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Neo-Nazi National Front Organiser Quits After Coming Out as Jewish Homosexual

Kevin Wilshaw has quit the National Front after coming out as homosexual and Jewish. PHOTO: Huffington Post/Channel 4

By Jasmine Gray | 17 October 2017

HUFFINGTON POST — A well-known neo-Nazi and National Front organiser has come out as gay and opened up about his Jewish heritage after peddling hate for more than 40 years.

Despite being active within white supremacist groups as recently as the start of this year, Kevin Wilshaw announced he now is quitting the far-right after being subjected to abuse over his sexuality.

He told told Channel 4 News: “On one or two occasions in the recent past I’ve actually been the recipient of the very hatred of the people I want to belong to.”

Wilshaw, who was arrested for online race hate offences in March, continued: “It’s a terribly selfish thing to say but it’s true. I saw people being abused, shouted at, spat at in the street – it’s not until it’s directed at you that you suddenly realise that what you’re doing is wrong.”

He told Paraic O’Brien that he not only feels “appalling guilty” over his past behaviour, but that he now wants to “hurt” other extremists. […]

6 Comments on Neo-Nazi National Front Organiser Quits After Coming Out as Jewish Homosexual

  1. So apropos. I mean no surprise to me, but perhaps this will show some pajama person out there how crime syndicate flying monkeys infest any sort of movement regarding “white European racial unity” preemptively. You know they built the naacp also… If you’re white at this point, and want to start an organization that stands up for your own kind, do something truly revolutionary- start a nice big family

    • Darryl, even if it could be proven (which it can’t) that there was an INDIGENOUS “white European racial identity” before the Barbarian Invasions from Asia…

      … the “Aryans” were always only overlords in countries where they took indigenous wives. As in the land of the Hurrians, the invaders learned the language of the countries they… er… colonized, and took on local names… even for the kings.

      Look at Britain, which started out as a Ligurian people: stocky, dark- or auburn-haired, middle height. Those tall blondes from Asia… did they bring their wives and kiddies along for the raids? Doesn’t look like it. Today, Britain is just as predominantly dark-haired and dark-eyed… as it was before the Saxons swam to shore, killed the ruling class, and replaced it with their own.

  2. Authoritarian Regimes draw Homosexual men, like moths to a flame. Ernst Rohm’s organizational skills and network of gays, created the support structure for Adolph Hitler.
    George Lincoln Rockwell (American Nazi) candidly addressed the issue. Saying, some of his men had been involved in that filth, but he turned them around…. Ok George. somebody should study this observable phenomenon.

  3. He quit because we found out that he’s a Jew, period. Being homosexual isn’t the issue. Being white sure isn’t… look at him, for crying out loud! Apart from Keturah’s Parthian nose, he’s any German, anywhere.

    His politics are the problem: Jews pretend to be all about their Liberation Front… freeing the Poor Huddled Masses from the Mean White Overlords.

    A gay Jewish guy, running a White-Overlord group called Nazis. Are we still supposed to think that they EVER considered themselves Holoco$ted, when they sent THIS guy to rouse the rabble?

    Is there anything that isN’T a False Flag, these days? Their Operatives are in Both Camps. Always.

  4. No surprise there …Isn’t Nazism aka National Zionism Jewish? So this useful idiot is now complaining about being attacked cause he’s gay guess that “protected group” holds more weight these days. I don’t think he so much infested the group, more like the group was formed by the tribe. So ((neo-Nazi)) is like ((neo-cons))??

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