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Operation Scorpio Returns to Dissect Deep Elements of How Our World Works

Russ Winter returns to Operation Scorpio and the Brain Trust of Giuseppe Vafanculo, David Scorpio and Darryl Wayne. He comes on for hour two and three.

Show Can Be Heard Here

This episode took off as they dove into some deep connective rabbit holes on how our world is constructed, specifically:

Then they dissected current issues related to the New Underworld Order End Game.

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  1. OT re Buffalo for Russ & crew –

    Online plagiarism-checker programmes seem to show the 180 page ‘manifesto’ on the web, is a big copypasta borrowing from the ‘Tarrant’ document etc, its laboured phrases sounding very much like some older person being fake and not a zoomer kid, however intensely troubled

    Key moment from the shooting video, a brief clip shown on Twitter by Tariq Nasheed, is when the shooter, after pointing the gun at a cowering white guy on the floor, says ‘Sorry’ and turns the gun away

    Tho the first person killed is a white or possibly Latina woman, outside the entrance to the store, after which a number of blacks are shot

    For those who feel a need to look at the video, there is a significant 6min52 video version with mostly driving in the car and then a minute or so of the horrific shooting, it can be found on kiwifarms net which tends to host these sorts of things … Also on catbox moe, links on 4chan /pol/ threads, catbox having both the 6min52 version or the 1 minute graphic end of that

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