latoatians, but keep in mind this comes from a older guy who has been sitting in prison much of his life. Perfect recall is also unlikely in an older man decades later, but the entire written account is also available in Food for the Jackals. Also notable are the two voice stress test analyses conducted on Files that averaged 78% truthfulness. The analyst in the next video grades Files even higher.

There may be some exaggerations and falsehoods, such as meeting Oswald in Mesquite for weapons testing (really? but keep in mind there were Oswald doeppelganger stories), but overall his account feels 78% truthful to me. Files also said Ruby met them at a pancake house in Ft. Worth and handed off badges and the final route map.

Holt admits to driving Nicoletti to Dallas from Arizona in an Oldsmobile station wagon. This car was spotted in the parking lot area above the grassy knoll by key witness Lee Bower, who was in the rail yard tower. Incidentally, Bower died in 1966 at the age of 41. His car left an empty road and struck a concrete bridge abutment near Midlothian, Texas.

“I work at North Tower Union Terminal Co. RI-8-4698 [from] 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday thru [sic] Friday. The tower where I work is West and a little north of the Texas Book Depository Building. I was on duty today and about 11:55 a.m. I saw a dirty 1959 Oldsmobile Station Wagon come down the street toward my building. This street dead ends in the railroad yard. This car had out of state license plates with white background and black numbers, no letters. It also had a Goldwater for ’64 sticker in the rear window. This car just drove around slowly and left the area. It was occupied by a middle-aged white man, partly grey hair.” 

That grey haired man Bower described was likely Chauncey Holt- more on him later. Next, Bowers describes two men “standing on the high ground”  just shortly before the president arrived. The time sequence is inexact, and the term “high ground” is a bit vague. I would have asked these important questions: How many minutes before the hit,  and exactly where were these men standing? But the Warren Commission always struck me as just going through the motions. Still, the physical descriptions were accurate: Files was 21, Nicoletti 46.

Mr. BALL – Now, were there any people standing on the high side — high ground between your tower and where Elm Street goes down under the underpass toward the mouth of the underpass?

Mr. BOWERS – Directly in line, towards the mouth of the underpass, there were two men. One man, middle-aged, or slightly older,  fairly heavy-set, in a white shirt, fairly dark trousers. Another younger man, about midtwenties, in either a plaid shirt or plaid coat or jacket.

Mr. BALL – Were they standing together or standing separately?

Mr. BOWERS – They were standing within 10 or 15 feet of each other and gave no appearance of being together, as far as I knew.

Mr. BALL – In what direction were they facing?

Mr. BOWERS – They were facing and looking up towards Main and Houston, and following the caravan as it came down.

This is not all that inconsistent with how Files described the sequence. Note that he said he went down the grassy knoll until “shortly before the motorcade came.”

Then Bowers describes the moment immediately after the shots in front of him:

Mr. BALL – Were the two men there at the time?

Mr. BOWERS – I — as far as I know, one of them was. The other I could not say. The darker dressed man was too hard to distinguish from the trees. The white shirt, yes; I think he was.

Here, Files describes how after his shot, he reversed his jacket and then calmly walked to the side of the Dal-Tex building to meet with Nicoletti and Roselli. A shadowy figure walking this route was revealed in this photo as the motorcade sped off to Parkland.

I believe Chauncey Holt and his cohorts were spotters and the “big event” crowd control (before and after). Holt specialty was “documentation” and “fake personas,” and some operatives had secret service badges. In the following video, witness Gordon Arnold — and I think exactly in the area of Files fatal shot — describes being shooed out of the parking lot by a man carrying a CIA badge, and then another phony operative takes film out of his camera after the shots.

Eight days before he died, Holt spoke and actually choked up when talking about Oswald’s role as a patsy. When you follow these events as much as I have, you get a sense of who the credible people are — and I grade Holt and his death-bed confessions high on that account.

Holt said he didn’t know exactly who pulled the trigger.

In 1991, Holt made revealing statements in a Newsweek interview that gives clues as to how the strings on these conspiracy operations were pulled off. They were generally kept on a need-to-know basis and were not to ask questions and kept VERY COMPARTMENTALIZED.

“The word attempted assassination was never used. We assumed that from all this light loaded ammunition that maybe somebody was going to try to take a shot from somewhere, probably the Dal-Tex building, or one of the buildings around there. But at no time was it ever intimidated to us that an assassination or attempted assassination on Kennedy, Connally … there were other targets there as well. We had been operating on a need to know basis. It was such an elaborate set up. When you think back, I couldn’t possibly have been so duped. When we saw him on TV and he said, “I’m just a patsy!” I tell you the word really rang home. …

Need-to-know operation are central, not only to the CIA, but for organized crime or anything else. The information is imparted to individuals on a need-to-know basis. If you try to inquire, just one time, if you show some curiosity, just one time, as to what is going on, then you won’t be around. You’ll either be dead, or you’ll be ostracized. Not only is it isolation from top to bottom, but laterally as well. It operates not only at the higher ups, naturally they are interested in protecting themselves more than anyone else.  These guys down here are protecting themselves, too. It’s just another example of plausible deniability.”

E. Howard Hunt of Watergate fame is frequently mentioned as a player. In a late-in-life confession, he describes the CIA’s role in the “Big Event” and his role as a bench warmer who had knowledge of a conspiracy but who did not participate directly. He was not one of the tramps as some have suggested. He is a little disjointed in his statement, but points to LBJ as culpable.

The Actual Assassination Shots: Nicoletti and Rosselli set up in the Dal-Tex building, possibly in a second-floor utility room. The angle of the shot indicates it came from the Dal-Tex building, not the Book Depository, according to witness James Tague. Tague was nicked on the cheek by a concrete curb fragment from one of Nicoletti’s missed shots while standing down-range of the bullet.

I believe Nicoletti missed with shot No. 1. Shot No. 2 from Nicoletti (and possibly Wallace) hit JFK in the back. JFK appears to be holding his throat but that is a reflex from the back shot. Shot No. 3, also by Nicoletti, hit Connolly. No “magic bullet” here.

Then the task fell to Files, who followed with a head shot, meanwhile careful not to harm Jackie Kennedy. Nicoletti’s shot No. 4 hit the back of Kennedy’s head, while Files’ simultaneous shot No. 5 was an explosive mercury-loaded round from a Fireball that hit the temple. The small throat wound was likely a fragment from Files’ more explosive round. If Kennedy’s body is still available and the skull not scrubbed to the microscopic level, the mercury traces would still be there. That’s what Joe West was trying to prove before he suddenly died.

There is also a fair possibility that LBJ’s hit man, Mac Wallace, took a shot from the 6th floor of the Texas Book Depository, where he also planted the Carcano.

Read “LBJ Hitman ‘Mac’ Wallace’s Fingerprints Found in Texas Book Depository”

As far as two head shots, the autopsy evidence was badly tampered with, making modern CSI forensics very difficult. Plus, the round from the front was explosive, the one from the rear more standard.

Nicoletti got off three or four quick rounds, which might suggest he had another shooter (Wallace) coordinating with him. There were a number of other contract killers milling around the area like some hitman convention, including of course Nicoletti’s accomplice, Roselli. Remembering the concept of plausible deniability, Files only states Nicoletti and Roselli were in the Dal-Tex and that he heard the shots from that direction and knows no further details.

On March 27, 1977, Nicoletti himself was shot in the head three times while in his car, which was then set on fire. Sam Giancana and Roselli also died violent deaths before testifying before House committees regarding attempts on Fidel Castro’s life and the assassination of JFK. Giancana was found shot to death on July 19, 1975 — just five days prior to his scheduled appearance before the Church Committee. The body of Roselli was found in August of 1976, his legs sawed off and his torso stuffed in a 55-gallon oil drum. His last meeting was with one of the conspirators he named in the Kennedy assassination — Santos Trafficante. Trafficante worked directly with CIA Director Allen Dulles, Rosselli and Giancana in the CIA-Mafia attempts to kill Castro.

The following computer-animated clip shows the position of the “Babuska Lady,” Beverly Oliver.

Although her testimony has been “strangely” suppressed, Oliver had a perfect observation position. She states with certainty, as shown in the video below, that a shot and smoke came from the picket fence near the second tree from the right and from the top of the knoll. When you look at the turn in the fence, it is obvious how that location would obstruct the view from observers back up Elm.

Oliver was 17 years old at the time of the assassination. She told a House committee that she was filming with a 8 mm movie camera approximately 20 to 30 feet from Kennedy when he was shot and that the film was confiscated and never returned by a man who identified himself as a “CIA agent.”

Of course, those who fail to grasp the tactics of the Deep State dismiss the idea that CIA agents would do that, even given other compelling evidence indicating a veritable spook-and-goon convention at Dealey Plaza. Given the failure to intimidate her, once again there seems to be a doth-protest-too-loudly attempt to discredit Oliver or to put words in her mouth. This is a commonly used tactic when someone breaks from the narrative, but Oliver seems to have none of it.

Other witnesses supposedly claim she wasn’t there. Others say that the lady in the photo couldn’t be 17. There is another photo that I believe is faked showing an older lady in Bubushka garb crossing the street. In the photo above showing the “Bubushka Lady,” can you tell how old she is? I can’t.

Craig Roberts was a U.S. Marine sniper. In 1994, he wrote a book called “Kill Zone: A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza. He stated that the ideal set up was the one described by Files: the fence and the Del-Tex Building. Roberts said:

I would position at least one team behind the picket fence (more if I wanted to secure the rear against intruders), another on one or both of the two office buildings (which I later found to be the Dallas County Records Building and the County Criminal Courts Building), and possibly a team on a building across the street north of the Records Building known at the time as the Dal-Tex building. I would have never put anyone in the School Book Depository with so many locations that were much more advantageous unless I needed diversion. If I did, it would be a good place for red herrings to be observed by witnesses.”

The overhead of Dealey Plaza shows how implausible the route was in terms of security and what a set up this was. First, as the video below shows, the Secret Service was pulled off of the motorcade. The procession then came down Main Street; but instead of continuing straight to the freeway ramp,  it turned right down Houston, then made the sharp left turn onto Elm and into triangulation fire. This was a professional hit in every respect.

I don’t think the killers took the shot at the Elm Street turn because, as Files stated, they were ordered to not hit bystanders and there was a large crowd present, which would mean too many witnesses and cameras. Observers were much more dispersed further down Elm.

It is also worth noting that dozens of photos, considered professional and high quality for that era, were taken of Main Street. However, almost all of the photos and film of the assassination are grainy, poorer quality and taken by amateurs. I have dubbed this the Dealey Plaza effect, something constantly seen in the modern day staged deceptions.

Reports indicate that Dallas Mayor Cabell changed the motorcade route to pass by the Dal-Tex building — and the grassy knoll. Cabell’s brother was CIA Deputy Director General Charles T. Cabell, who along with Dulles had been fired by JFK for playing a role in the disastrous Bay of Pigs excursion invasion of Cuba.

The Dal-Tex building where Nicoletti and Rosselli were positioned is north of the Texas School Book Depository. The Dal-Tex is a slightly longer shot, but it is more angled down range and not obstructed by a tree. The building had a vacant office used by Hunt Oil. The billionaire Hunts were bitter foes of Kennedy, so the ease of access question raised by debunkers is not really valid.

I subscribe to the coup d’etat theory on the Kennedy assassination. Today, it’s hardly an outside-the-box view. To any thinking person who looks at the literature, it really isn’t that controversial. Unfortunately, in 1963 we didn’t have the Internet for research. Today, at least half of the world is outfitted with photo- and video-enabled cell phones at the ready. Even so, today the mainstream media doesn’t want to rock the boat or dive into securing the documentation or heavy research on this topic. I think that the reason is because, at least in part, to do so would be an admission as to just how much of a banal, Banana Republic the United States has become.

I think the coup was a co-conspiracy, or alliance, between Dulles and the muscle of American criminal cabal interests — of which the Mob is but one component. In my general view of how the American system works, the Mob is a bit of a red herring to draw attention away from the ruling hierarchy. That is consistent with the more high profile “conspiracy” efforts, like Oliver Stone’s movie “JFK.” The movie may have had some of the actors and particulars wrong, but he was spot on with the premise of a higher level coup.

As far as the minions and goons to carry out the dirty work, they were carefully selected from the rolls of psychopaths within the Deep State apparatus. The talent was available then, as well as today. There are abundant pools of people, ranging from those no moral compass to abject killers, to carry out any mission, including serving in public offices, “investigation” cover ups, scams and the compromises necessary to carry out Deep State cabal criminal agendas.

The Dulles brothers served as both as Secretary of State and with the CIA during the Eisenhower years and built up the covert apparatus. The Deep State was totally out of control even then and could not be reigned in by the president, although Kennedy and his brother tried at the margins. There was also the corrupt and banal director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover. Although he probably wasn’t a direct plotter, he knew which side his toast was buttered, especially once the assassination succeeded and got heavy into cover-up mode.

Ditto for LBJ. He was a puppet of the Deep State military-industrial apparatus. At the very minimum, he had foreknowledge. He was even seen ducking down in his vehicle on the first shot. Note that in the photo to the right, taken just before the first shot, LBJ’s head is slumped below Lady Bird’s (in white) even though he is well over a foot taller than her. It has been revealed more recently that Jackie and Robert Kennedy thought LBJ was culpable.

Kennedy’s prescient speech at the beginning of this post rang true in the despotic era of transnational corporations, with their legions of bankers, lawyers and private armies, backed by countless servants and contractors sworn to Deep State secrecy and enforced by psychopathic goons, assassins and operatives.

I leave you with this classic speech from “JFK” the movie. Well said but seems now a lost cause.

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  1. I had family in Brady, Texas during the time of the Billie Sol Estes era and Estes himself puts Mac Wallace behind at least one of the triggers as he had run ins with him before as LBJ used Mac as a hitman frequently to tie off loose ends. Brady is a small town and the locals then ‘knew’ or at least could recognize the moving parts of organized crime. Estes autobiography paired with J Evetts Haley’s ‘A Texan looks at Lyndon’ shows LBJ’s side and slice of the pie. LBJ was buttressed by oil barrons in Texas and the Brown brothers (early KBR) in sweet government deals and also owned stock in Bell Helicopter during the vietnam war. There’s a quote I need to look up in the book but as you mentioned, players were on a need to know basis, and Estes wasn’t in every meeting but he quotes LBJ saying something along the lines of, “… those Kennedy boys will pay.” (will find the actual quote later)

  2. “Ditto for LBJ. He was a puppet of the Deep State military-industrial apparatus. At the very minimum, he had foreknowledge.”
    I disagree in degree of knowledge LBJ had, he was far more involved than you described here. As a Texan we read into this stuff a little more about his involvement versus the larger criminal element. Reading LBJ’s history of having people offed in the Texas Hill Country to push his political career ties him as an early handler for the criminal muscle used in the job. Billie Sol Estes mentions meeting LBJ at the end of several meetings with other characters, Mac Wallace being one. Seeing no longer useful pawns being silenced, Estes got smart and kept his mouth shut for the most part and lived to the ripe age of 88 and died recently in his home near Dallas in 2013. I’ll find some material this weekend you can add to this as a supplement on the Military-Industrial end.

  3. DailyFail is already pushing the Russia is to blame narrative and no mention of Dulles brothers.

    • Their dad was the first SEC director so their could be some truth among that. I’m still leaning towards a disagreement among thieves and the push for the Deep State/Industrial Complex to thrive under LBJ.

    • Glad you posted Mathis’s piece — it’s a real mind-bender, but actually makes so much sense. And yes, that Kennedy speech was addressed by Mathis:

      “. . . the gist of the speech is the exact opposite of what we have been told. JFK is in fact speaking in favor of governmental secrecy. . . He is speaking before the press, asking them to censor themselves out of patriotism. He says that war has not been declared—so certain legal provisions are not in strict effect—but he asks the press and the American people to act as if they are in a declared war, and to therefore put up with heightened levels of governmental and official secrecy. Not only is JFK’s speech not a contradiction of Bush’s speeches after 911, it is a clear precursor. JFK has a better speaking voice, but he is saying the same thing. He is using the cold war as an excuse for secrecy and unaccountability.”

    • Yes, that is a truly astonishing alternate perspective on the JFK assassination … Miles Mathis presents a fascinating, plausible scenario under which JFK was not killed at all in Dallas, it was a staged event (like many more recently) … and John Kennedy lived on and continued to direct the shadow government of the USA behind the scenes, where it has remained ever since.

      Striking how Miles Mathis’ take on JFK, fits in with how we have looked at many more recent events … totally fake, staged, claimed deaths didn’t happen, crisis actors used for filming … Kennedy-actor in the limousine hit with a tomato perhaps. Here’s an excellent summary of Mathis’ lengthy theory with quotes from him:

      President Kennedy’s father was an owner of the Hollywood RKO Pictures movie studio, & JFK was quite connected to the film industry himself & a great ‘performer’. Original Dealey Plaza assassination photos / films have factors whereby they seem to have been shot at different times.

      The idea of outside shadow control of the US Presidency, also explains the strange fact of why there was a taping system in the White House that provided evidence in the CIA-military-fabricated ‘Watergate’ scandal under which US President Richard Nixon resigned in 1974 … the taping was there for the shadow government, rather than something that suspicious lawyer Nixon would have approved on his own.

    • Thanks oodles for posting this. My mind is blown! Lately there has been much evidence to support the suspicion that most of these shoot out and truck ramming events are fakes. Nobody believes David Rockefeller is dead either and Brzezinski, Kissinger and many others appear to live forever. Jackie was probably greatly relieved to be out of the lie with the kids intact. Although sworn to secrecy for the rest of her life, on Onassis’ yacht, in the middle of the Mediterranean. What a way to go.

  4. There is a suggestion that Tippits role was as an autopsy body double for JFK. He bore a striking resemblance to JFK and was jokingly referred to as: JFK Tippit.

    Once Kennedy was shot from the front, the lone gun man theory would be harder to sell. The theory suggests Tippit was killed and a skilled mortician was used to switch bodies and alter the evidence aboard AF2 on the flight back to DC. As Jackie would not leave the casket’s side, bringing her up for the swearing in was a diversion to remove the body from AF1 to AF2. This scenario was verified by the wife of a highly skilled mortician who says her husband disappeared for several days during the Assassination and couldn’t talk about what he’d done.

    This is further corroborated by Jackie’s statement, upon viewing JFK’s body that “that’s not Jack”.

    And while this may be one of the more outlandish theories, in an operation of this magnitude certainly they would had discussed back up plans should the framing of Oswald not go as planned. I’m certain people were already in place back in DC to handle the autopsy and support the lone gunman narrative.

  5. Another angle on JFK comes from LA police figure Gary Wean, who wrote a book with another ‘JFK assassination bombshell’. “One of Gary’s closest friends was Audie Murphy, who was America’s most decorated soldier who became a Hollywood movie star. Murphy was from Texas, & Bill Decker, Dallas County’s sheriff, was his friend.” Decker, in turn knew Texas US Senator John Tower.

    In Wean’s account, after JFK was killed, Tower met with the above group & gave them details on how Lee Harvey Oswald was a US intel agent who thought he “was going to participate in a fake assassination attempt on John Kennedy” & frame Fidel Castro for it, an event which would secure approval from the surviving Kennedy for a full-scale Cuban invasion. But “something went horribly wrong … the fake assassination turned into a real one,” much to the shock of some in the scheme.

    Shortly after Wean’s book, describing the meeting with Tower, but not naming him, Tower was killed / assassinated in a plane crash. Audie Murphy died in a plane crash as well. More info here from Wade Frazier, ‘Gary Wean & the JFK Assassination:

    • This story is like a Russian nesting doll. Beverly Oliver worked for the Weinstein brothers at the Colony Club where Candy Barr taught Joan Collins how to strip years before starring in “Dallas” and “Who Shot JR?” The whole narrative is based on an assumption that this was a real event, much like the current election drama.

  6. Oswald & Ruby were both mind control victims. Estabrooks basically acknowledged this when asked, and also admitted the government supplied him with vulnerable subjects:

    “During World War II, I worked this technique with a vulnerable marine lieutenant. I split his personality: He talked communist doctrine and meant it. He was welcomed enthusiastically by communist cells, and was deliberately given a dishonorable discharge by the corps and became a card-carrying party member. The key to creating an effective spy or assassin rests in creating a multiple personality with the aid of hypnotism. This is not science fiction: I have done it.”

    Electronic mind control technology admitted (a.k.a. “technical devices”):

    Mind Control: Rosetta Stone of the JFK Assassination

    Hypnotist stuns TEDX crowd

    (Ruby’s post-hypnotic trigger was the car horn in video #2.)

  7. Here is a great seven part video series by Owen Harris, loaded with original footage from the whole event. It kind of follows the Miles Mathis theory. I highly recommend it. So many can see through the 9/11 event but will fail to exam the events of 11/22/1963 with the same eagle eye. Give it a watch and you decide. I would love to hear others thoughts on Owen’s work.
    P.S. Owen had a very short YouTube career before he was banned totally.

  8. Gordon Arnold does not appear as a bystander in any of the films of the assassination. There are no witnesses to any man taking the film from his camera as people are rushing up the grassy knoll. Surely somebody would have seen this.

    Hard to believe that JFK was killed over Vietnam or Cuba. Nothing was ever done about Cuba which even today is still Communist. LBJ screwed up Vietnam so badly that you wonder why he himself wasn’t assassinated if Vietnam was so important to the killers of JFK. And for all this effort, LBJ decides not to run again?

    JFK was NOT going to “end the fed”. The EO he signed that supposedly indicates his intention to do so wasn’t rescinded until the Reagan administration.

    It’s very strange that the Kennedy family made no moves to reopen the investigation of JFK’s assassination, but publicly made no statements about doing so and seemed disinterested. Robert Kennedy seemed more concerned about making sure the autopsy did not reveal the true nature of JFK’s poor health. Robert Kennedy also was very hostile to the Garrison investigation, sending his aid Walter Sheridan to investigate and discredit it.

    I think the Kennedy family was more interested in maintaining their viability in politics than anything else. If JFK was assassinated over threatening Israel’s nuclear weapons program or association with organized crime, it would explain the Kennedy family’s behavior.

  9. People waste their time in trying to uncover the specifics of JFK’s murder and the precise destructive events used in 9/11. Do the details really matter? You know both (along with so much else) were conspiracies to consolidate power, ultimately diminishing your life and that of your fellow citizens.

    Regularly pondering the details of how it was done seems quite pointless. Entertaining I suppose. But ultimately with no other value. You know what’s happening. And that’s what is important.

    • “At this point in time what difference does it make?” … as long as we know that four Americans are dead

      • The Kind David Hotel terrorist bombing:
      At this point in time what difference does it make? – as long as we know that the hotel was bombed

      • The attack on the US Liberty:
      At this point in time what difference does it make? – as long as we know that 34 American sailors were massacred.

      • The 911 destruction of the World Trade Centre:
      At this point in time what difference does it make? – as long as we know that WT7 fell down

      Sounds like there is something you don’t want people to find out.

      • Appears you already well understand what’s going on pal. Would you like to continue to debate the precise amount of explosives, the exact number of milk cans and their locations used to blow up that hotel? You need more detail on what is blatantly obvious?

        Yes, there was WW I and II, the King David hotel, the Liberty, JFK, RFK, 9/11 and much that I’m skipping. Okay, so what do you propose to do about it?

    • >People waste their time in trying to uncover the specifics of JFK’s murder

      Doug Horne, whom I greatly respect, says something similar in one of his videos; I forget which one, and exactly where (a couple are quite long), but if I find it I will post the reference — anyway, paraphrasing Horne: ‘Once you conclude that JFK was assassinated as the result of a conspiracy, and that this was covered up by the national security state, you need to get out of Dealey Plaza to fully appreciate the political ramifications of the assassination as a coup d’état, as well as to discover and understand the reasons for it — failure to do so risks trivializing JFK’s death by turning his assassination into a kind of parlor game.’

      >the precise destructive events used in 9/11

      This is not an inapt analogy — analysis of exactly why/how the towers came down absorbs a great deal of ‘9/11 truth’ energy (and creates a lot of internecine conflict) — I have not been 100% convinced by any of the theories advanced so far to explain the collapses: thermite/nano-thermite, directed energy, mini-nukes, etc — ?

      WTC-7 appeared to be a normal controlled demolition.

  10. There are now so many trolls at WW I wonder if I want to hang out here anymore in the comments section. Miles Mathis is out to lunch. Half the comments on the JFK hit topic are always crap. I can remember the impossibility of arguing with Michael Collins Piper about Sandy Hook evidence. The term conspiracy theory came in the aftermath of 11/22. Good point by Russ though about the conspiracy speech. Mike King, whom I do not endorse for alot of reasons, did have a recent article on JFK that was pretty good. I think there is another speech by JFK that is not often mentioned and there is good reason it has been kept in the shadows. From that point on JFK was a marked man.

    At least WW does not censor, and that allows BS to post alongside truth. I accept the freedom . People will be on their own what to believe and where to investigate. I already did mine.

    It is astounding that the most significant book ever written about the JFK hit explaining why, how and who, is almost never mentioned and not at all here by anyone. That story was attempted twice and failed to publish, but a CIA insider finally succeeded. Why CIA? I wonder if anyone here could even guess the title, since it presents an esoteric fabric of facts and motivations. Basically JFK had come to represent human competition for ruling authority vested in the special ones’ black magik bullshit regime, going on three millenia now and counting, operated via control of symbolism primarily money the symbol of reciprocal faith to humanity and the symbol of redistributive lockstep to the the capstone crime syndicate.

    Some details down in the rabbit hole for conspiracy theory to live on, beyond William Colby and company-

    Angleton the CIA/Mossad liaison. The storm drain shooter theory. HW and GW photographed at the jobsite supervising and supporting dad, HW shown with Lansdale the Vietnam terrorist. JFk’s social timeline in the weeks leading up to his Georgetown commencement speech, silver certificates, etc. Was JFK a saint (no).
    We did not require saints we required only real leaders.
    They have done nothing but assassinate all our leaders for centuries. That is precisely why it behooves us to relinquish our dependency on them and forge our own solutions, trade secrets and all.
    Which would basically reverse engineer the capstone membership right out of their projected reentry splashdown.

    • IN THE BEGINNING………………………
      Brian Lamb:
      Leslie Cockburn, what was the most interesting part of writing this book?

      Leslie Cockburn
      There are a number of things. For example, one particular part which I found most interesting was we talk about Israeli operations in Colombia and some of the Israeli commandos who trained the hit squads of the Medellin cartel. It turns out that they had trained us in Israel as well when they were between trips to Colombia. These were the same people who also trained most of the top commanders in the Guatemalan military and also trained the Contras. They had a firm that was under license to the Israeli Ministry of Defense, and then they’d turn up in the jungles of Puerto Boyac in Colombia. So, we had a lot of adventures, I must say.

      By (author) Ronen Bergman

      The first definitive history of the Mossad, Shin Bet, and the IDF’s targeted killing programs, hailed by The New York Times as “an exceptional work, a humane book about an incendiary subject.”

      You tell a story early in the book — you know, I’ve never heard anyone pronounce his full name so I don’t even know if this is right — James Jesus Angleton — or do they call him Jesus [pronounces Hesus]?

      Andrew Cockburn:
      Although it should be Jesus [Hesus] because that was in recognition of the Mexican half of his family, everyone always pronounced it Jesus.

      Brian Lamb:
      You tell an early story about a monument to him near Yad Vashem, the memorial to the Holocaust. Explain that story.

      Andrew Cockburn:
      Right. Well, if you’re going on the outskirts of Jerusalem on the western side at least, you have Yad Vashem, which is the very moving memorial to the Holocaust. If you take the road past there out of town, you down the hill and you wind through a pretty village and eventually come to what’s called the Jerusalem Forest, which is full of memorial groves, if you like, to people who get honored in this way — war heros or simply people who have been killed in war or people recognized by the state of Israel.

      We were driving through this one day, and the reason we were doing this was we were looking for the memorial grove, memorial forest, to James Jesus Angleton. Angleton was a CIA man, a senior CIA official, very famous for a number of reasons but he was of interest to us because he was the link for many years between the CIA and the Mossad. The Israelis had all said to us, his old intelligence friends had said, “Oh, yes, we love Jim and Jim was a good friend to Israel and we liked Jim a lot. In fact, after he died” — which was in 1987 — “we created a memorial forest for him. It’s out there. I suppose it’s a bit hard to find. You might not want to look for it, but I can tell you that it’s there.” So, we thought we would go and take a look. We drove out, and there were all these nice groves with nice plaques carved in stone to various people, and we can’t find the Angleton memorial.

      Eventually we decided to give up, thinking we had taken the wrong direction or something. We were looking for a place to turn and there is an open space, or it looks like an open space, and we drive up, but it isn’t. It’s basically a garbage dump with a few stunted, dying little trees poking up and a plaque actually on plastic screwed to the stone to James Jesus Angleton. So this was the memorial forest. It’s kind of hard to explain, but in a way it was an Israeli joke. It was,

      “Look, we’re supposed to like you a lot. We’re supposed to owe you a lot, but we don’t owe anyone anything, so here’s what we really think of you,” and it’s a garbage dump.

      Brian Lamb:
      Mr. Angleton is dead?

      Andrew Cockburn:
      He is dead but not forgotten.

      Brian Lamb:
      Isn’t there a new book just out about him?

      Andrew Cockburn:
      Yes, but it doesn’t really go into the Israeli side, which is what interests us. Angleton did a number of things. He’s been most written about because he was head of CIA counter-intelligence and got obsessed about a Soviet mole in the CIA. Although that may be the most publicized role he had, he did other things, too, and his most important job really — and this is the role that the agency has always been very keen to obscure. In fact, they prevented one former colleague of his in the agency from writing a book about him because they said, “Oh, my God, if he writes that book, he’ll talk about this particular job,” which was Angleton’s role as a liaison with foreign intelligence services, including the Israelis — particularly the Israelis, in fact. This was an absolutely key role. There’s a lot of bodies buried there. What Angleton was able to do were things the CIA couldn’t do or didn’t want to be seen doing or wanted to do in this country, in which it’s legally precluded from doing. As liaison, Angleton could go to his buddies in foreign intelligence services, and particularly the Israelis, and say, “Help us out.” Angleton was really the point man for the connection that we explain in the book.

  11. Not to dispute this well thought out & well sourced post, but wouldn’t it really be dumbfounding if Bonar Menninger’s book ‘Mortal Error’ encapsuled the tragic yet mundane ‘way it was’: an accidental lethal gunshot wound from a secret service man whose aim at the source of the first shot fired was interrupted by his falling backwards in the presidential limousine as it sped up? No doubt the liars that be would capitalize on the killing no matter if it was their way or not.

    • Hauntess,
      I take it you have read, OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD?
      Did you know that there were 3 attempts on JFK in the weeks leading up to Dallas 22 Nov 1963.
      Who changed the route that brought him into the AMBUSH?
      Who directed RFK to the kitchen, where his assassins were positioned?
      By Laurent Guyénot • Unz Review • February 11, 2019

      The CIA’s Operation Mockingbird Manipulated Media
      “Operation Mockingbird [was] a domestic propaganda campaign aimed at promoting the views of the CIA within the media. Reporters shared their notebooks with the CIA. Editors shared their staffs. Some of the journalists were Pulitzer Prize winners, distinguished reporters who considered themselves ambassadors without portfolio for their country.”
      ~~ From Lifting the Veil Chapter VII on Operation Mockingbird

      "About a third of the whole CIA budget went to media propaganda operations... We're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars a year just for that... close to a billion dollars are being spent every year by the United States on secret propaganda." – Testimony of William Schaap to Congress 252

      In 1948, the United States began the Marshall Plan, an initiative to help the devastated Europe recover from the War. The CIA decided to siphon funds to create the Office of Policy Coordination, which would become the covert action branch of the Agency.253 It was under this program that Operation Mockingbird, a domestic propaganda campaign aimed at promoting the views of the CIA within the media, began. From the onset, Operation Mockingbird was one of the most sensitive of the CIA’s operations, with recruitment of journalists and training of intelligence officers for propaganda purposes usually undertaken by Director Allen Dulles himself or his direct peers.254

      It is a false belief that the CIA ‘infiltrated’ unwitting media institutions. The recruitment of journalists was frequently done with complicity from top management and ownership. Former CIA Director William Colby claimed during the Church Committee investigative hearings, “Lets go to the managements. They were witting.” Among the organizations that would lend their help to the propaganda efforts was the New York Times, Newsweek, Associated Press, and the Miami Herald. Providing cover to CIA agents was a part of the New York Times policy, set by their late publisher, Arthur Hays Salzberger.255

      The investigative committee of Frank Church, officially titled “Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities”, uncovered a lot of evidence concerning Operation Mockingbird and came to the conclusion that:

      "The CIA currently maintains a network of several hundred foreign individuals around the world who provide intelligence for the CIA and at times attempt to influence opinion through the use of covert propaganda. These individuals provide the CIA with direct access to a large number of newspapers and periodicals, scores of press services and news agencies, radio and television stations, commercial book publishers, and other foreign media outlets."256

      Carl Bernstein, the reporter famous for his excellent investigation into the Watergate scandal, wrote that:

      “(Joseph) Alsop is one of more than 400 American journalists who in the past twenty-five years have secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency, according to documents on file at CIA headquarters. Some of these journalists’ relationships with the Agency were tacit; some were explicit. There was cooperation, accommodation and overlap. Journalists provided a full range of clandestine services—from simple intelligence gathering to serving as go betweens with spies in Communist countries.

      Reporters shared their notebooks with the CIA. Editors shared their staffs. Some of the journalists were Pulitzer Prize winners, distinguished reporters who considered themselves ambassadors without portfolio for their country. Most were less exalted: foreign correspondents who found that their association with the Agency helped their work; stringers and freelancers who were as interested in the derring-do of the spy business as in filing articles; and, the smallest category, full-time CIA employees masquerading as journalists abroad. In many instances, CIA documents show, journalists were engaged to perform tasks for the CIA with the consent of the managements of America’s leading news organizations.”257

      While a majority of Mockingbird operations were overseas, the goal was to have important, hard-hitting stories to be circulated in the American press. Relationships with major United States media institutions certainly helped with this goal. Bernstein lists The New York Times, CBS and Time inc. as the most productive relationships the agency cultivated. They also created front organizations overseas who publicly maintained an appearance of free press but privately were operated by the agency. An example of this is the Rome Daily American, which was 40% owned by the CIA for three decades.258

      Another strategy was developing relationships with major media owners who were known to harbor right-wing views, such as William Paley of CBS, and then passing on information of journalists, actors and screenwriters who harbored left-wing views. Information was also passed on to friendly congressmen such as Joseph McCarthy. These men and women would then be blacklisted from the industry. Lee J. Cobb was one such actor who was blacklisted, and recalled his experience:

      “When the facilities of the government of the United States are drawn on an individual it can be terrifying. The blacklist is just the opening gambit – being deprived of work. Your passport is confiscated. That's minor. But not being able to move without being tailed is something else. After a certain point it grows to implied as well as articulated threats, and people succumb. My wife did, and she was institutionalized. In 1953 the HCUA (House UnAmerican Activities Committee) did a deal with me. I was pretty much worn down. I had no money. I couldn't borrow. I had the expenses of taking care of the children. Why am I subjecting my loved ones to this? If it's worth dying for, and I am just as idealistic as the next fellow. But I decided it wasn't worth dying for, and if this gesture was the way of getting out of the penitentiary I'd do it. I had to be employable again.”259

      The CIA went as far as to write scripts for Hollywood. One interesting example is the funding of the movie version of Animal Farm in 1954, a book written just less than a decade earlier by George Orwell which enjoyed large commercial success. The problem for the CIA was that Orwell was a socialist, and his book attacked both capitalism and communism. To avoid this conflict, the CIA changed the ending of the Hollywood version to portray capitalism in a more positive light.260

      Domestic surveillance was also used on journalists who had published classified material. In one example, a physical surveillance post was set up at a Hilton Hotel in view of the office of Washington Post writer Michael Getler.261 The operation defied the CIA’s charter, which specifically prohibits domestic spying. The operation was directed towards numerous members of the Washington press corp, and was signed off by John F. Kennedy himself, in coordination with CIA director John McCone.262

      One CIA document states: “Get books published or distributed abroad without revealing any U.S. Influence, by covertly subsidizing foreign publicans or booksellers… Get books published for operational reasons, regardless of commercial viability”. The Church Committee concluded that over 1000 books were published under this directive.263

      Some investigative journalists have claimed that Operation Mockingbird did not end in 1976 as the CIA claims. For example, in 1998, researcher Steve Kangas claimed that conservative billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife, who ran ‘Forum World Features’, a foreign news organization, was a CIA asset and used the organization to disseminate propaganda for circulation in the United States.264 Kangas ended up dead with a bullet hole in his head, in the office of Richard Scaife. It was ruled a suicide, although there were discrepancies in the police report and the autopsy.265

      The Church Committee’s conclusion accurately reflects the problems associated with Operation Mockingbird:

      “In examining the CIA’s past and present use of the U.S. media, the Committee finds two reasons for concern. The first is the potential, inherent in covert media operations, for manipulating or incidentally misleading the American public. The second is the damage to the credibility and independence of a free press which may be caused by covert relationships with the U.S. journalists and media organizations.”266

      While it is deplorable for citizens of countries to be subjected to a state-owned media, at least they can be aware of the biases and filter information accordingly. We have been taught a lie from birth that the U.S. press is free from government meddling. In a situation where the manipulation is completely covert, the American public has been left unaware of the propaganda they have been ingesting for decades.


      252 Testimony available here. [Video removed, but click here to verify billions spent on propoganda]

      253 Sallie Pasani “The CIA and the Marshall Plan,” excerpt available here.

      254 Rolling Stone Magazine, “The CIA and the Media,” October 20, 1977

      255 Ibid.

      256 Final Report of the Select Committee to Study Government Operations With Respect to Intelligence Activities. April 1976.

      257 Rolling Stone Magazine, “The CIA and the Media,” October 20, 1977

      258 Wikipedia article on the Rome Daily American

      259 Wikipedia article on Lee J. Cobb

      260 John Simkin, “Operation Mockingbird.”

      261 New York Times, “Project Mockingbird: Spying on Reporters,” June 26, 2007

      262 Ibid.

      263 Final Report of the Select Committee to Study Government Operations With Respect to Intelligence Activities. April 1976.

      264 Steve Kangas, “A Timeline of CIA Atrocities.”

      265 John Simkin, “Steve Kangas.”

      266 Final Report of the Select Committee to Study Government Operations With Respect to Intelligence Activities. April 1976.


      The global ruling class
      Billion-dollar babies
      2008-04-24, The Economist magazine

      Who rules the world? The rise of nation states produced national ruling classes. It would be odd if the current integration of the world economy did not produce new global elites — business people and financiers who run global companies and global politicians who steer supra-national organisations such as the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund. David Rothkopf, a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, argues that ong>these elites constitute nothing less than a new global “superclass”. They have all the clubby characteristics of the old national ruling classes, but with the vital difference that they operate on the global stage, far from mere national> They attend the same universities. They are groomed in a handful of world-spanning institutions such as Goldman Sachs. They belong to the same clubs — the Council on Foreign Relations in New York is a particular favourite — and sit on each other’s boards of directors. Many of them shuttle between the public and private sectors. They meet at global events such as the World Economic Forum at Davos and the Trilateral Commission or — for the crčme de la crčme — the Bilderberg meetings or the Bohemian Grove seminars that take place every July in California. Mr Rothkopf is anything but a crank, and he is right when he says that, these days, the most influential people around the world are also the most global people. He is also admirably ambivalent about his subject. He worries about surging inequality — the richest 1% of humans own 40% of the planet’s wealth — and about the rumbling backlash against so much unaccountable power.

      ong>Note: ong>For reliable, verifiable information the secret societies of which the global elite are a part, click here. Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making by David Rothkopf is available here.

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