Nordhausen Imagery Used in a Big Lie

Images of the 4,000 dead at Nordhausen concentration camp are used over and over in the major media — from, NBC, ABC, “Holocaust” books and at the Holocaust Museum itself. This is put forth as proof of a deliberate German extermination policy. However, almost every prisoner in this Nordhausen imagery was blown up or strafed by British and American warplanes during an April 3, 1945, air raid. This was described by a Jewish doctor working in the camp hospital.

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  1. Been finding stuff like this a lot of late, most of which has source documentation that i can not automatically discount.
    Truly, it seems that all I’ve ever known, is a lie.

  2. You could say the same about Bergen Belsen: British bulldozers pushing emaciated corpses into mass graves is used often in ‘Holocaust’ propaganda, with zero context provided.

    Also this article exemplifies the risk of linking to establishment platforms like YouTube for anything to do with the ‘Holocaust’, unless the material (video, images, text, etc) and user account are 100% compliant with/push the conventional extermination narrative.

    • They were Germans mass murdered by the Globalists (Talmudic-Masonic Oligarchy) after the war. Millions were killed, soldiers and civilians. Many millions were expelled from German areas around Germany’s borders and some 6 million vanished. Hardly a coincidence that the figure of the mythical “holocaust” also landed at 6 million; the truth is that the Globalists murdered at least 6 million Germans after the war under the cover of a mass expulsion of 15 million Germans and then cast that as a “Holocaust” of Jews by Germans. They are the real monsters and they get away with it through their control of the means of power in the world (money, mass media, cinema, universities, etc) which enables them smear their evil on others. They do the same to white people in general, smearing their transatlantic slave trade, colonialism and more on us.

      On 23 Mar 1949, Konrad Adenauer gave a speech to the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Bern-Switzerland in which he said that a total of 13.3 million Ethnic-Germans had been forced to flee the East, but that only 7.3 million of those German refugees had arrived in the occupied zones of East or West Germany. He noted: “Six million Germans simply disappeared; they are dead and gone [‘Sechs Millionen Deutsche sind vom Erdboden verschwunden; sie sind gestorben, verdorben’]”.—the-jewish-.html

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