Looks Like Donald Trump May Well Be Crypto-Jewish. That Would Explain A Great Deal …

IMAGE: Rense.com

By Miles Mathis via Jim Kirwan | 9 April 2017

RENSE — In his biography The Art of the Deal, Trump lied about his grandfather’s country of origin, stating it was Sweden instead of Germany. So if you think these people wouldn’t lie about their ancestry, you need to explain that whopper.

Trump was brought up in Jamaica Estates, Queens, which has a large Jewish population. He went to Kew-Forest School, ditto. Its other notable alumni include Katherine Weber, Jewish, Gideon Yago, Jewish, and Hank Azaria, Jewish. Googling on “attended Kew-Forest” brings up mostly Jewish names. Trump’s father was on the Board of Trustees at Kew-Forest. By the way, it is very expensive.

His genealogy is a total mirage. I’ll show you where to look. First go to his mother at Geni.com

Family Tree & Family History

She is Mary Anne MacLeod. So they want you to think she is Scots. Then click on her father, Malcolm MacLeod. Then click on his mother, Anne MacLeod. She is the wife of Alexander MacLeod, so that is her married name. What is her maiden name? Whoops, it is also MacLeod, because her father is also named Alexander MacLeod. So both her father and her husband have the same first and last names? Did she marry her own father? Also, her birthyear is given as 1833. Note the 33. [Geni also fails to mention what we have to learn from the DailyMail: the name Trump was originally Drumpf.] […]

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  1. nice find. unfortunately ppl are going to fall for the other jewish lie: marine le pen (another jewish double agent)

  2. In the Scottish Highlands and Islands and many other rural places worldwide – especially back in 1833 before modern roads and telecommunications – there was nothing unusual in highlanders marrying local women who would often have the same surnames. Their families had all been part of the extended clan system for hundreds and hundreds of years. This may have been the case with Trump’s grandmother and perhaps his mother Mary Anne McLeod who hailed from the Isle of Lewis, I believe. These Highlanders were strict Christians living cheek by jowl and whose ministers made sure that there would be a certain amount of outbreeding – with marriages to members of other families who were not so closely genetically related. It you’re looking for dirt then check out the kikes.

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