The Great Culling

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And so it begins. Note the use of scammy weasel language employed in this avian flu story: “Tested positive,” followed by “presumably,” “only symptom,” “unclear,” “single nasal specimen,” “repeat testing was negative,” “may have” and “cannot be determined.”

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A Colorado man has tested positive for H5 bird flu virus, the first such case in the U.S., health officials announced on April 28.

Colorado’s health department said the man, who is younger than 40, had been working on a commercial farm with poultry that, according to the CDC, was presumably infected with H5N1.

He reported fatigue as his only symptom and is now in isolation and being treated with the flu antiviral drug oseltamivir.

It’s unclear whether the exposure resulted in an infectionaccording to statements from the health agencies. Officials from the Colorado health department said a positive test result came from a single nasal specimen.

The CDC confirmed that result April 27, though it said repeat testing has been negative. 

“Because the person was in close contact with infected poultry, the virus may have been present in the person’s nose without causing infection,” the Colorado health department said.

The CDC said whether the positive test was the result of “surface contamination of the nasal membrane cannot be determined now.” It added that the “appropriate public health response at this time is to assume this is an infection and take actions to contain and treat.”

And from Asia, comes this news.

Lions and tigers and chickens, oh my!

This sets up the fullblown Great Culling, which was already underway. Keep in mind that Covid lowered the bar for what constitutes illness. China’s zero-Covid policy has set a new draconian standard for a response to scamdemics in general.

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A Great Culling can be deployed via several mechanisms. The first can be seen in China with the workforce lock downs, which results in the freezing of transportation, food processing and manufacturing.

We see examples of this in the food supply chain, whereby a lack of workers in pork processing plants gets the public conditioned to large-scale pig culling. This is happening in the U.K.

Tens of thousands of healthy pigs have been culled in a crisis over a lack of butchers in pork processing plants, farmers revealed ahead of a summit on the issue. The U.K.’s National Pig Association (NPA) said the backlog of pigs ready for processing, which are having to be held on farms because of worker shortages, is now estimated at more than 200,000 animals.

Meanwhile, workers culled 5.3 million chickens over a single case of avian flu. Then, the plant is closed and the workers were laid off. The Guardian reports this occurred at one of the world’s largest egg factories.

The culling has been repeated at chicken and turkey farms across Iowa and 28 other states from Maine to Utah. More than 22 million birds have been killed in an attempt to contain the outbreak — the majority in Iowa, the U.S.’ biggest producer of eggs.

Source: Forbes

Next, we get another glimpse of how culling through food starvation and contamination works: E. coli bacteria.

CNN reports a U.S. company is recalling more than 120,000 pounds of ground beef products over E. coli fears, the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) says.

Escherichia coli (E. coli) can cause diarrhea, severe stomach cramps, vomiting and other symptoms. It’s spread by ingesting food or water contaminated by human or animal waste or through contact with people or animals, according to the CDC.

In a notice issued Monday, FSIS said the recall affected approximately 120,872 pounds of raw ground beef product from Lakeside Refrigerated Services, a company in Swedesboro, New Jersey. The beef was carried by brands including Thomas Farms, Nature’s Reserve and Marketside Butcher.

And as we have reported, there are an inordinate number of food processing plant “accidents” this year.

Various supply chain and distribution problems have cut into milk production, resulting in price spikes.

Caused by more sub-zero choices. The Colonial pipeline has ample space available as a “market structure” prompts traders to export fuel to Europe rather than send it to the East Coast.

Here’s the latest from the drought monitor.


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Weather services report extreme fire conditions and high winds across the western plains.

Wheat field conditions are the worst in 16 years.

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  1. Although DuckDuck has taken the censorship turn, Duck was based on Bing search, which is the primary core ‘alternative’ search to Google aside from Yandex

    So take a look at how you are doing on Bing or its clones, I just tried a Russ Winter topic and WinterWatch came up top on Bing

    Most ‘alternative searches’ are Bing, or an algorithm combining Google and Bing

    Yandex is sometimes very good, sometimes throws up too many results in Russian … also Yandex recently announced moving many of its staff to Israel

    DuckDuck was essentially Bing with allegedly more privacy … just as StartPage is the worst-of-all Google, but allegedly with more privacy

    New Brave search is touted as having its own algorithm but it seems uneven, not so clearly useful

    Swiss meta-search engine eTools claims to combine results from Google, Bing, Yandex, Brave … but tilts toward sites in German

    Funny question why Microsoft Bing has been better with highlighting alt & dissident sites … Maybe Bill Gates for all his globalist faults, wants to have a way to find out what is going on?

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