Pro-Israel Donors Spent Over $22M on Lobbying and Contributions in 2018

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The data examined by the Guardian suggests that the pro-Israel lobby is highly active and spends heavily to influence US policy

By Tom Perkins | 15 February 2019

THE GUARDIAN — Pro-Israel lobbyists and donors spent more than $22m on lobbying and campaign contributions during the 2018 election cycle.

The same or similar Israel-aligned groups and donors have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in recent decades, and that money poured into American politics through a variety of channels, according to the non-profit, non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics. The CRP uses federal election records to track campaign finance spending and makes its data available on the Open Secrets site.

The Guardian examined campaign finance data after Muslim Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar ignited a controversy with two tweets claiming pro-Israel lobby money influenced American political policy and discourse. The claim led to broad accusations of antisemitism from Democrats and Republicans. Omar later apologized but also stood her ground when it came to highlighting the influence of lobbyists, comparing influential pro-Israel lobby group, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (Aipac) to the the National Rifle Association and the fossil fuel industry. […]

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