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The Aurora Batman Shooting: Sometimes Pictures Are Louder Than Words


Unlike more botched deceptions of the last few years, I have had much more difficulty dissecting the perp James Holmes used in the “Batman” shooting. If it was a straight hoax — as opposed to a hybrid or a false flag — the Crime Syndicate employed in Holmes a first-class actor (far more skillful then the B-teamers of late). I am willing to entertain Holmes as being a mind-controlled individual. The operators of this event seem to be a different A-team crew, and Best of Class. Did one of the masters of this stagecraft retire, quit or die after Aurora?

To garner background on the topic of mind-controlled individuals being used in operations, we would suggest this podcast and the linked posts as a good starting point.

Listen to “William Ramsey and Russ Winter Discuss Mind Control

I listened to several hours of a psychiatrist’s interview with Holmes and noted a number of things that didn’t add up. This strange interview is still up on YouTube. Virtually no independent non-MSM examination of Aurora exists today on the platform.

Read “The Aurora Shooting: James Holmes’ Strange Psychiatric Interview”

Holmes’ trial was long and rather superficial, but certain evidence was introduced that was highly suspect. Most notable are the crime scene photos from the Arapaho County District Attorney. There is no blood in the theater. The bullet trajectory angles shown don’t combine with the location of the “shooter,” Holmes. The white markers are forensic tags, but as you will see in these photos, there’s little sign of actual bullets. The fabric is pristine.

There were allegedly 12 dead and 58 non-fatal wounded from gunfire at this scene. In fact, there are enough alleged bullets (see fourth photo) in these images that one would expect blood everywhere. Where is it? The average gunshot victim requires 3.3 units of blood. This would equate to almost two quarts. Given the number said to be shot, there should be approximately 30 gallons of blood in the theater.

These are evidence photos presented at trial, meaning blood and carnage should not be cleaned up or censored for the sensibilities of the jury or viewer. How should a member of the jury process this “ëvidence”?

No blood here
No blood

No blood here either

Here is more cartoon world forensics showing exit hallway. Note the bullet angles [see enlarged]. Is this some sort of a farce? Given Holmes’ firing position (as diagrammed below by the DA), all these magic “bullets’ would have had to make a sharp-angle turn and flattened trajectories to affect this pattern.

Does this make sense to you?

Next is the evidence photo of alleged bullet trajectories sprayed throughout. Did Holmes deploy an aerial jet pack and fly around like a cartoon fairy? Does this make any sense?

Par for the course, there was no CCTV footage from theater. None from the emergency exit, inside the screening room, the lobby nor the parking lot. Nothing clear ever emerged from a cellphone camera. There was no footage from the mall either, though every mall for the last 40 years has been outfitted with cameras.

Read “Reminder: French Authorities Ordered Destruction of CCTV Images of Nice Terror Attack (UPDATE)”

The following video is a ballistics demonstration of an AR-15, starting minute 00:01:10.

How Many Walls Will a 5.56 and 9mm Penetrate?

These next photos show a pattern of shell casings (the marks on the floor), but where are the actual shells? If this was a trial photo, would you as a jurist accept this as evidence of shell casings?

Here are various other “evidence photos” released by the county D.A.

Winter Watch Takeway

If James Holmes was an actor, he is truly in a class of his own in terms of the staged deceptions. In this case, I lean toward a mind-controlled patsy similar to Sirhan Sirhan. But unlike Sirhan, Holmes is out of sight and locked away into the star chamber system. The scene in the theater itself is another poorly done and insulting staged deception. Holmes himself doesn’t remember a thing except an empty theater when he left.

Illuminati card game

15 Comments on The Aurora Batman Shooting: Sometimes Pictures Are Louder Than Words

  1. Seventy people dead or wounded and not a drop of blood at the crime scene. Give me a break. My guess, one of the first FEMA Integrated Capstone Events. FEMA admits to using LARP’s and moulage at around the 9 minute mark in this video.

  2. The average gunshot victim requires 3.3 units of blood – this is almost 2 quarts.
    Thus there should be approximately 30 gallons of blood in the theater. Since no blood is visible, this was clearly a hoax, with the unfortunate Holmes the only victim.

    • Of course, blood could be cleaned up off the floor — and one would expect that this would be done rather quickly. But what is glaring is that for all the bullet holes in the fabric seats, there’s not one visible stain of blood — let alone soda or candy. Really weird. Magic fabric?

        • My “Lincoln-Douglas debate” at r/conspiracy. I am clovize.
          >quotes the other party. This is the mentality we are up against.

          antilopes 1 point 14 hours ago*
          I am mildly surprised to see they did a full cleanup job on the seats before doing the bullet tracing. But let’s not ask anyone with forensic experience if that is how it is done sometimes, it is more fun to not know.

          The floor is painted black in some parts, carpeted in others. Row 5 looks like the carpet has been removed, it would be too soaked with blood to be cleanable. Maybe the seats were getting too stinky and it wasn’t possible to separate off the aircon from the other theatres. There would be a lot of blood, it would start rotting quickly.

          [–]clovize[S] 2 points 10 hours ago
          >I am mildly surprised to see they did a full cleanup job on the seats before doing the bullet tracing

          For all the bullet holes (at implausible trajectory angles) in the fabric seats, there’s not one visible stain of blood or signs of tearing or fraying. Magic fabric?

          [–]antilopes [score hidden] 46 minutes ago
          Look at the nice clean round exit hole from the steel pipe. I guess that means this is hard point not soft point bullets, so they won’t make much of a hole even if they have passed through a body unless they are tumbling.

          The question about the seats and floor being cleaned before bullet tracing was done should be directed to people who actually know about that stuff, or about this case. There are books written on crime scene analysis, you might find some info there.

          If it is not plausible for the seats and floor to have been cleaned at that stage, why do you think fakers would publish photos with without splashing some fake blood around? Do you think people put in charge of such a difficult operation would know even less about the subject than you?

          [–]clovize[S] 1 point 23 minutes ago*
          >should be directed to people who actually know about that stuff, or about this case.

          Appeal to authority, much? Ladies and gentlemen of the jury- these are the “crime scene” evidence photos, that we made “at a later date”, and after the theater was completely remodeled.

          >Do you think people put in charge of such a difficult operation would know even less about the subject than you?

          I see lots of mistakes in these operations. Some is just hubris- but I also think they do this deliberately to gauge public gullibility and what they can get away with. And apparently it works.

          • This is an article and comments are allowed and do not have to meet anyone’s criteria of being directed to the right person/agency. Just how does one direct comments to someone with forensic experience? Someone saying they have forensic experience after questions are asked, does not prove they do. You then state that there may be staging to test public gullibility after questioning whether those who staged it probably knew better so it wasn’t staged? I see no reason to criticize questions. Questions are allowed.

        • 20 years in law enforcement for me. Certified in evidence collection and crime scene processing. I’ve processed several crime scenes in my career. Never would the scene be “cleaned” prior to photos or evidence collection. The proper procedure is to set up the area so there is only one entry/exit point, the first officer on-scene is to secure the crime scene (once it’s safe) and log the names of everyone that visits the crime scene. Nothing goes in or out of the crime scene without it being logged by the officer. Next would be the marking/identifying and numbering of articles of evidence. Once evidence has been marked, photos would be taken of the numbered/marked evidence before it is collected.

          The photos of the locations of the spent shell casings with NO shell casings is a huge red flag. You would NEVER clean a crime scene until after photos were taken and evidence has been collected. You would NEVER collect evidence BEFORE taking pictures.

          Unfortunately we can’t rule out incompetence. State and federal investigators are notoriously ignorant and egotistical. There is a very likely chance the investigators just followed the orders of the ranking FBI agent on scene and probably didn’t ask too many questions. Most of these guys are just looking for the next promotion opportunity so I doubt any critical thinking was being done.

          Another problem is shift work. You can’t expect the same officer who secured the scene initially to stay there for three days or a week while the scene is being processed. Once that initial officer is relieved of duty it’s someone else’s responsibility to secure the scene. Once that happens you start to lose integrity of the crime scene because now you have two maybe three or four officers who were responsible for what and who goes in and out of the scene and officers are rarely diligent enough to maintain an accurate log or say for sure if the scene stayed secure during the entire investigation. Plus very few beat cops are going to question the activity of Federal investigators. They don’t want the negative attention that comes from questioning a certified govt narcissist.

  3. I live in NZ , been here 18 years.Long time Pru Bear and Winter Watch follower. This event does not add up to say the least. Having said that, I believe a good case could be made if charges are filed against someone downloading or sharing a video, that the one they are sharing is a computer generated fake since the real video would show bullet holes in walls, shell casings not only ejecting from a different area of the upper receiver, specifically the chamber, but those same shells hitting the ground. One could then seek discovery under the official information act to provide the real video coverage from the police as a part of their defense.

    keep in mind that we do not have a DA or Government Prosecutor. We operate under a Solicitor General . This means that the Crown pays a private law firm to prosecute the cases. This creates a problem in that further loose ends can surface, such as a rogue law clerk, when facts/evidence are expected to be challenged by the defense..Oh wait…He’s defending himself…Imagine that..He still would be entitled to Standby Counsel but I suspect that he will plead guilty and vanish.

    The issue I am wrestling with at this time are the motivations?? On 5 March John Podesta was visiting under the pretense of talking about election rigging by the Chinese for our 2020 election???Thanks for the concern Johnny….

    The country is hardly a “Rapefugee” mecca and the recent immigrant Muslims pretty much stay to themselves and enjoy a higher standard of living as Taxi Drivers and Dairy Operators. We don’t on the surface have an itching problem with them.

    Further, that mosque was the subject of a 2014 News Hub article for Al Qaeda training

    And in 2011 our Mossad Friends were in a bit of a mix up here in Christchurch

    The key issue with Christchurch is that it is the prime location for US Military Aircraft and a base for NOAH in relation to so called transport and logistics to Antarctica.

    While Auckland would have been a more likely target, I doubt the Police force is a lets say “Masonic”

    Note images of the guy being escorted by “Observers” into an Ambulance

    This guy was later pronounced dead after 8 hours along with his wife having a heart attack???

    Later that story vanished and he’s alive and safe.

    To add further insult to injury, New Zealanders as a whole are somewhat detached from the victims since most if not all are not related to them, and anyone can tell you, the South Island has about 2 degrees of separation while Auckland stands at about 4 or 5. Our PM then wore a Hajib when visiting Muslims after the event. You can imagine how angry the simple white Kiwi bloke has become as his identity appears to be diluted by such a display, After all, his binary thought process of Muslim Bad / America Good is challenged. Now add gun control to this and we become a powder keg of Nationalism ready to blow if/whena retaliatory attack were to hit???

    Oh Wait….

    Perhaps they should wait until we voluntarily turn in our weapons before they strike???

    Long story short, I believe we are being used as a geopolitical pawn in the balance of power between China and the US in Oceania.

    Our Aussie cousins may be next…

    • I used to scoff at people who always bring up free masons in conspiracy theories but I did think it was odd when police officers would admit to being free masons or openly wearing a mason ring or necklace. Every department seems to have at least one or two. I’m sure many of these guys are just Shriners or low level flying monkeys but it’s more than just a coincidence I think.

  4. One thing that always bugged me about this one: the media kept saying “Holmes thought he was the Joker.” So why was his hair orange instead of green? I never saw that character with anything other than green hair. It would be like saying “He was clean shaven because he thought he was Abraham Lincoln.” Yet every outlet reported the same nonsequitir line. Definite signs of a psyop.

    The Batman franchise is filled with masonic imagery, going as far back as the cheesy old Adam West series. Don’t always agree with this guy is but he put together some very interesting “coincidences.”

  5. An interesting decode of this incident is within “The most dangerous book in the world: 9/11 as mass ritual!” Clearly this is a revelation of the method operation. Our society is now completely governed by the freemasonry and its satanic lackeys. Things are going downhill fast, get some skis!

  6. I would agree. Before 9/11 and after 9/11 are two different worlds at this point in our reality. People’s attitudes towards each other have definitely changed. I felt before 9/11 people were much more willing to try to get along with each other and work as a team toward similar goals but afterwards things have become much more centered on the self. It’s becoming so bad in the federal government that leadership has become counter productive. It’s like they want everyone to fail and the more they push the COVID narratives the more they succeed. This isn’t true about everyone though, a lot of people are starting to see through the spells. This website and others are critical to helping people wake up from the slumber inducing mass ritual of 9/11.

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