Suspicious Actors’ Who Conspired to Raid Capitol on Jan. 6 Never Arrested, Attorney Alleges

Epoch Times | Sept. 12, 2022

Members of an Ohio-based Christian group called the Salt and Light Brigade were among the “suspicious actors” who breached the police lines on the east side of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, and engaged in a “stunning conspiracy” to commit illegal acts that were falsely ascribed to the Oath Keepers, a defense attorney contends.

Attorney Brad Geyer, who represents Oath Keepers member Kenneth Harrelson in his January 6 seditious-conspiracy criminal case, filed a motion (pdf) identifying dozens of people allegedly associated with the Salt and Light Brigade as among those who pushed past police on the east side and moved up to the Columbus Doors entrance to the Capitol Rotunda.

Geyer said Salt and Light Brigade members engaged in a “stunning conspiracy” to attack the Capitol, but have faced no charges. Several members and associates of the group claim to have worked in intelligence jobs, including a former Green Beret with experience in “special operations, covert operations, psychological operations, undercover operations, [and] surveillance operations.” Others have claimed they have high-level government security clearances, he said.


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