DCLeaks Website Down, Twitter Suspended After Releasing Soros Docs

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By Peter Hasson | 27 August 2016

THE DAILY CALLER — DCLeaks, a website that releases information on powerful political figures, has had part of its website taken offline after releasing a cache of documents on billionaire donor George Soros. The @DCLeaks Twitter account has also been suspended from Twitter for reasons unknown.

The website had previously released 2,500 internal Open Society Foundation (OSF) documents in order to “shed light on one of the most influential networks operating worldwide.” OSF is one of Soros’ networks of organizations.

The leaked documents had resulted in several damaging reports about the organization. OSF had previously confirmed that the documents were legitimate. []

5 Comments on DCLeaks Website Down, Twitter Suspended After Releasing Soros Docs

  1. Soros-fuelled fascism next door to Russ Winter in Poland, including:
    – Imprisonment of Polish opposition politicians without charge, just for opposing Gladio-false-flagging Nato – dissing Nato now makes you a ‘Russian agent traitor’ in Poland
    – Arresting political activists for posting Communist symbols on Facebook (that’s how Poles protest crony oligarchs)
    – Adding ‘Polocaust denial’ laws to ‘Holocaust denial’ laws, whereby people can be convicted for saying Poles did bad things in WW2, only Germans or Russians etc can be blamed

    Poland is different from Czechia, which had centuries under the more liberal, multi-ethnic Habsburgs & Austria-Hungary … versus most of Poland which like Russia, had serfdom till the 1800s & was under less liberal Prussianism or Tsarism … Many older people in Poland etc regret the loss of Communism & its provision for common people, which, tho flawed, they prefer to post-1991 shock crony oligarchism

    From Jafe Arnoldski in Wroclaw: « On May 16, the leader of the political party Zmiana (‘Change’), Mateusz Piskorski, issued a prescient warning that NATO was going to ‘pacify’ protests & opposition according to NatoTreaty’s Article 4 under pretext of fighting ‘Russian hybrid war’ … Piskorski warned that NATO’s repressive plans, admitted by General Krol, would render any forms of protest, whether on streets or internet, subject to suppression on orders of US-NATO advisors

    « Two days later, on May 18th, armed agents of the Internal Security Agency raided Zmiana’s office & its activists’ homes & arrested & imprisoned Piskorski while a media campaign hurled ridiculous charges that he was a “Russian, Chinese, and/or Iraqi spy” … Without any official charges, Poland’s leading anti-NATO figure who declared in 2015 that “a Poland without NATO is a Poland without wars”, to this day remains in isolation in prison, from where he has stressed that Poland is being converted into a launch pad & target for WWIII

    « Piskorski’s arrest marked the intense upswing in repression with clear geopolitical consequences. It is no accident that Zmiana, Poland’s leading anti-Atlanticist opposition which stands for Poland leaving NATO, has come under bombardment of Poland’s Western corporate media & security services … Mateusz Piskorski is the biggest example of what is to come for Poland under NATO’s thumb, under pretext of “fighting hybrid war,” whose instigators have no need for brave advocates of sovereignty & peace … The wave of political repression that has hit Poland over the past several months is here to stay. Just like the show trials & repression that engulfed Europe in the 1930’s.»

    • Also on the dubious-EU-nationalism front … Re the Netherlands’ Geert Wilders & his ‘close the mosques’ poll-leading ‘Freedom Party’, some interesting notes on Jewish-heritage Wilders, from Aangirfan, Dr M & Dutch anthropoogist Lizzy van Leeuwen:
      « Geert Wilders, is a Dutch politician, and possibly a CIA-Mossad asset … Wilders believes that he has Jewish ancestry … Wilders had been regularly meeting officials at the Israeli Embassy in The Hague … »

      Dutch anthropologist Lizzy van Leeuwen speaks of Wilders’ possible mental complex due to his family being regarded as ‘half-breed’, ‘not truly Dutch’, given their part Indonesian (even Muslim perhaps) as well as Jewish heritage, plus Wilders’ grandfather having been treated harshly by the 1930s Dutch colonial overlords … Perhaps part of why Wilders colours his hair to Nordic blonde, trying a bit too hard to be North European ‘Dutch’ & not a mix of Christian-Jewish-Muslim:

      « Anthropologist Lizzy van Leeuwen describes how … Wilders’ grandmother, Johanna Ording-Meijer [Mayer etc], was from a Jewish-Indonesian family … Wilders’ grandfather on his mother’s side, Johan Ording, was a regional financial administrator in the Dutch colony who suffered several bankruptcies & was fired while on leave in the Netherlands in 1934 … reduced to begging when the government refused to give him a pension

      « Many mixed-race people moved to the Netherlands after Indonesian independence [1949] … these people were put in the same ‘cultural minority’ box with labour immigrants from Turkey & Morocco … this group has long been part of extreme-right movements … »

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