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Part II: Countering the Parasite Guild

Gottfried Feder

The cognoscenti is looking to the Bank of Japan to make a blockbuster announcement on Thursday. The global stooges that run monetary policy apparently are considering helicopter money. This is direct cash infusion without cancelling debt. Why the yen has a safe haven currency status is beyond me. Manipulation comes to mind. You just know the Japanese are the foils on all kinds of Goldman Sachs muppet and Aunt Millie trades as well.

Actually, what Japan (and other insolvents) should do is issue legal tender and bank credit and cancel debt via a cash out. The debt doesn’t pay interest anyway, so its not like savers and investors are hurt. The international banksters and Parasite Guild’s plan (discussed in Part I) is to use the debt securities for privatization and foreclosures, and this cuts that off at the pass.

Step 1: Cabal primes unsustainable bubbles, sluffs off the caca on unsuspecting and planned pasties in a monster wealth transfer.

Step 2: Cabal shorts and facilitates the rout or crash of the debt bubble.

Step 3: The crisis/collapse stage in which the Parasite Guild cabal swoops in like vultures to pick up economic gems, using large stashes of repriced precious metals. I’m not sure there will be any hard currencies left.

Step 4: Anybody still solvent is robbed to pay off debts in full. A key mechanism this cycle will be bank deposit bail ins. Parasite Guildists have also made it clear that cleaning out pension funds is on the menu as well.

The counter to this is right out of the Gottfried Feder playbook. Of course, despite being the Godfather of 1930s Germany’s economic miracle, the “Nazi” Feder has been relegated to the dustbin in favor of “geniuses” like (((Lawrence Summers, Ben Bernanke, Allan Greenspan, Stanley Fischer, and Damnit Janet Yellen))). If you have extra time on your hands, “The Abolition of Interest Slavery” is over two hours of genius rethinking of the world.

If you only want the short version of this rabbit hole: Kick out the Rothschilds and the banksters (Feder calls it “plutocratic big-loan capital” and issue legal tender (vouchers for completed labor) to cancel national debt. To deal with the Parasite Guildists, the first debt to be exchanged would be certificates held abroad that are paid off at a discount.  download This “interest free economy” is not just a theory. It worked in practice, but some people don’t want to talk about it now.

The following is an audio version of Scott Hadding’s translation of Gottfried Feder’s “Das Manifest zur Brechung der Zinsknechtschaft des Geldes” (1919).‏

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  1. There appear to have been 3 periods of prosperity in Christendom: the Middle Ages, Colonial America and the Third Reich. Each was stamped out so that today’s white Christians have no idea that prosperity is the default condition. The natural trusting nature of white Christians is a core piece of that prosperity but not a sufficient piece. In addition, white Christians need an accurate history from which to draw lessons and principles going forward. In the absence of that common heritage, the people are lost. The three ages, Middle Ages, Colonial America and Third Reich all possessed that knowledge in common. The Third Reich however, was a salvage job, and that is why Gottfried Feder is particularly significant, but also, particularly absent from current white Christian consciousness. We have not only lost our moorings but any sense that any moorings ever existed.

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