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American Pravda: The ADL in American Society

Mary Phagan

By Ron Unz |  15 October 2018

THE UNZ REVIEW — In our modern era, there are surely few organizations that so terrify powerful Americans as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith, a central organ of the organized Jewish community.

Mel Gibson had long been one of the most popular stars in Hollywood and his 2004 film The Passion of the Christ became among the most profitable in world history, yet the ADL and its allies destroyed his career, and he eventually donated millions of dollars to Jewish groups in desperate hopes of regaining some of his public standing. When the ADL criticized a cartoon that had appeared in one of his newspapers, media titan Rupert Murdoch provided his personal apology to that organization, and the editors of The Economist quickly retracted a different cartoon once it came under ADL fire. Billionaire Tom Perkins, a famed Silicon Valley venture capitalist, was forced to issue a heartfelt apology after coming under ADL criticism for his choice of words in a Wall Street Journal column. These were all proud, powerful individuals, and they must have deeply resented being forced to seek such abject public forgiveness, but they did so nonetheless. The total list of ADL supplicants over the years is a very long one.

Given the fearsome reputation of the ADL and its notorious hair-trigger activists, there was a widespread belief that my small webzine would be completely annihilated when I first launched my recent series of controversial articles in early June by praising the works of historian David Irving, a figure long demonized by the ADL. Yet absolutely nothing happened. […]

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    The Jewish murder machine
    THE world today is comparatively well informed about the fate of the compulsion workers in the Soviet Union. But little is known about the concentration camps where conditions are so gruesome as to be almost unbelievable. Many people find it difficult to realize that this state of affairs can exist in the twentieth century.

    This explains why the descriptions about compulsion labor in the Soviet Union are sometimes skeptically received. This presentation of investigations is, therefore, based exclusively on actual reports of the government-controlled Soviet press and official governmental records. The photographs are also taken from official Soviet sources thereby providing- a possibility for everyone to verify for himself the interpretations. We wish to point out that all illustrations in this brochure are true reproductions of originals as they appeared in the official Soviet publication: “Stalin White Sea Canal” or in Soviet newspapers. We could not afford to disturb the poor quality of these pictures by retouching them as they reflect true conditions existing in the U. S, S. R. It is not our aim to present a complete and exhaustive account of the actual number of prisoners, the numbers put to death, the distribution of concentration camps, etc., but rather to give a cross cut of the life of those condemned to this form of living death — true and without exaggeration as conditions really are.

    Here we have the photographic evidence that the USSR was a Jewish murder machine. The faces of the killers – Berman, Firin, Yagoda, etc. are clearly shown. The only possible objection is that a Nazi German wrote the booklet. But since Jewish scholars themselves admit the same facts, there is no issue. Read the book, look at the faces – and then ask yourself why the Jew media conceal the facts. This is enlightening account of the most brutal penal system ever devised. Not only was the Gulag concentration system as inhumane as can be devised, but the scope and numbers of people worked to death and slaughtered for their Jewish masters is hard to comprehend. In the Soviet concentration camp system, there was no medical treatment even permitted, starvation was par for the course, people were treated lower than animals. The death toll wasn’t 300,000 or 6 million it was in the tens of millions. The book shows that Jewish run camps were the most brutal of all camps ever built.

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