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India’s ‘Internet Hindus’ Are in Love With Israel

PHOTO: TheUglyTruth.wordpress

Hindu nationalists incessantly tweet their support and admiration for Israel, an online force that helped push Prime Minister Narendra Modi to a landslide victory in 2014

By Saudamini Jain | 15 January 2018

HAARETZ — In New Delhi, Anshul Saxena spends three to four hours a day on Israel.

The 26-year-old gathers information from right-wing websites, blogs, Wikipedia, the American Jewish Committee website and India-Israel friendship forums. He has set up alerts to be notified of any India-Israel news, and tries to tweet about Israel every day.

Back in November, he announced a celebration party when he first heard that Netanyahu would be visiting. Sometimes, the tweets are about Israel in general and the lessons India can learn from it.

A few months earlier, in July, he wrote: “Israel revived its Hebrew, whose fate was similar to Sanskrit about 7 decades ago. India should learn from Israel, We can revive Sanskrit.” […]

1 Comment on India’s ‘Internet Hindus’ Are in Love With Israel

  1. First of all I believe ALL organized religions are evil, power grabbing seeking control of people. Now regarding the “Jews”

    There are Hebrews (Race)
    Jews (Religion)
    Zionists (Political movement with anyone who wants to be as members)

    Israelis (Ashkanzi – Khazarian) from an area between the Black and Caspian seas, a people of Mongolian, Bulgar, Iranian, Turkish, and other mixed heritage who originally comprised the Khazarian Empire) Originally kicked out of more than 100 countries.

    And finally, the Sabatian Frankists
    (the true evil of the world since before the founding of our nation)]

    Israel was created by Sabatian Frankist’s, who have insinuated themselves world wide into governments, military, banking, religions, etc. with an agenda of world domination as is the basic goal of all the sociopaths and psychopaths running or trying to run the world.

    They hold no allegiance to any faith, political party, nation, etc. The true “hidden hand” that is talked about. They work on theme of “donma” (to turn) meaning they are chameleon like in their conquests. Pretend to be Jew, Catholic, German, American, etc. and get and hold positions of power and authority to push their agenda.

    So calling people “Jews” is merely like calling them Catholic, Muslim or Protestant.
    (and as I said, IMO, most all organized religions are dangerous)

    The Sabatian Frankist’s/Zionists are the bad guys.

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