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Drexel University Students Show Support for ‘White Genocide’ Professor

PHOTO: Screen grab via NY Daily News

By Dave Huber | 14 October 2017

THE COLLEGE FIX — Students of a controversial Drexel University professor this week came out in a show of support after the prof being placed on leave.

George Ciccariello-Maher, who has a habit of writing highly volatile tweets and then blaming everybody else for “misinterpreting” them, was placed on leave by Drexel after yet another tweet — this one blaming the Las Vegas massacre on “white people and men [who] are told that they are entitled to everything.”

The “white genocide” professor took the pages of the Washington Post to whine about the conservative “outrage machine” that jumped on his (latest) inflammatory social media stunt. He also lamented that his students won’t now be able to wallow in his intellectual brilliance during his absence:

“[N]ow, their own academic freedom has been curtailed by their university, and they are unable to even attend the classes they registered for.” […]

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