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How and Why The Intercept is Reporting on a Vast Trove of Materials About Brazil’s ‘Operation Car Wash’ and Justice Minister Sergio Moro

Secret Brazil Archive Part 1

A massive archive of previously undisclosed materials reveals systematic wrongdoing among powerful officials — and the public has a right to know.

By Glenn Greenwald, Leandro Demori and Betsy Reed | 9 June 2019

THE INTERCEPT — The Intercept Brazil today published three explosive exposés showing highly controversial, politicized, and legally dubious internal discussions and secret actions by the Operation Car Wash anti-corruption task force of prosecutors, led by the chief prosecutor Deltan Dallagnol, along with then-Judge Sergio Moro, now the powerful and internationally celebrated justice minister for Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

These stories are based on a massive archive of previously undisclosed materials — including private chats, audio recordings, videos, photos, court proceedings, and other documentation — provided to us by an anonymous source. They reveal serious wrongdoing, unethical behavior, and systematic deceit about which the public, both in Brazil and internationally, has the right to know.

These three articles were published today in The Intercept Brasil in Portuguese, and we have synthesized them into two English-language articles for The Intercept. Given the size and global influence of Brazil under the new Bolsonaro government, these stories are of great significance to an international audience.

This is merely the beginning of what we intend to be an ongoing journalistic investigation, using this massive archive of material, into the Car Wash corruption probe; Moro’s actions when he was a judge and those of the prosecutor Dallagnol; and the conduct of numerous individuals who continue to wield great political and economic power both inside Brazil and in other countries. […]

1 Comment on How and Why The Intercept is Reporting on a Vast Trove of Materials About Brazil’s ‘Operation Car Wash’ and Justice Minister Sergio Moro

  1. Good piece on Henry Makow of why the oily liar Glenn Greenwald, sequentially on the payroll of 3 billionaires (Bill Gates, Rothschilds, and now the CIA-tied, internet-control-agent Pierre Omidyar, also funding Greenwald’s ‘Edward Snowden’ hoax), and gay ex-pornographer (‘hairystuds’) is spreading lies about Brazil’s populist President Jair Bolsonaro, who, despite his Zionist days, is apparently doing some good things for the Brazilian people, and is fighting Brazil’s corruption complex.

    For one thing, Bolsonaro’s ‘more guns and tough on crime’ plan, is working:

    “Sergio Moro, who is now the Attorney General, has achieved excellent results for only a couple of months of work in his position, like a 23% decrease in the number of homicides, and similar drops in cargo theft, robbery, carjacking, etc”

    Glenn Greenwald in a gay marriage to Brazilian David Miranda, and on the leftist payroll in Brazil can maybe face possible criminal charges because of a role in the hacks and illegal wiretaps of Brazilian politicians

    Curious note that Vladimir Putin may be helping in the campaign to undermine Bolsonaro, via hacks of the Russian Telegram messaging system used in Brazil, Putin angry because of Bolsonaro’s opposition to Venezuela’s Maduro

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