TradCatKnight Radio’s Eric Gajewski, Russ Winter Talk About the Murder of Father Kunz, and the Righteous Roles of Malachi Martin and John O’Connor

TradCatKnight Radio’s Eric Gajewski and Russ added considerable color to the mystery of who murdered father Alfred Kunz, and why.

The podcast wrapped up with a short discussion of the Trojan Horse set up at the Capitol Building.

A separate, update item: David Knight’s must-listen video describes the Trump/Alex Jones/Steve Pieczenik/Qanon sting and grifting operation. At minimum, catch the first three minutes [0:22 to 2:55].

The liberated Knight can be followed on a new platform called UGEtube.

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  1. Thank you for the update on Mr. Knight; I was unaware.

    If I have time later, I will listen to the podcast (I picked the shorter option due to time).


  2. Hm first time i see Ugetube mentioned, and looking at their platform its already 3 yrs old.

    Thats really a way to divide people even more, and keep alternative content creators with opposing/questioning views small from the start up, nearly noone will check Ugetube, Odyssey, Lbry, Brandnewtube, Bitchute, Peertube, Dtube, Dlive, Veoh, Twitch, Mixer and whatever else there is every day, so i miss out on content and streamers i would have watch on a centralized plattform.

    Not only for me its bad, for the content creator themself, David Knight will never have the viewcounts he would have on known bigger plattforms.

  3. Post 2

    Well I walked away from the organization led by that fellow in Rome with the never ending hat collection, twice (please do not listen to this link around children – language warning):

    Now I do pray (pretty much) every hour of every day and keep in close contact with the Lord; I just do not use a middle man anymore, I go direct. That said, I have ZERO issue with folks who are still in the mix with either the Traditional and / or the current version of the church. As long as people are kind, do no evil and are not selling me anything, then I am happy to listen / discuss anything with them.

    As I have listened to the TradCathKnight Radio podcast when Mr. Winter has been on it before, I can affirm that it is a good show in which Mr. Winter presents what we all like to read / discuss here. There is a little talk on the former leg breaker (yeah the little guy was a bouncer) and coup plotter / sell out of citizens, Bergoglio, but we are talking basic dialogue and not a pro-sell (which to my knowledge is not the Traditional way anyhow) point of view.

    My point?

    When I get a minute, I do intend to listen to the podcast later, and I would (humbly) say that it is worth checking out if you have the time.

    Now for the sake of transparency, I will state that do prefer Dino’s show more; however, I chalk part of that up to Mr. Winter and part of it up to Dino having been a New Yorker. He reminds me of people and places from the past.

    Best to all at WW.

    P.S. If I get a moment, I might loop around to discuss Mr. Knight and that whole matter. Today is tight time wise, so we will see.

  4. Post 3

    Okay, so I have now listened to both shows.

    Unfortunately, I may not get back to Mr. Knight; however, I would (humbly) suggest that that day’s show and one other he did in the last day or so, could make for an interesting thread,entirely, on their own as loyalties splinter and information emerges.

    Heck, we could talk about Dr. P. and Phoenix, Mr. Jones and the cult of narcissism (lots of supplements that the man never seems to truly benefit from) and the “truth movement” that has become marketed to America like soap flakes (present host excluded as we are never asked to buy a single thing here and / or we are not soft sold neocon ideals in the wrapper of truth).

    Also, we could speak of the gifts that Candidate / Mr. Trump received from Mr. Perot, the Honorable Dr. Ron Paul, Senator Dennis Kucinich, and Mr. Ralph Nader (yes! even Mr. Nader). Heck, maybe we should even delve into the Marble Collegiate Church, Mr. Peale, Mr. Cohen, and what it must be like to take the first wife skiing with the kids, as well as the mistress (does that guy know how to party or what?).

    At WW, we could have a blast with this one (probably better for a weekend or end of week thread), and we could simply begin with Mr. Knight. Fun!

    Yet, if I am going to post one last time about the first podcast, I really cannot delve right now into Mr. Knight. As we all know, normally a thread is a single topic with many supporting facts that we can each take a crack at. This thread has two different topics which makes contributions a little trickier if we are to make them substantive (time becomes an issue).

    All my best,

  5. Last Post: TradCatKnight Radio’s Eric Gajewski

    First, it was a good show that has a much different vibe than the other podcasts that Mr. Winter participates in. There is almost a public access feel to how smooth the audio is on this one. Yet the host seems like a very nice gentleman. Certainly, he has an interest in what we think over here at WW, and asked Mr. Winter about our thoughts quite a few times. Also, we were all invited to check out his other work (including a documentary or two ?) for free to see if it struck a cord with any of us. Mr. Gajewski indicated that his work was based in Traditional Catholicism, but that it had common threads for anyone and often was not specifically focused on religion per se.

    Now, the thrust of the podcast was on mystery and truth. What inspired Mr. Winter was an unsolved mystery (murder of Father Kunz) that many of read about on WW last week. If not, it is here:

    The gentlemen covered the murder, Father Malachi Martin, the Lavender Mob, infiltration of the Catholic Church by Freemasons and the on going struggle of all, western / Christian, faiths in this modern era where it seems that decades of infiltration is leading to downfall. Although not mentioned in the podcast, this infiltration and destruction can be seen across all of the commonly held value systems, legal systems, art , architecture, music, ethics (slightly redundant sorry) and other hallmarks that are the pillars of Western European and early American development.

    Mr. Grajewski stated that the downfall of the Catholic Church, specifically, could be attributed to what he calls the 3 Ms: Marxists, Masons and Modernists. On this point, for that institution, I cannot disagree; however, I would also (humbly) add that a lack of critical thinking amongst parishioners for at minimum decades, but even centuries seems to have added to its demise. Also, speaking from DC, I can assure you that within the United States of America, politics and clubs have made a huge difference in the direction of this church. None of this is conspiracy, and much of it can be found in the open if you are looking in the right direction. Remember the Embassy of the Holy See is just over on Massachusetts Avenue and they wield a good deal of power through our government (still selling those beatitudes for all matter of sin).

    The podcast ends with a wrap up of current events and a small focus on last week’s insurrection pageant that our government thought would be good entertainment for us all (sarcasm here). Who doesn’t love a free walking tour?

    Now for where I think there could be an improvement: Mr. Winter should be allotted more time. Even thought this thread is very specific, there was just too much to cover in the time provided.

    Okay now for what I would offer up in contrast:

    1. Father Martin was more than likely not co-opted by the Mossad; I found this point funny and it is one that modernists use to discredit the poor guy.

    Yet, Father Martin was in deep with Mr. William Buckley III. Now do I think the good Father was actively working for Langley? No.

    Do I think he was softly working for the CIA? Oh yeah, I do. That silver tongued Mr. Buckley practically had Mr. Vidal working for the CIA after those debates. If ever there was a web, inside a web, inside a web, then that would be Mr. Buckley. Please never forget his long ties to Mr. Casey and that whole gang.

    2. On Joseph Alois Ratzinger, I am left with a former Hitler Youth who got to walk away from the crown jewels without being hung under some bridge — yeah, not really buying that this man had anything new to offer. New boss was the same as the old boss.

    Heck, Hitler evidently hated gays and yet Ernst Rohm stated that Hitler had lots of fun in those all boys summer camps he used to run. If you can, try to read the text: The Pink Swastika. It is a fascinating read about how gay self hatred found an outlet in the National Socialists Party.

    Either way, the Pope who was against the Lavender Mafia seems a little ludicrous considering he is still alive.

    3. There is discussion of a gang rape that is tough to listen to. It was factual, but just tough to hear, and I am simply being honest on this point. Yet the fact that Father Kuntz (a Cannon Lawyer) was seeking justice for the victim was good to hear about in the balance.

    Now for the current events:

    1. Trump document dump? Well how did that final release of President Kennedy’s remaining classified files turn out. The Donald did not take on the powers that be and start saying “You’re fired” to a single soul over that issue and no new attempt for release was made by the administration.

    2. As Kati points out on this thread, the future segregation of information online will splinter any cohesive resistance voice and / or any content creator attempting to reach consensus.

    Eventually you either need to have a Ma Bell moment with the large tech companies (divestiture) or accept them as your new rulers. Now before anyone beats me up on this last point, yes I am aware that the divestiture did not really work and had ulterior motives, which created even larger communications and technology firms. Yet, I am running out of time and just wished to offer a succinct thought on the matter.

    3. The post truth world is go along to get along with zombies dictated to by their masters by cellular phones, government back software companies and societal practices that melt brain waves, while creating marvelously obese people. Truly rotund.

    Think about it why would anyone create a word / meme known as “cankles” if we were not approaching extreme methods of natural skin stretching? Remember the Hindenburg!

    4. Yes, I like old sports, old news stories, old cars, old buildings, the golden age of body building, old values, radio shows, real butter, old movies, and the like as well. If Phillip K. Dick could only get one thing right regarding the Man in the High Castle, it would have been to use the mind to move through dimensions and time. Oh well,,,

    In fact Mr. Winter, we should talk about the deep friendship between Mr. Joe Louis and Mr. Max Schmeling sometime; talk about two gentleman champs and friends when they were in their prime (poor Joe had a rougher senior life, and Max was lied about for the rest of his life).


    5. Yes, (and I hate this type of language; its ungentlemanly) Wikipedia sucks!

    Hope everyone had a good Tuesday no matter where you are.

    Simple Citizen

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