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The Aurora Shooting Part I: Sometimes Pictures are Louder than Words


Unlike more recent botched hoaxes, such as Charleston and Roanoke, I have had much more difficulty dissecting the haunting James Holmes “Batman” shooting. If it was a hoax, the Crime Syndicate employed a well-executed scheme and utilized in Holmes a first-class actor (far more skillful than the B-Team jokes seen elsewhere) or, more likely, a mind-controlled individual. I listened to several hours of the psychiatrist’s interview with Holmes, which is posted in Part II today and did note a number of things that don’t add up.

The Holmes trial was long and rather superficial, but certain evidence was introduced that was highly suspect. Most notable are the crime scene photos from the Arapaho County DA. There is no blood in the theater. There are no apparent bullet holes. The white markers are forensic tags, but as you will see in this photo, no signs of actual bullets. The bullet exits did not impact the metal, and are very sterile looking. In fact, there are enough alleged bullets in this photo that one would expect blood as well. Where is it?

Par for the course, there was no CCTV footage out of the very modern theater. None from the emergency exit, none from inside the screening room, none from the lobby, none from the parking lot and none from a cell-phone camera. There was no footage from the mall either.

Here is the evidence photo of alleged bullet trajectories sprayed throughout. I would invite all readers to go through the crime scene photos. As an example, the bullet entries and trajectories of this photo make zero sense.


AR-15 with 5.56 ballistic demonstration:

And par for the course, we see the absurd in-your-face black-magic calling card; in this case, popcorn spilled from every aisle and is visible in the stairway. Of course, this is a paint-by-brush crime scene. Where’s the blood? What sensible person would believe a pile of popcorn would end up here? This is their standard supremacist insult to intelligence. Apparently the stage director got carried away on the popcorn but forgot the moulage.

This next photo angles to the door, where Holmes entered. Shell casings are marked on the floor, but where are the actual shells, the blood and the bullet holes?

Last but not least is out back at the exit, where James Holmes entered and left. Here we do see blood or moulage. We are asked to believe panicked and wounded theater goers scrambled out this way in the direction of the shooter? If so the footprints don’t combine. Ridiculous.

Various other “evidence photos” released by DA.


2 Comments on The Aurora Shooting Part I: Sometimes Pictures are Louder than Words

  1. Just another indication of how the news keeps things from us. No blood, no bullet holes–that’s huge. I did know about the trail outside and the shell casings so I was paying attention.
    We are being so conditioned by paid liars and crisis actors.
    The joke is on us and Holmes, whom I am sure was drugged out of his mind.
    Thank you for posting this–I didn’t see it the first time around.

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