International Banksters Plotted the Duping of Adolf Hitler

Editor Note: This is a rerun post, but is unique because of the comment section which came at this issue from multiple perspectives. It is one of the higher ranked debates on any topic on these pages.

Adolf Hitler imagined himself as a messianic figure chosen by divine powers to alter the world. I spent time listening to “Mein Kampf” in audio (since banned for delicate ears on YouTube), and that established for me Hitler’s war-like aggressive nature as early as 1924. His later megalomania and delusions of grandeur were evident.

In his “Table Talks,” Hitler spoke of the need to fight wars every 15 to 20 years to reinvigorate a nation. He seemed to have little concept of how wars can rage totally out of control, despite having served in the trenches in World War I. He carelessly and badly miscalculated geopolitical elements and how forces would be aligned and mobilized against him, greatly underestimating the U.S. and Soviet Union and overestimating Axis resources, and lack of oil. As we will see, he was also influenced and duped by planted agents. As such, Hitler was an accident waiting to happen — or was it an accident?

It is important to state that such warmongering individuals have constantly been promoted to power over the last 100 plus years, and even earlier.

Read “Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte III: Illuminist Puppet, Corrupto and War Monger”

As such, Hitler was a perfect figure to be supported, baited, blackmailed and manipulated by sinister, New Underworld Order, bankster figureheads, who were not even lurking in the shadows but openly. We would also suggest that there was a kompromat and blackmail operation in play against Hitler and key German politicians, such as Goering. Add Roosevelt and Churchill to that list. This combines with how we see the world operating today.

Accordingly, he was promoted and advanced at critical moments in his political career. Once installed, he was lured and set up to stumble into the major depopulation cataclysm of World War II, which opened the way toward damaging western civilization, then and ever since. Every major figure of World War II, such as Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin, was also handpicked for maximum destruction. Franklin Roosevelt was a City of London and Wall Street stooge.

Read “Winston Churchill Helped Start ‘Unnecessary War’”

I will glean some passages from Eustace Mullins’ “Secrets of the Federal Reserve” (1983) to make my case for the true hidden history. Additionally, I have had two podcasts and a core article on the book “Red Symphony,” which gives the reader an understanding and view of these behind the scenes machinations. Read Physician Who Witnessed Interrogation of Rakovsky During Trotskyite Trials, Lifted the Veil of the Global Crime Syndicate” and listen to “Our Interesting Times: Tim Kelly, Russ Winter on ‘Red Symphony.’”

There were two critical occasions in Hitler’s rise to power when large, timely financial support was paramount to the survival and ultimate political success of the NSDAP movement (July 1929 and January 1933).

Christian Rakovsky (aka Rachower), a Rothschild-Warburg agent and ally of Leon Trotsky.

Rakovsky in his 1938 Stalin purge interrogation revealed that Wall Street and the City of London bankster cliques signaled and gave financial support to Adolf Hitler personally at a crucial moment in July 1929, with the stated motive being to restore the balance of power against France and get Germany back in business economically — or at least that’s what they told Hitler.

It was not revealed to Hitler that Jewish bankster Paul Warburg (using front man Hjalmar Schacht) was behind the support, nor did Hitler ask. He just accepted the considerable largess that put his party over the top..

RAKOVSKY: In direct negotiations with Hitler they agreed as to the financing of the National Socialist Party, and the latter received in a couple of years millions of dollars, sent to it from Wall Street, and millions of marks from German financiers, through the freemason Schacht for the upkeep of the S.A. and S.S. and also the financing of the elections, which took place, which gave Hitler power.

Winter Watch Takeaway: This was extremely important in the depth of the Great Depression, because the Nazis provided food and shelter to many of their street-level supporters.

The INTERROGATOR asked: And Hitler believed it?

RAKOVSKY: We do not know. That was not so important, whether he did or did not believe our explanations; our aim was to provoke a war … and Hitler was war. Do you now understand? Every sincere Communist imitating his idol Lenin and the greatest revolutionary strategists must always wish for war. Nothing is so effective in bringing nearer the victory of revolution as war. This is a Marxist-Leninist dogma, which you must preach.

Hjalmar Schach, posing with Illuminist claw hand.

German banker Hjalmar Schacht was a freemason and a close associate to the Bank of England Governor Montagu Norman. Both men belonged to and financed the Anglo-German Fellowship organization in Great Britain. Norman was so close to the Schacht family that he was godfather to one of Schacht’s grandchildren. Schacht’s parents were staunchly pro-American and had lived in the U.S.

After the July 1932 elections, in which the NSDAP won more than a third of the seats, Schacht and Wilhelm Keppler organized a petition of industrial leaders requesting that President Hindenburg appoint Hitler as chancellor. After Hitler took power in January 1933, Schacht won re-appointment as Reichsbank president on 17 March.

Curiously, although Schacht played a crucial and timely role in bringing the NSDAP and Hitler to power, he was acquitted at the Nuremberg trials. This acquittal was favored among British judges in particular.

In December 1932, it seemed to many observers of the German scene that Hitler was also ready for a toboggan slide into oblivion. Despite the fact that he had done well in national campaigns, he had spent all the money from his usual sources and now faced heavy debts.

In his book “Aggression” (1934, p. 44), Otto Lehmann-Russbeldt tells us, “Hitler was invited to a meeting at the Schroder Bank in Cologne on Jan. 4, 1933. The leading industrialists and bankers (including Schacht) of Germany tided Hitler over his financial difficulties and enabled him to meet the enormous debt he had incurred in connection with the maintenance of his private army. In return, he promised to break the power of the trade unions. On May 2, 1933, he fulfilled his promise.” 

Present at that Jan. 4 meeting were the Dulles brothers: John Foster Dulles and Allen W. Dulles of the New York law firm Sullivan and Cromwell, which represented Schroder Bank. Allen Dulles later became a director of J. Henry Schroder Company.

The Dulles Bros.

The Johnnies on-the-Spot Dulles brothers often turned up at important meetings. They had represented the United States at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference (Versailles Treaty fiasco).

Read “Covert Agent Edward Mandell House: The Enemy Within Wilson’s White House”

John Foster Dulles served as Eisenhower’s Secretary of State, while Allen Dulles headed the Central Intelligence Agency for many years. Their apologists have seldom attempted to defend the Dulles brothers appearance at the meeting that installed Hitler as the Chancellor of Germany, preferring to pretend that it never happened.

One biographer, Leonard Mosley, bypasses it in the book “Dulles” when he states:

Both brothers had spent large amounts of time in Germany, where Sullivan and Cromwell had considerable interest during the early 1930s, having represented several provincial governments, some large industrial combines, a number of big American companies with interests in the Reich, and some rich individuals.

The New York Times noted on Oct. 11, 1944:

Senator Claude Pepper criticized John Foster Dulles, Gov. Dewey’s foreign relations advisor for his connection with the law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell and having aided Hitler financially in 1933. Pepper described the Jan. 4, 1933, meeting of Franz von Papen and Hitler in Baron Schroeder’s home in Cologne, and from that time on, the Nazis were able to continue their march to power.

The Great Soviet Encyclopaedia states:

The banking house Schroder Bros was Hitler’s banker. It was established in 1846; its partners today are the Barons von Schroeder, related to branches in the United States and England. 

The managing director of the Schroder Bank, F.C. Tiarks, was also a director of the Bank of England.

Victor Perlo writes, in “The Empire of High Finance”:

The Hitler government made the London Schroder Bank their financial agent in Britain and America. Hitler’s personal banking account was with J.M. Stein Bankhaus, the German subsidiary of the Schroder Bank. F.C. Tiarks of the British J. Henry Schroder Company was a member of the Anglo-German Fellowship with two other partners as members, and a corporate membership.

British bankster Montagu Norman, displaying more claw-hand posing.

Early in 1934 a select group of City (of London) financiers gathered in Montague Norman’s room behind the windowless walls, Sir Robert Kindersley, partner of Lazard Brothers, Charles Hambro, F.C. Tiarks, Sir Josiah Stamp, (also a director of the Bank of England). Governor Norman spoke of the political situation in Europe. A new power had established itself, a great ‘stabilizing force’, namely, Nazi Germany. Norman advised his co-workers to include Hitler in their plans for financing Europe. There was no opposition.

J. Henry Schroder Banking Company (good link) is listed as No. 2 in capitalization in Capital City (aka City of London) on the list of the 17 merchant bankers who make up the exclusive Accepting Houses Committee in London. Although it is almost unknown in the United States, it has played a large part in our history. Like the others on this list, it had first to be approved by the Bank of England. And, like the Warburg family, the von Schroders began their banking operations in Hamburg, Germany.

Claw-hand posing bankster Bruno Schroder.

At the turn of the century, in 1900, Baron Bruno von Schroder established the London branch of the firm. He was soon joined by Frank Cyril Tiarks (listed above in the infamous 1934 meeting with Schacht’s ally Montague Norman) in 1902. Tiarks was a director of the Bank of England from 1912 to 1945.

In 1938, the London Schroder Bank became the German financial agent in Great Britain. The New York branch of Schroder had been merged in 1936 with the Rockefellers, as Schroder, Rockefeller, Inc. at 48 Wall Street. Carlton P. Fuller of Schroder was president of this firm, and Avery Rockefeller was vice-president. Rockefeller had been a behind the scenes partner of J. Henry Schroder for years. It was all one big club.

The Duping of Adolf Hitler

Hitler was a open admirer of Great Britain. After being financed and promoted by British banksters, he had assumed and often spoke that he could create a power-sharing arrangement with them.

Ladislas Farago, in “The Game of the Foxes,” reported that Baron William de Ropp, a double agent, had penetrated the highest echelons in London in pre-World War II days, and Hitler relied upon de Ropp as his confidential consultant about British affairs. It was de Ropp’s advice that Hitler followed when he refused to invade England and probably when he dropped the ball and let the British army escape at Dunkirk.

From Henry Makow’s article: Hitler’s “daring” diplomatic and military coups, which astounded the world, were based on advanced knowledge of British intentions provided by de Ropp.

According to Ladislas Farago, William de Ropp was “one of the most mysterious and influential clandestine operators” of the era. Born in Lithuania in 1877, educated in Germany, he moved to England in 1910. After serving the British in World War I, he moved to Berlin and contacted fellow Balt, Nazi theoretician Alfred Rosenberg, who introduced him to Hitler.

De Ropp worked closely with Rosenberg, who headed the Nazi Party Foreign Office. The Nazis considered him their agent in England, where he organized support for the Nazi cause among a powerful segment of the Britsh elite known as the “Cliveden Set.” He organized visits of high officials and exchanges of information. In this congenial atmosphere, the Luftwaffe naively opened its secrets to the British. This was part of a larger Illuminati plan (“Appeasement”) to make Hitler think England would support his conquest of communist Russia.

Farago: “A close personal relationship developed between the Fuhrer and de Ropp. Hitler, using him as his confidential consultant about British affairs, outlined to him frankly his grandiose plans … a trust no other foreigner enjoyed to this extent.”

In 1939, De Ropp duped and baited Hitler and Ribbentrop concerning the British stand in the event of a German attack on Poland. De Roop once again told these magical thinkers what they wanted to hear.

Rosenberg was told the British would fight a defensive ‘war’, that is to say, would take no action in defense of Poland or in retaliation for Germany’s attack on that country. In particular there would be no aerial bombardment of German territory- and the Germans agreed to reciprocate, a decision which held throughout the ‘phony war’ period.

This ‘deal’ struck between de Ropp and Rosenberg would leave open the possibility of quickly ending the war because, de Ropp said, ‘neither the British Empire nor Germany would wish to risk their future for the sake of a state which had ceased to exist’.

The two divergent political groups in 1930s in England were the War Party, led by Winston Churchill, who furiously demanded that England go to war against Germany, and the Appeasement Party, led by Neville Chamberlain.

During the 1930s until the outbreak of World War II, the Schroders poured money into the Anglo-German Fellowship, with the result that Hitler was convinced he had a large pro-German fifth column in England composed of many prominent politicians and financiers.

After the Munich Conference in late 1938, Hitler believed the Chamberlain group to be the dominant party in England, and Churchill a minor rabble-rouser. Because his own financial backers, the Schroders, were sponsoring the Appeasement Party, Hitler believed there would be no war.

He did not suspect that the backers of the Appeasement Party — now that Chamberlain had served his purpose in duping Hitler — would cast Chamberlain aside and make Churchill the prime minister. It was not only Chamberlain but also Hitler who came away from Munich believing that there would be “Peace in our time.”

The success of the Schroders and their clique of international bankers in duping Hitler into this belief explains several of the most puzzling questions of World War II. Why did Hitler allow the British Army to decamp from Dunkirk and return home, when he could have wiped them out? Against the frantic advice of his generals, who wished to deliver the coup de grace to the English Army, Hitler held back, because he did not wish to alienate his supposed vast following in England. For the same reason, he refused to invade England during a period when he had military superiority, believing that it would not be necessary, as the Anglo-German Fellowship group was ready to make peace with him.

Even in 1941, Rudolf Hess hadn’t gotten the real memo as he flew desperately to Scotland in May 1941 to try and circumvent total disaster before Operation Barbarossa got underway.

MKULTRA Scientist Ewen Cameron and His Prize Subject, Rudolf Hess

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  1. I think the article is way off base for a number of reasons. One chief reason is the dichotomy it sets with the Protégé of Mullins (Ezra Pound) who didn’t think, at all, that Hitler was financed in such a way.

    Then you use Marxists, Leftists and outright jews as sources (which obviously cannot be trusted for truth in this arena).

    A decent source by Doug Thomas (for oppositional thought) would be found here (I don’t want to write a book in a comment section):

    • A sentence in the rebuttal piece: Some facts to remember:”1) Hitler did not need to be “duped” into believing there would be peace, he struggled for it even after Churchill became prime minister. He simply did not want war, regardless of who was controlling England.

      He river boat gambled that there wouldn’t be war through a combination of his magical thinking, being surrounded by yes men, and poor intelligence from sketchy sources (banksters) that duped him big time. What he wanted is a moot point, his bluff was called and he was ensnared.

      There are a number of other sources beside Eustace Mullins concerning the January 4, 1933 bankster pow wow.

      I see Hitler more manipulated, blackmailed and tricked than directly controlled. The banksters definitely had him psychologically profiled however. You couldn’t find a more problematic individual in that position.

      • judea declares war upon germany (germany not hitler( in 1933, because of their economic threat to the global banking system (which is jewish( , germany based the value of their economy on labour (not capitol or thin air( and resources

        • True, that and war profiteering and the depopulation of Europe agenda set the stage for the duping, blackmailing and ultimately Hitler’s grave mistake of invading Poland and falsely calculating it would just be regional war.

    • No offense and all due respect meant, but you have this backward:

      “…with the Protégé of Mullins (Ezra Pound)…” Mullins learned (as did Angleton) from Pound. A review of Pound’s life leads one to question both his motivations and mental faculties throughout most of his time on Earth.

      A creative and gifted soul? Yes, sure.

      A prime source for historical perspective? One should trust, but verify and to do so would be to question Pound and his constant contradictions (in political parlance a “flip-flopper”).

      As for the thread, it is fine work and synthesizes a whole lot of history, history’s mysteries and the unending “iron hand in a velvet glove” of a banking / merchant class that has made lies, as well as cover-ups, into incorporated business.

      Although I am one who would also point out the naivety of Mr. Hitler, I still have the distinct impression that there was “more than met the eye”, and that we were dealing with an actor who was trained (along with his theatrical co-star Stalin) by Tavistock. These two “players” were utilized to accomplish many of the goals outlined by this thread, and from what we now know it would seem that goals were accomplished through the theater / pageant of war.

      A while back, RW and I had a very nice dialogue musing over what would have become of the Rothschild home in France both during Nazi occupation and after the war. RW opined that it was more than likely utilized as a headquarters and for communications. Of course I looked it up and he was right; I countered with the observation that the estate suffered no damage as a result of munitions; I was right on that one. The point? Those who wrote the script, as far back as the end of the 19th century” dictated a deadly show, which accomplished their usual goals: more control, population reduction, resource realignment, chaos, change, fear, panic, and evil on a magnitude that leaves us all in shock, even if we are just reading about the history and not living the time.

      In a light observation, I miss the Warburgs in this work and wish the link of the Schroders to the royal families of Europe as a whole, including the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was made more evident. Yet, I do think these ideas would have taken away from the focus of the thread and (more than likely) been superfluous. Plus we are mentioning it here in comments so I think we are covered.

      Overall a fine thread, which I am glad to have read (trying to link to Pound here = ).

      All my best,

      P.S. Perhaps, if we are fortunate today, Julius Skoolafish will drop in with some of the usual (EXCELLENT), additional resources and ideas worth consideration. The additional input / support always makes the threads even more diverse and in-depth, which is a clear bonus.

      • “…with the Protégé of Mullins (Ezra Pound)…” Mullins learned (as did Angleton) from Pound. A review of Pound’s life leads one to question both his motivations and mental faculties throughout most of his time on Earth.

        Mullins fawned over Ezra his entire life. This was a stumbling block, because what I wrote was true. Ezra disagreed with Mullins’ sentiment.

        Sorry, but if it weren’t for Mullin’s constant bragging about his relationship with Pound, we may have hardly ever heard of him.

        The dichotomy still exists. Nor do I remember Mullins, himself, questioning “both his motivations and mental faculties throughout most of his time on Earth.” To the contrary.

        • Fair enough, and appreciated. Angleton is also a source for me regarding Pound (not that I really care for either gentleman). Pound borrowed heavily (Lira and Dollars) from Angleton and (of course) never paid his debts; so (I admit) my own perspective could be jaded with a combination of sources (Angleton and Mullins).

          I will give Pound credit in having great taste in the women’s clothing he like to wear. Nice ruffles = ). (sarcasm).

          Please be well and thanks for the conversation.


      • JS,

        Oh yeah, one favor…could you drop down to Kati and say “hello”? She is an excellent contributor from Germany who keeps us up-to-date with all that is going on in that nation, as well as Europe. Plus, her insight is top notch!

        She paid us both a very kind compliment, and it is always great to speak with her.

        Many thanks.


      • Wow – you are way to kind and gracious. I did acknowledge Kati by way of a ‘Like’ but will respond further later with ONE LAST block of extracts from The Speeches. Must let WW move on with new threads.

        I could hardly bare to watch the end of the Sampras versus Agassi match – two of my all time favourite athletes – both sportsmen and gentlemen. I hope it was a draw.

        Firstly, I guess I have gravitated to Winter Watch because of the eruditeness [profound scholarly knowledge] of the articles and comments. As you would be aware, I don’t even have time to take in all the articles, I don’t always feel that I am in an echo chamber, learn so much and only comment if I think I can contribute something in this grand jigsaw, not to dispute.

        I mostly just read and absorb in awe – with thanks and appreciation to Russ.

        I have a Disqus account but that platform has really lost its appeal – a bit like youtube (or Wikipedia), if I could avoid it I will and intend to. I also contribute at Gumshoe News – and that’s about it. Because I have a wordpress account I have on occasions reblogged or ‘mirrored’ an article but really don’t do this regularly or systematically and have no inclination to initiate a blog – don’t know how people like Russ do it across so many topics with such regularity.

        In my days of study and research, when you solve a problem all you want to do is shout “Hey, check this out! Look what I found!!“ Same when you complete a jigsaw of many thousand pieces. That’s about the level of my sophistication here.

        So when I decided to actually work through Hitler’s speeches (still plodding) I was looking for the smoking gun that reaffirmed everything that I have been led to believe. I could not wait to read all the horrible things he had to say about conquering the world etc and gush my condemnation into the echo chamber of boiling froth and bubble. I am doing the same with Goebbels’ speeches by the way. But … but …

        Let me also say that anything I think I know at any particular point in time is provisional – it was only a couple of years ago that Saddam Hussein had WMDs, Bashar al Assad was using chemical weapons against his own people and the White Helmets were a humanitarian group worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize. … and all those other Conspiracies that WW has written about.

        See what happens when I come unarmed to a battle of wits with you? Ouch! 😊

        Anyway, when I find something I will share it and say “Hey, where do you think this piece fits?” so I have much to take away from this conversation.

        I now promise to read Greg Hallett (think that’s the one).


        • I, too, started my journey trying to prove the rhetoric about Hitler. I could not understand all I was being taught compared to the amazing stories my grandmother and great aunts told me about Hitler, the NSDAP, and Germany of the time.

          My Mother was born in 1942 and was raised in the rubble, starving, and barely able to survive with her Mother and 4 sisters. 3 of the girls came to America (my Mom married my Dad, Army enlisted, and came to Alabama in 1961… talk about a culture shock).

          The dichotomy I grew up with was the massive re-education my Mom went thru, compared to the stories her Mom and aunts told me. My Oma is dead now, but I was able to have a few conversations with her about the subject (she was mortified that I first asked, but when she saw me receptive and open-minded, she opened up).

          So, I spent years trying to understand how this could be. Was my Oma a complicit murderer? Did she know about all the “gassings” and the lust for jews’ death that Hitler supposedly wanted? Did he really want to take over the world?

          Not only have I listened to Mein Kampf, I have read the book (altho I must admit that it is a difficult read for me). I, too, tried to find anything that remotely pointed to any world domination ideation.

          Its not there.

          Frankly, it was Patton’s declarations and then reading JFK’s kind remarks about Hitler that started me in the direction I am in now.

          This thing about trying to marry Hitler with jews, or Rothscilds, or evil, have permeated the web. Jim Condit was one I remember vividly spouting some of the same malarkey from jews.

          Again, if a storyline is a basic jewish distration, one can count on it being a lie. Virtually anything and everything proffered by jews is suspect.

          Maybe I am just jaded, but it came after many years (decades) of study and personal interaction with jews, who, in every instance, has used me, stolen from me, or treated me as if I were their goyim (animal). It was jews bragging about taking down my YT channel. It was jews bragging about having WP remove my blog (something I started in 2007, and they finally succeeded a couple of years ago).

          I appreciate everyone that has participated in this discussion. Especially the ones I disagree with. Because I know I was once there and came out of the jewish blinding.

          • Hi BM – I have no such connections with either family or friends, just an honest, objective person of curiosity.

            A nephew spent a few years in Germany and got to learn the language and speak to a number of German people – gradually the walls of hesitancy come down but they need to know they can trust you before they open up, so oppressed and persecuted they have been.

            He actually knows relatives of the author of this book which is on my wish list:

            • To the Gate of Hell: A Memoir of a Panzer Crewman – Arnim Böttger

            Although I just found this link to a pdf

            Ah yes, General George Patton was pivotal.

            • General Patton’s Warning

          • Outstanding comments and links. I never believed for a minute that Hitler was paid by the Jews or that he was an actor. He obviously had deep love for the German people and was horrified and incensed about the moral corruption, especially the use and abuse of the German women. He also hated communism and saw what would happen to Germany, and the world, if the Reds were allowed to prevail.

            By the way, my ethnicity is l00 % Ashkenazi Jewish. I bought into the narrative — until I didn’t.

        • Many thanks…always glad when you do drop by; however, your point on being a researcher and commentator is well respected and understood. You are really good at it and that is often why when I see a topic in history that I think you might enjoy, like Beetlejuice, I say

          Skoolafish, Skoolafish, Skoolafish

          Then hope for the best. Also I saw your icon on today’s thread, many thanks for stopping by.

          Please be well.


      • JS,

        Not wishing to get all in your Biz-nass, but I noticed you use the word “compiling” way up on the top of this food chain. Do you share a love for the older mainframe languages as I do?

        Just wondering.


        P.S. If so, then the answer for me would be COBOL.

        P.P.S. You may be aware that the first computer network was actually created by the Nazis. For our WW friends, it was where DARPA got the idea from, but we dare not speak such blasphemy or be burned alive…kidding (sort of).

  2. Hi Russ, a lot of new details and sources here (thanks) but the article sits a little uneasily with me and I echo BeulahMan’s comment – especially the bit “I don’t want to write a book in a comment section”. I will just offer these few links below to broaden the discussion.

    A few subjective thoughts first:

    We must remember that Adolf Hitler came to power basically as you have described (I don’t know who said what behind the scenes) but as such he simply led the incoming government and naturally he would have worked with the existing financial infrastructure (including freemason/Rothshild agent Schacht). Nobody was actually contemplating war at that stage – there would have been a lot of feeling out and diplomatic navigating – and the ’Jewish bankers’ I am sure were quite content to carry on as normal, just as long as they could control this new ‘passing administrator’.

    But what Hitler did do is remove the control of the central banking system from the private hands of the Rothschilds. We can view the functioning of IG Farben in the same light. By taking control way from powerful Jewish interests (not persecuting anyone), it was those Jewish interests that then declared war (initially economic) on Germany in 1933 and then lobbied with Churchill for a full scale war, Poland being their excuse/contrived trigger.

    I am actually following your path and am some way through Mein Kampf via an audio reading while following the text. I understand that the authenticity of Table Talk is in question but nowhere in Mein Kampf have I come across any comments about “the need to fight wars every 15-20 years to reinvigorate a nation”. Quite the contrary – Hitler strived and pleaded for peace to the very last minute. In fact what primarily consumed him was the injustice of the Diktat of Versailles and consequently the treatment of Germans in the Danzig region (as well as Sudetenland – already resolved) and in particular the atrocities that were being committed against ethnic Germans leading up to the crisis of September 1939. Because this article focusses on the financial matters, it naturally glosses over the circumstances leading up to the military incursion into “Poland” over the Danzig corridor question – not a criticism.

    I will just also add that a lot of what Hitler is (the Germans are) accused of doing becomes starkly obvious as projection when you read about Stalin, and in particular “The Terror” which peaked in 1937-1938 but was ongoing even after the war – the death camps (gulags – Kolyma for example), the tortures and mass cullings (single bullet to the back of the head into mass graves – Katyn Forest being the most famous), show trials …

    … 1937-1938 – BEFORE WWII (adding emphasis)

    Those links I promised:

    • The National Conscience: “The Punishing of All Who Abuse Power”

    • On The Accusation That Hitler Was Financed By Jews

    One of the best history lessons is out of Hitler’s own mouth in real time – a couple of source links:

    • Adolf Hitler – Collection of Speeches – 1922-1945

    Regarding Poland/Danzig

    • Schadewaldt Hans – The Polish Atrocities against the German Minority in Poland

    • Okay JS, I am probably going to get into a little trouble with you here, but out of deep respect and reverence for your research skills, I am, very humbly and delicately, going to state my position.

      There are aspects of your post that we are in “lockstep” with one another (not in an SS or SA type of marching lockstep, but academically in agreement). So let us begin here:

      “We must remember that Adolf Hitler came to power basically as you have described (I don’t know who said what behind the scenes) but as such he simply led the incoming government…”

      Yep, I am with you here and would opine that Ernst Rohm had far more power in the beginning than Hitler ever did (hence the imprisonment and death of Rohm early on) I would opine that all of Hitler’s inner circle knew that with Rohm alive, a Valkerie type of mission, would not fail. Once Rohm began to speak poorly of Hitler, he became a very tangible, military, threat to the “administrator” and one time intelligence corporal, who allegedly was “cannon fodder” in his military career. As we all know (and evidenced above with Allen Dulles), just because you are serving as an intelligence official does not mean you could actually get into a fight (unless you are one of those ladies in the Mossad electronics division – kidding, but also not so much – those ladies can really hurt someone both through intelligence and physically — I digress).

      Then we move here:

      “I am actually following your path and am some way through Mein Kampf via an audio reading while following the text. I understand that the authenticity of Table Talk is in question but nowhere in Mein Kampf have I come across any comments about “the need to fight wars every 15-20 years to reinvigorate a nation”. Quite the contrary – Hitler strived and pleaded for peace to the very last minute. In fact what primarily consumed him was the injustice of the Diktat of Versailles and consequently the treatment of Germans in the Danzig region (as well as Sudetenland – already resolved) and in particular the atrocities that were being committed against ethnic Germans leading up to the crisis of September 1939. Because this article focusses on the financial matters, it naturally glosses over the circumstances leading up to the military incursion into “Poland” over the Danzig corridor question – not a criticism.”

      Although I do not think RW is wrong here; however, I do not recall that the cycle of fighting was in Mein Kampf (read an electronic version / PDF ages ago out of curiosity as to who might have been the actual author — another conversation, for another time). To my knowledge, the cycle of fighting referred to was in a speech and not the text, but I could be incorrect. As I recall it, Hitler was giving a speech as Chancellor and made a reference to refreshing a nation through a war every 15-20 years.

      Where I have to, politely, disagree is with:

      “But what Hitler did do is remove the control of the central banking system from the private hands of the Rothschilds. We can view the functioning of IG Farben in the same light. By taking control way from powerful Jewish interests (not persecuting anyone), it was those Jewish interests that then declared war (initially economic) on Germany in 1933 and then lobbied with Churchill for a full scale war, Poland being their excuse/contrived trigger.”

      Although Hitler may have wrestled control from foreign bankers in the early days of coming into his role, in the end he worked with many Jewish bankers through Switzerland. Further, we may wish to recall that there were many Jewish folks working for the Nazis, which may lead one to question the Ashkenazi connection and the Haavara Agreement. Then we have Hitler’s true No.2 Martin Boreman who set up a series of international corporations in a manner that most merchant bankers and businesses of the time had never even contemplated.

      Boreman is the reason that the United States has AIG or rather American – IG. When else would the British or for that matter Jewish bankers permit the creation and continuation of an organization that is considered the secondary insurer to an entire industry? Especially, in a nation that was not going to have most of its economy decimated by a massive war. Why would Lloyds ever wish to share power, or its monopoly up to that period of time? My guess was a Plan B if the City was put out of business for a time, which it seemed Mr. Hitler was so gracious as to spare for the most part during the numerous bombings.

      As for the naivety of Hitler, I would agree with RW that he was directed by many bankers at all turns. In the case of the Shroder family, I might first consider the family’s connection to the entire web of the European aristocracy, and then opine that blood is thicker than water (which we learned through the willingness of Victoria’s family being more than happy to start WWI when told to do so; sure they lost a cousin in Russia, but that is all collateral amongst friends – kidding again = ). Then when we think of the equally naive Mr. Hess, who was it that he was going to meet up with in Scotland? Oh yeah, “royals”.

      If WWI was the first real foray into gaming theory, then WWII was a grand display of lessons learned and perfected. Bankers, royals, actors, politicians, secret organizations (we did not even touch upon the Thule Society or the far more palatable [for Britain and the U.S.] ideas / works of Mr. Rudolph Seiner), media (especially radio) and “bat guano” nuts military men in all nations who thought they might “relive the days of their fathers” by entering into yet another stupid war (which is odd considering that the British were doing about as well as they did in WWI, until the “miracle of Dunkirk”, and even then they were toast if Hitler did not hold back and the United States did not enter the war).

      To be clear, both sides of my family served in WWII, and the ramifications were extremely destructive in so many ways. When I was told stories growing up, I would imagine heroism and glory; however, now that I am older and know just a little bit more, I am jaded by the whole event. So I will conclude on a simple perspective that captures both the main theme and the behind the scenes (if one is paying attention to the choice in players):

      Now unfortunately, the pageant known as WWII took a great many lives of the innocent, but the “SELL” was done by actors, directors and producers. Whether we are speaking of the “Why We Fight Series” produced by Mr. Frank Capra and / or even the films of Ms. Riefenstahl, we had a media doing the work of finance (the Bankers) in order to produce specific results. Even the politicians, were working actors playing roles in the cause of producing global change though fear and destruction; does not seem too far off the mark from today.

      Certainly, not trying to get “black pilled” in this response or go all Miles Mathis on anyone (although I do respect him). It is just a humble opinion based on years of reading and looking at the situation. The whole war (like so many others) was rooted in the economics and change. One empire recedes, while a new one comes to power and it does not matter because the franchise owners never change. Sure your burger location may advertise new management, but while you are thinking “this time the food will be better and that new dollar menu is a steal”, the franchise owners just changed the staff and cheapened the ingredients while making the whole situation a lot more deadly. Happy meal anyone?

      All my best,

      • Thanks very, very much SC (and others) – all great information and leads to follow. I should have paraphrased better and just said that under Hitler, it was basically ‘business as usual’ – companies and financial institutions continued to operate, albeit no doubt under increasingly stringent state scrutiny with less private control (i.e.’fascism’ essentially). Money still had to be printed, but who was the nation to be indebted (debt enslaved) to?

        I just finished reading Tom Tzouliadis’ “The Forsaken: An American Tragedy in Stalin’s Russia”” – it brings the [self admitted/boasted] genocide under Stalin to shocking clarity – extensive appendix of hundreds of footnotes with sources as well as bibliography and index. Places, names, facts in all their horror – mostly from around 1937-1938. Its context is the disappearance of thousands of Americans who were lured to Soviet Russia in the early 30s, set up their happy baseball teams and then disappeared into the gulag death camps – a mere handful survived. I leave marks in the margin – sometimes an exclamation mark to confirm something important that I have cross referenced and sometimes a question mark on a subjective statement that I find hard to accept and need convincing. Tzouliadis’ has many exclamation marks but still quite a few question marks.

        In another book I have just started it states “Stalin brought Hitler to power and Hitler ruined Stalin’s plan“ – the plan being for Hitler to crush Western Europe and then for Stalin to ‘liberate’ it.

        I have a few question marks in the margin at that point because it is not footnoted.
        The main thing is to be very discerning with everything we read, always looking for the truth, since it is no sweat either way what I find out – all I know is that by drilling back though history from this very day, I am convinced that most of what we have been told is false (eg about Syria). The list is too long to discuss out of context here, but the question is, Why?

        I still have several unread books on my tsundoku bookshelf – getting there.
        Thanks again.

        PS 😊
        • Wikipedia co-founder: I no longer trust the website I created

        • Inside Israel’s million dollar troll army

        • The history books are written by jews, to protect jews and make it possible that the pity be [poured out for bogus reasons.

          The fact that so many jews are referenced and used as the basis for the theory proffered is a non-starter for me.

          I do not trust a thing any jew writes or says, and I recommend others take the same tact. Otherwise, you end up falling for bogus theories.

          I also have the benefit of all my Mother’s family are German and I have had the conversations with those ACCUSED of things they claim are lies.

          • While Hitler spent the war drugged and playing arm chair general allowing whole armies to be surrounded, Martin Bormann did even more damage. Traitor Bormann isolated and then handled the in over his head Hitler. Goering said, “Bormann stayed with Hitler day and night and gradually brought him so much under his will that he ruled Hitler’s whole existence.” (“Martin Bormann” by James McGovern, p.160)

            Hitler made Bormann the executor of his will. Bormann, not Hitler, owned the Berghof. “The entire complex on the Obersalzberg, consisting of 87 buildings and worth over one and a half million marks, was legally registered in Bormann’s name.” (McGovern, p.128)

            In 1972 Gen. Reinhard Gehlen (head of West German intelligence, the BND) revealed that Bormann had been a Soviet spy, a view shared by many top Nazi generals and officials including Gottlob Berger, a SS Lieutenant General who knew Bormann well. “Bormann did the greatest harm of anyone,” Berger testified at Nuremberg. (McGovern, 181)

            Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Louis Kilzer makes the case that Bormann was a “Soviet” spy in his book “Hitler’s Traitor” (2000). He examined the wire traffic between the spy known as “Werther” and Moscow and determined that only Bormann had access to this information. Bormann told Hitler he wanted a record for posterity and had stenographers transcribe Hitler’s war conferences.

            The Soviets were able to ask very detailed questions about Nazi defenses and intentions. The result was the decisive Nazis defeats at Stalingrad and Kursk. “Bormann had been as useful to Russia as fifty Red Army divisions,” Kilzer writes.

            He blocked Albert Speer’s attempt to move the economy to a “total war” footing until it was too late. “Bormann’s influence,” Speer concluded, “was a national disaster.”

            Bormann encouraged Hitler to ignore the threat of encirclement at Stalingrad. Hitler’s decisions “ceased to have anything in common with the principles of strategy and operations,” General Halder noted in his diary. (McGovern, 82)

            Bormann subtly influenced Hitler to fire competent generals and did nothing to interfere with the gradual poisoning of the Fuhrer by his personal physician, Morrell.

            In general, Bormann ensured that Germany did not make common cause with the Ukrainians and Russians suffering under the Bolshevik yolk. More than 3 million Russian POWS died in Nazi detention. Some wanted to fight for the Nazis.

            • Okay and I make the (very humble) assertion that Mr. Bormann was not a traitor, but just a very good at what he does Nazi businessman, who:

              may have had Soviet ties
              ties to Wall Street (the Bush Family and Brown Brother Harriman)


              was a globalist
              survived the war and wound up in South America eating lots. and lots, and lots of empenadas
              was key to the Rockefeller family striking that bargain with the Mossad to not take out more of the former high command, if no more demands were made on Israel to become a member of the United Nations
              liked too much schnitzel
              did not exercise much
              had both testicles
              liked the ladies
              had more in common with Alexander Hamilton than most people would ever imagine

              Now I could hit the thread with a whole lot of text links and such, but let’s be honest:

              Aren’t you really getting tired of seeing my name on this thread, in these comments?

              I know I am! (and I am probably not alone…I can even hear the “oh no, not this guy again!” echoing in my ears)

              Plus, I am really short on time and working right up to the last minute of what I can spare to WW today (shows how much I like being here = ).

              So I will close with:

              In recent times WW has had a couple to few threads on all of us being labeled conspiracy theorists, being proven right as “conspiracy theorists”, conspiracies that could not be conspiracies since it turns out the facts substantiated the truth, and similar topics.

              If what I am saying in this response is solely “conspiracy” then I not only “fit right in”, but I am in fact doing exactly what I am supposed to do. The only issue is that if people check this work and find that I may in fact be correct.

              The information is out there, I just do not have the time right now (normally I am happy to do so) to list all of my own sources. One big leg up would be to start with Mr. Wayne Madsen’s text on CIA companies, then more to Jim Marrs, then move to Webster Tarpley, then move to Professor Sutton, then move to American Theocracy, then move to the documentary Bush Family Fortunes, then Stansfield Turner’s Burn Before Reading, then a bunch of stuff by Lyndon L., and so on and so forth.

              It’s all out there (to quote the X Files = ).

              Gotta run, great thread, many thanks.


              P.S. Oh yeah, I think Mr. Bormann also liked pie, not 3.14 pie, but all types of pies…lots and lots of pies.

            • Whatever Hitler was or wasn’t some consequences of his reign are apparent; The formation of the illegal state of Israel, the fact of Hitlers “legacy” providing endless sheckels to the usual suspects still to this day, using the mere name Hitler to brand anyone going against the kosher nostra, if the Nuremberg trials worked explain Project Paperclip, did Hitler have a ((deep state)), were the sightings of Hitler in Argentina after the war true, the whole “hoax” agenda still collecting reparations and the laws in Europe criminalizing questioning it, Because of that war millions of Europeans and Americans were killed..Maybe we will never know what Hitler was or wasn’t but we are still suffering from his actions

        • Okay JS, we have already spoken on Mr. Hallet and he may be “bat guano” nuts; however, I do think he has something with regard to the lost years of both Mr. Hitler and Mr. Stalin in (of all places) England. To say that the failed artist and the wandering Georgian might have been given an invitation to visit the Tavistock Institute does not seem beyond the pale.

          Also, to imply that both men were homosexuals and easily blackmailed, also has some plausibility. Mr. Rohm made it very clear that old Adolf did not mind a little “touch my monkey and boom boom” in the Bavarian woods (sorry to be so crude, just working fast – getting late EST / USA). As we both know, neither of us cares one iota about people’s private lives, but in the context of history and these two men, we know they could easily be blackmailed over this point.

          Then we have Stalin holding onto Hitler’s (white) dinner jacket, boots and cuff-links, not as a victor and the spoils, but as something more that is head to place a finger on. They were in his office until his transition and then kept in a museum quality state (to avoid degradation) in an archive (not displayed — curious).

          As for Wikipedia, so many thanks my friend. Luckily for us, the Internet Archive is just a giant database; however, I posed my query because I am concerned that if they are a property of NGO / 501 (c)(3) then they might begin purging and driving searches into “acceptable” directions. Your upload is excellent and a clear sign as to where the “free super-highway” has been headed for sometime. Thank you.

          By the way, if you ever decide to start your own blog (I am unclear if you already have or maybe had one), I would be happy to show up and be supportive. It would be the 2nd blog that I support, but it would be my honor to do so.

          All my best,

  3. Henry Makow mentioned his Holocaust surviving relatives on a recent Revolution Radio broadcast. In my eyes, at least one of your reference sources is highly suspect.

    • There are multiple jews used in this essay. I cannot give allegiance to anything that uses them as a source. Everything they do is suspect.

      • Hitler, like Joe McCarthy, was genuine in his stance against the antIChrist communist putrefaction of a people meant to personify the purity & might of Christ. And yes, both may have been conned by the serpentine ‘banksters & lawyers’ & then reduced to the off scouring scum of mankind by the authors of our semitic ‘history’ books & channels. So what else is new in our tragical semitical tour?

        • I pretty much agree with you, whether you addressed the comment to me or not.

          With maybe the exception that I think it was AH that was playing the jews and not the other way around.

          If I wanted to rid myself of these vermin, I would use their money to do it, if I were smart.

  4. Love this post! I’ve always wondered why Hitler never invaded Britain though London and other places were bombed, plus the Dunkirk thing. Now I knew the banksters funded both sides in WW2, but this info is just WOW! Thanks again, Russ!

    • To reply to to the issue of Britain, Dunkirk etc- and the information in this overall article, which I would also back the majority of, at least in its thesis, I would highly, highly recommend everyone read the book ‘Abominable’ by Dan Simmons. It is not what it is described, in summary/synopsis. Simmons is a highly educated historian, who uses his erudition in that subject to usually write complex Horror-Fiction, which is a tougher read than most authors put out anymore- especially in that category. He’s probably the toughest author in that genre, period. But ‘Abominable’ is an anomaly in his collection, and is actually a piece of non-fiction, written as fiction, with the documents/memoirs it was based on within it.

      In the introduction/preface to the book, he details how this all happened. Almost out of the blue, in the 1980s, he was contacted by a soldier, a veteran of WWII, who was on his death bed. The description of who this man is/was gives quite an impression, who even he admits ‘having worked as a scholar, journalist, author . . . I’ve spoken to many people, from many walks of life, and I don’t often find myself impressed with people, any more or less than the other . . . but during our conversation I found myself suddenly distracted with his hands . . . he’d been tying intricate climbing knots, different knots, singularly with each hand, separately, all while we’d been talking.’ The Veteran, who he identifies and gives a number of historical descriptions w exploits, missions etc, finally tells him why he contacted him- that he’d been on a mission for what had sort of been an early version of intelligence, a ‘special operation,’ pre-WWII, in the Himalayan Mountains. What he’d had to do was so secret, made so many forces vulnerable, he was apparently threatened, told to go to his grave with it- sort of like Doug Valentines book, ‘The Hotel Tacloban’ about his fathers experience in the War. But the very secrecy had apparently traumatized him, and become its own ethical struggle, which he’d gathered the strength, decided not to go to his grave with. He said he’d tried his own hand at writing, even had an english degree, but would rather have someone with more talent take his manuscript and but it into historical-nonfiction format.

      It wasn’t until years later, after the man passed away, that his niece sent Simmons a box, with the manuscript inside, and he adapted it into ‘Abominable.’ If you buy the book version of ‘Abominable,’ it has the shorter, a hundred and some-odd paged original manuscript contained at the end, as a post-script.

      Why is it relevant to this? Well, I don’t want to ruin it all, but it deals with the corrupt dealings of the British, Germany, and Founding of Israel- specifically dealing with documents that dealt with Blackmailing Hitler. It’s a real game-changer, in my opinion, and has a real gut-wrenching relevance to our current world, where blackmail has become more well-known as a form of war, espionage. It apparently has played a much more pivotal role in world events than people have been aware. I recommend everyone read it- It’s a great book, even as a piece of writing. The audiobook version is also excellent. But it’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s one of the pivotal missing pieces to this series Russ has been doing here, involving the International Fascists, Trotskyites, Co-Opted Nationalism, and the Bankster Elites, especially those in the British (Rothschild) ‘Pilgrim Society.’

      • The idea that Hitler and Goering were compromised and blackmailed makes total sense and also combines with how we know our world really operates. Add Churchill to that list.

      • Thanks AC – I now have a copy of The Abominable from one of my favourite sources …
        (third from bottom on page 2 of 4 – looking forward to this)

        And I do note your disclaimer that Dan Simmons’ main genre is Horror/Science Fiction/Fantasy and that under Abominable it reads:
        Genre: Historical, Historical Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Adventure, Fiction,

        Nevertheless, taking your recommendation in good faith.

        After all

        Ordinary histories are the mere records of events and are generally treated in a one-sided manner. They give no insight into the true state of society. This, however, is the very sphere on which romances principally dwell. Romances are indeed fictions, but they are by no means pure inventions; their only peculiarities being these, that in them the writers often trace out, among numerous real characters, the best, when they wish to represent the good, and the oddest when they wish to amuse.”
        … “The Tale of Genji” by Lady Murasaki Shikibu – (incomplete) translation by Kencho Suematsu.

        “I’m sorry, Frau Bromley-Montfort,” laughed Bruno Sigl, “but I’ve seen English women’s tits before. Sogar die Titten von englischen Mädchen! And larger. But when you are naked, I will kill you last…perhaps leave you for my men to look at and play with while you are still alive.” His face seemed to transform into something beastlike then and he snarled, “Where are the photographs, you English cunt?”

        Into it already – does it tell us what those photographs reveal?

        Completely off topic but so relevant in this context – “Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts – a masterpiece in historical fiction/or history disguised as fiction.

  5. BMan,

    You’re one of the few guys who sees Hitler, National Socialism, and WW 1/ WW 2 with what I see as the proper ‘eyes’ and ‘ I don’t think I’ve read a comment of yours that I disagree with.

    There are still many who are unable to see Hitler and the phenomenon of National Socialism for the world-historical ‘event’ that it was and how it relates to the JQ! The phenomenological event that was National Socialism has yet to be completely digested and absorbed. To only view NS within the narrow lense of historicism only is completely inadequate. National Socialism cannot even be penetrated adequately without understanding the necessary relationship between the thought of Nietzsche and Heidegger! am of the conviction that Savitri Devi’s early foray’s and insights represent an important and initial prototype-outline from which to see the ‘event’ of Hitler.

    Hitler was the ‘philosopher-king’ of Plato’s ‘Republic.’ Both its function and purpose! Had things gone a bit different at Stalingrad, we most likely wouldn’t be dealing with the Covid-insanity we are now. The ‘man against Time!’

    ‘Mein Kampf’ was co-written with Rudolph Hess in the Landsberg am Lech prison years before all of Germany knew who Hitler was. The Beer Hall Putsch of 1923 gained him much necessary notoriety, however,… the match had yet to be struck! But ol’ Adolf understood what he was,…or rather,…what he was becoming in 1924. In Mein Kampf, he states, “From millions of men, one man must step forward!” It was only a matter of time!

      • Ed,

        Good to see you, and I appreciate your posts even if I cannot concur with you. As always you present a very intelligent and compelling post; however, we simply have a difference in perspectives.

        That said and with some humor, when the right thread comes along, we should consider a respectful and reasonable debate between the two most compelling books ever created by the incarcerated. Certainly, I would encourage you to bring Mr. Hitler’s work to the floor. For my own (humble) part, I would like to submit one of the two books that I was actually awake for in high school (the other was Dante’s Inferno) and offer up Mr. Milton’s Paradise Lost, which I have done some subsequent research on.

        Certainly, this would not be the right thread as we would go way off topic and end up in pages of dialogue; however, when the right thread arrives, I think we should have at it (assuming RW and Torchy do not mind).

        In the meantime, please know that I read and appreciated your posts, we simply differ a bit on points of view (as noted in my own posts).

        Please be well.


        • SC,

          Don’t know if you have ever come across the illustrations of ‘Paradise Lost’ and Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’ by Gustav Dore, but, if you haven’t, they are absolutely fascinating and are in my personal pantheon of great artworks! There have been many times in the past where I have gazed upon just a single piece of his for minutes at a time and am left dazed and befuddled. The man was summa cum laude!

          • Ed,

            Very nice; thought provoking, a little scary (as with the texts of Dante), but also very nice. Thank you my friend! I am deeply appreciative.

            Please be well. Hopefully the gym is still open and all is well. Also hoping you are getting out into the hills.

            On my side, I have hit a plateau and have decided to change both the lifting style (think 8×8 Vince Gironda) and the diet (36 hours of fasting dispersed over the week; laying off of BCAAs due to the insulin spike and just keeping up good eating as well as creatine — my friend, I am senior to you based on conversations, so I do need to watch those insulin spikes on the old heart). Other than this, family is well and I am very blessed.

            Again, thanks for the great response.

            All my best,

            • SC,

              I gravitate to anything that is ‘physical’ and requires tremendous self-overcoming and resilience. Athletics has it in spades! Whether it’s the mountaineers who conquer 25,000ft+, deep-sea divers who undertake immense risks, or individuals like Christian Williams(whom I discovered 8 months ago and purchased his ‘Philosophy of Sailing’)who make up for a lot of the refuse and reprobates amongst our inferior humanity. Christian Williams is still out there burning the candle at both ends. I envy this man and his sailing! He sails to Hawaii and back alone every year now. Great video!

              See here:

              I’ve always have been attracted to those people and events that involve all of our heightened animal forces being intensified and pushed to the brink. As Nietzsche said, “Dropping ones reigns before the infinite!” Daedalus told Icarus to fly the middle path, but the middle represents mediocrity. The longing-heart of Icarus demanded excess and turbulence! Fire!

              I am headed camping for the weekend! Fall is slowly announcing itself in subtle ways here at the great Wasatch Front mountains in Salt Lake City. Holler at the great WW later!

  6. When I heard Mein Kampf it was apparent to me that Hitler greatly misunderstood America. In his mind we were non-interventionists who fought for our own nation and earned our peace. I came to the only conclusion that I could, Hitler only had access to mainstream media that made it across the ocean. It was unfortunately not the real America. This was a great part of the undoing of Germany.

    This is a good article and wish I had the time to study ww2 further.

  7. When I read articles and comments I am just looking to be informed and then to reconcile what I am reading with what else I have read or listened to.

    Then this just turned up so sharing to add to the collective dossier – must be the topic of the week.

    • Matthew Raphael Johnson – The Myth of Wall Street’s Support for Hitler

    He really only starts the topic after around 8 minutes – the sound quality improves after 23 minutes.

    I download audio files and listen to them via FTW at a comfortable speed x 1.5+)

    • I have heard this (and I am listening again). I’m pretty sure that Johnson knows his business better than most.

      This “Hitler was a jew”, or “Hitler was a Rothschild” or even “Hitler was manipulated by jewish bankers” is all balderdash. Jim Condit used to spread this malarkey everywhere.

      The jews didn’t play Hitler. Hitler played the jews.

      On another note, you and I approach this in similar ways. I drive a lot and will download these types of presentations and listen while driving (yes, at 1.5X speed).

    • Actually, Mr. Hitler did more business with the Rockefeller family, Ford, General Motors and a host of pharmaceutical companies through agreements, as well as subsidiaries. In a past post, I mentioned how both automakers sued the United States government and won in court over the bombing of their subsidiary industries in Germany.

      So whether or not Mr. Hitler was Jewish and bombed a town to get rid of records, or he was gay / bisexual and had Mr. Rohm executed to keep his secrets, or he was a vegetarian and went to bed early in a time when these actions were rare would seem inconsequential.

      Yet, the fact that Brown Brother Harriman had a deep relationship to Mr. Hitler as did many large American companies (all listed on Wall Street) of the era, would seem rather important in the context of how our history affects us today. We now live in a corporatocracy, and as I mentioned earlier, some of the global aspects of subsidiary arrangements were begun (actual inception point) under Mr. Bormann. His actions and influence (no matter what you believed happened to him) are with us today in global corporate structuring and the use of “offshore” webs of corporations.

      Mr. Hitler could have been a monkey slinging poo and perhaps Mr. Hess sucked his thumb when he slept; certainly, I do not know and that part is not as big of an interest to me (personally). Yet, what I am clear on is that Mr. Bormann effectively analyzed and utilized global corporate and maritime laws to set up a vast network of companies, some of whose names would resurface in future years as being connected to American intelligence agencies.

      JS and B’man, I will give this gentleman a listen with an open mind; I did not love the page and its text when I clicked on the link (not had a chance to listen yet), but I do value what both of you are saying, I am appreciative of your posts, and I will give it a listen by the weekend.

      JS, I am short on time and may not get to some of your other responses today, but I will get back here in the few days ahead. In the meantime, I wanted to THANK YOU for the book of speeches on the Internet Archive. At some point soon, I may wish to add a quotation on this thread from page 738; I found the insights fascinating.

      I wish you both well.

      All my best,

      • In your own good time SC – page 738 – about the Kriegswinterhilfswerk? I look forward to your thoughts. I just posted a range of other passages.

        But since you have drawn my attention to the speech of September 4 1940, and while it is dangerous to cite passages spasmodically at risk of losing context, here are some of my highlights from that speech. It is important to note the temporal context as you go through any of these speeches.

        If I were to sum up this speech in two lines:
        • Condemns Churchill for civilian bombing but after three months has now sworn to retaliate.
        • Encourages the spirit of giving as a norm in society.

        My highlights with some interjections of my own in [brackets]]: – the longer version

        • A great burden has been lifted from our shoulders. This Poland in the East was always a weak point for us. Now we can finally concentrate our efforts on a theater of war where we are superior to the Germans, as they will shortly realize.

        [this is most revealing as he is saying that he can now concentrate on the war from the West declared by Churchill – he doesn’t want a war with Russia – more about that another time]

        • And thus the British brigade commander marched into Lillehammer at the head of his brigade. There he laid his head to rest, with a chest at his side, filled with documents which read: “Top secret” and “Do not allow to fall into enemy hands.” And that very night, our troops rounded him up, along with his precious Ark of the Covenant. That’s what you get when you rely on Mr. Churchill the war reporter.

        [I wonder if these were fake documents meant to deceive Hitler !!??]

        • So often have I extended my hand for an understanding with the English people

        [this really explains why he did not decimate these young men at Dunkirk – he was hoping to win the hearts and minds of the young English men and woman, perhaps hoping that they would rise up against their warmongering leaders – I see this as his greatest naivety – look at us all now – powerless to rise up against the globalists and their puppets at all levels of government who want to depopulate us!]

        • This clear decision can consist only in the removal of this regime of pitiful and base warmongers and in a situation being established in which it will be impossible for one nation to tyrannically run all of Europe in the future.


        • in a time when Mr. Churchill is demonstrating to us the use of his invention: the nightly air raid. […] That is why they come at night and drop their bombs-you know it well-indiscriminately and without plan on civilian residential centers, on farmsteads, and villages.

        [at this stage he still had not reacted to Churchill’s psychopathic use of nightly aerial bombing of civilian targets – eventually he had no choice but to … ]

        • I did not answer for three months because I was of the opinion that they would ultimately stop this nonsense. Mr. Churchill perceived this as a sign of our weakness. You will surely understand that now we are giving our answers night after night, and this at an increasing rate.

        [see previous passage]

        • They said: “Yes, their social experiment is very dangerous! If it takes hold, and our own workers come to see this too, then this will be highly disquieting. It costs billions and does not bring any results. It cannot be expressed in terms of profit, nor of dividends. What is the point?! We are not interested in such a development. We welcome everything which serves the material progress of mankind insofar as this progress translates into economic profit. But social experiments, all they are doing there, this can only lead to the awakening of greed in the masses. Then we will have to descend from our pedestal. They cannot expect this of us.”

        • They are, after all, plutocracies in which a tiny clique of capitalists dominate the masses, and this, naturally, in close cooperation with international Jews and Freemasons.

        • They hate us because of our social attitude, and everything which we plan and implement based on this appears threatening. They are of the conviction that this development must be eradicated.

        • Hence the hatred of all the international plutocrats, the Jewish newspapers, the world stock markets, […] what is at stake in this war is the entire social structure of our Volk, and that this war is being waged against the substance of our life,

        And all this in the context of the annual drive to promote Kriegswinterhilfswerk – be good to one another, donate what you can to those less fortunate, reject capitalism/usury, denounce war. Bloody madman!!

        • JS,

          You sort of stole my thunder on this one with an excellent analysis. Where I believe that I was going to head dealt with the:


          It is truly a European and (maybe) a North African concept of supporting one’s neighbor. Now whether one is spiritually full of faith and / or religious (and the Nazis were very questionable regarding religion and secret societies) or possibly more human inclined in faith, believing in just family and friends (all people have some form of faith, or transition through suicide), the concept of helping one’s neighbors, community and fellow humans in general is a very European / North African concept.

          The speech, whether written by Mr. Hitler or by someone else (as I think he was played by Charlie Chaplin’s brother = ), touched upon ideals that are actively under attack by the world we live in. Isolation, the “ME”, narcissism, technology, debauchery and debasement seek to end this very, basic (beautiful), human concept.

          The speech has notes of looking out for one another and providing support both in the good times, as well as the bad. Simple kindness / simple love (more in the context of the Four Loves detailed by Mr. C.S. Lewis).


  8. As I said earlier, I am merely trying to reconcile one ‘historical’ narrative against another. Some say that the ‘Protocols’ are a ‘forgery’, or when a document was tabled regarding the ’secret protocol’ underlying the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact at Nuremberg, it was dismissed as non-admissible evidence [the usual techniques of lawfare] because it implicated Stalin in the ’crimes against peace’ they wanted to hang Ribbentrop for, yet was perfectly valid in one form or another some 70 years later [in the last 12 months! – the anniversary after all] to make a fuss about (surfaced from those amazing hidden Soviet archives).

    And yes SC, all those other ‘conspiracy theories’ that WW has so well articulated (with appreciation).

    My point is that you can dismiss the following as just empty political rhetoric – no matter, I am just a curious onlooker – but these statements have to be reconciled. Whether Hitler was genuine/sincere or not, this IS what he said …

    • the Jewish-internationalist capitalists in connection with socially reactionary classes in the Western States have successfully roused the world democracies against Germany.

    • For there is one thing we all know for certain, National Socialists: the Jewish-capitalist enemy of the world facing us knows but one goal-to destroy Germany, to destroy our German Volk!. [we know the essence of this to be fact because it was published in 1941 by Theodore N. Kaufman in “Germany Must Perish!“ – and not just the Germans I might add]

    • the reactionary Jewish warmongers in the capitalist democracies were not willing to let this opportunity to destroy Germany pass: too long had they prepared for this.

    • The world desires our dissolution. They hope for the success of capitalist interests

    • … the war forced upon the Greater German Reich by the capitalist rulers of France and England

    It is the will of the democratic warmongers and their Jewish-capitalist masterminds that this war should go on.

    • Under the slogan “democracy”, this conspiracy of imperialism and capitalism has led the world, and particularly Europe, into countless entanglements.

    And from his “Speech to the Workers of a Berlin”, December 10, 1940

    • [Speaking as if the words were those of an ‘Englishman’:] “If these [Socialist] ideas which are popular in Germany are not eliminated and eradicated, they will come to our people, and this is most dangerous. This we do not want.” […] These English capitalists have the opportunity, to give just one example, to make dividends of seventy-six, eighty, ninety-five, 140, 160 percent. Yes naturally, they say: “If these German methods gain currency or are victorious, this will end.”

    • I do not believe that one can maintain a situation in which a man toils and works a whole year, only to get a ludicrous salary, and another just sits down in a leather seat and gets enormous sums for it. This is a condition unworthy of man.

    • For how could a narrow- minded capitalist possibly declare his agreement with my principles? It would be easier for the devil to go to church and take holy water. [-] This is the first state in our German history which, as a matter of principle, eliminated all social prejudice in the assignment of social positions, and this not only in civilian life.

    • I have the ambition to make the German Volk rich, the German lands beautiful. I wish the standard of living of the individual to increase. I wish us to develop the most beautiful and best culture. I wish theater to be an enjoyment affordable for the entire Volk and not only for the upper ten-thousand as in England.

    • Armament just takes men away. I made proposals to restrict armament. But all they did was laugh at me. […] But who are the folk who lead England once again today? The very same people who were already agitating before the World War. It is the same Churchill, who was already the vilest warmonger in the World War, and the late Chamberlain who agitated just as much then.

    • […]

    And now it has come to war. I have done everything within my power here, too, everything a man could possibly do, almost to the point of self-abasement, to avoid it. I made offer upon offer to the English. I consulted with their diplomats here and pleaded with them to be reasonable. But nothing could be done. They wanted war, and they made no effort to disguise it. For seven years, Churchill has been declaring: “I want war.” Now he has it!
    Reconciling … just doesn’t sound like someone who was supporting capitalism and agitating for war …

    Source (as previously shared):

    • Adolf Hitler – Collection of Speeches – 1922-1945

    • He said that after blundering into a major war by invading Poland. He did so after taking Czech non-German lands in Bohemia (Prague) and Moravia and installing a puppet in Slovakia in March, 1939.

      And he didn’t just seize Danzig and the Polish Corridor, he took half the country and split the rest with Stalin- and bombed Warsaw- and started rounding Poles up. And then stood down while Stalin took Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia- and started war with Finland. If he had just walked into Danzig like he did the Rhineland, that wouldn’t have brought the War Party to power in Britain.

      Yes, there was a War Party in Britain and Hitler put them in power on a silver platter. (I consider Churchill part of the conspiracy). Churchill came in after the Germans attack in the west in May, 1940. Chamberlain was still running a phony war up to that point.

      • All I can say to that is “its’ complicated” but let me roll with this particular subtopic as it is at the very heart of the ’secret protocol’ agreed between Molotov and Ribbentrop.

        “The Diktat of Versailles”

        That was when they partitioned millions of Germans AND Russians (yes, Lenin didn’t mind giving away Russian territory and non-red gentile civilians for the cause of international communism – ComIntern). In the case of Russians, they belonged to the regions which now form large parts of western Belarus and the Ukraine.

        In the case of Germans, they were of the Danzig (West Prussia) and Sudetenland regions – Germans, Russians, and of course Slavs, Poles and Czechs all lumped under artificial puppet regimes and the newly defined ‘countries’ of Czechoslovakia and the revised ‘Poland’.

        Regarding the displaced Russians (not just the Germans), see Part 2 below.

        One key element of the Diktat of Versailles was what Germany had to accept exclusive blame for WWI and pay extortionate reparations – equivalent to the entire wealth of the country – even though the other principal belligerents England, France and Russia were equally, if not more blameworthy.

        [Off I go on a digression but it adds context …]

        I might also mention that in making the world “safe for democracy” the maestros of Versailles also reassigned the Chinese province of Shandong under Japanese rule.
        It’s complicated but relevant to note that Shandong had been under German territorial colonial influence – so it had to be divvied up – but to the Japanese??!! [Well that’s geopolitics – favours for debts to be called in.] Nevertheless, having provided large numbers [tens of thousands?] of Chinese labourers to be sent to France to help the war effort (like digging graves and then dying on the muddy battlefields themselves with no way of getting home), China expected their contribution to be acknowledged and for them to be treated fairly.

        But Shandong to Japan!?

        Check out the map – Shandong is a fairly northern coastal region south of Beijing, that sticks out into the Yellow Sea towards Korea (occupied but not yet divided), and nowhere near Japan.

        Contemplating rule over that part of mainland China by a foreign power is almost as ridiculous as thinking that Taiwan (or Hong Kong) is actually part of China. Who were these Versailles geniuses anyway – and what were they thinking? [Rhetorical]

        Incidentally, the outrageous treatment of China at Versailles led to the May 4th (1919) movement and massive protests in Tienanmen Square (the real ones), a boycott [BDS] on Japanese goods and acted as the catalyst for the rise of Chinese Nationalism and ultimately to the end of the ’century of humiliation’.

        The point about the Diktat of Versailles is that none of it made sense – it wasn’t meant to.

        The Diktat of Versailles was not about fairness, reason or logic – and certainly not about making anything or anyone, let alone the world ’safe for democracy’ [unless you understand what ‘democracy’ actually is] – by forcefully displacing large populations and putting them under the control of a hostile, alien regime. So just like COVID, the Diktat of Versailles had to be about much more sinister long term designs on humanity. It had to have been engineered on purpose.

        [back on topic …]

        Part 2 of 9

        If you look at the map of Poland prior to and immediately after WWI (i.e., after the Diktat of Versailles), you will notice that large areas of today’s [‘Russian’] Belarus and Ukraine were subsumed under Polish control.

        Thus when you see how Russians were also displaced under artificial or alien regimes by the Diktat of Versailles [not just Chinese and Germans] it is not hard to understand the logic of the mutual non-aggression pact between Germany and Russia. They weren’t about ‘invading Poland’ and dividing the territorial spoils – they were about restoring the pre-Versailles borders and repatriating Russians to Russia (Belarus and Ukraine regions) and Germans to Germany (Danzig and Sudetenland regions).

        WWII was declared in 1934 by International Jewry when Hitler removed elite Jewish oligarchs and capitalists and Marxists from positions of power and influence. The latter then ignited the actual physical hostilities by sending in partisan assassination squads into the Polish controlled Danzig and massacring Germain civilians, resulting in Hitler’s humanitarian response and incursion into Poland in September 1939. [Russia soon followed into the eastern areas of Poland as agreed between the two – but Britain and France only declared war on Germany, not on Russia.] This conflict was needed so that the Jewish plutocrats who actually controlled Britain and its foreign policy could then declare war on Germany on 3 September 1939. The names of the British politicians and prime ministers Chamberlain and Churchill are almost irrelevant – they were as in charge of Britain as Boris Johnson is today, or as Biden is in charge of the US today. This declaration of war by Britain (and France) was the same logic that the US uses to declare that the killing of civilians in occupied Iraq and Syria are ‘acts of self defence’.

        But I digress. Hitler correctly blamed the intent of war on the Jewish plutocrats controlling Britain. In less than three weeks he had routed Poland and considered military action over [there was to be no “WWII”], and he went to extraordinary lengths to declare hostilities over and shore up peace with all European neighbours, including Soviet Russia.

        Parts 3 to 9 when I can –

        [I could have it all wrong]

        • I will just say that one thing worth noting is that these speeches were completely public and copies were obtained by all concerned parties. Hitler was speaking with his heart on his sleeve so to speak. Perhaps he let too much out, desperately believing and appealing that war could be avoided.

          For example: his speech on 19 September 1939 as presented to the British War Cabinet:

          This article also gives a good summary:

          • Why Germany Invaded Poland – John Wear

        • Here we go – first snippet (from the speeches – whatever their authenticity or sincerity – heavily condensed highlights to save you reading the full speeches – maybe just one or two more drops later)

          1939.09.01 – Adolf Hitler – proclamation to the German Wehrmacht

          • “The Germans in Poland are being persecuted by bloody terror and are being driven from their homesteads”

          1939.09.01 – Adolf Hitler – speech to the German Reichstag

          • “Poland has unleashed this war against the Free City of Danzig!” (against German minority)

          • “I know not what type of “provocations” those women and children had allegedly perpetrated who were abused and abducted. Nor can I imagine what provocations had been perpetrated by those who were sadistically and bestlially tortured only to be murdered in the end.”

          • “no honorable great power could calmly tolerate such a state of affairs in the long run!”

          • “I have solemnly assured the Western states, and I repeat this here, that we desire nothing of them. We shall never demand anything of them. I have assured them that the border separating France and Germany is a final one. Time and time again I have offered friendship, and if necessary close cooperation, to England. But love cannot remain a one-sided affair. It must be met by the other side.”

          • “Germany is not pursuing any interests in the West. The West Wall delineates the Reich’s border for all time”

          “You know that two different doctrines govern Russia and Germany. There remained but one question to be resolved: as Germany has no intent of exporting its doctrine, and at the moment that Soviet Russia no longer contemplates exporting its doctrine to Germany, I no longer see any compelling reason why we should continue to take opposing stances. Both of us are aware that any struggle between our two peoples would merely benefit third parties. Hence we have determined to enter into a pact which shall preclude the application of force between us for all time. It also obliges us to seek mutual consultation in certain European questions. Moreover, it shall render possible economic cooperation and, above all, ensure that the strength of the two great states is not squandered in rivalry with each other.

          [which third parties was he alluding to?]

          Russia and Germany fought each other in the World War only to suffer its consequences equally in the end. This shall not happen a second time!

          • Yesterday in Moscow and Berlin, the Non- Aggression and Mutual Assistance Pact-which had originally entered into force upon signature-was accorded final ratification. In Moscow this pact was as warmly welcomed as you welcomed it here.

          • I second every word of the Russian Foreign Commissar Molotov’s speech

          • I will take care that our border in the East [Poland] enjoys the same peace as along any other of our borders.

          This night for the first time Polish regular soldiers fired on our own territory. We have now been returning the fire since 5:45 a.m.!

          1939.09.03 – Adolf Hitler – Four Appeals 03 September 1939

          o Appeal to the German Volk – 03 September 1939

          • “For centuries England has pursued the goal of rendering the peoples of Europe defenseless against the British idea of world conquest”
          • [Diktat of Versailles – British policy of encirclement]
          • “The warmongers of 1914 made their appearance again”
          • “It was England which urged on Poland the stance that rendered a peaceful understanding impossible”
          “it is the aforesaid Jewish-plutocratic and democratic upper class who would like to conceive of the rest of the world as obedient slaves”
          • “For months I have known that the goal pursued by these warmongers was a long-term one”

          o Appeal to the German soldiers in the east (i.e. Poland/Danzig) – 03 September 1939

          • [The Eastern front meant Poland, not Russia.]
          • England once more has engaged in that policy of encirclement directed against Germany
          • Poland was chosen to play an ever more important role in this policy once the Soviet Union refused to subordinate its own interests to those of the English
          • persistent persecution of Germans in Poland, the all-out war against the Free City of Danzig
          The Non-Aggression and Mutual Consultation Pact with the Soviet Union has united these two biggest and strongest of European states in their determination never again to allow their peoples to fight one another

          o Appeal to the German soldiers in the west – 03 September 1939

          The Non-Aggression and Mutual Consultation Pact with the Soviet Union affords us the security of a policy of peaceful understanding with this greatest of empires in the East

          o Appeal to the N.S.D.A.P – 03 September 1939

          Our Jewish-democratic world-enemy has succeeded in bringing into existence a state of war between the English people and Germany

          • My friend, this is a whole lot to “unpack”, but let’s proceed slowly. Yu have some very intricate and intelligent posts here. As we can see RW does back your first post up; however he also offers more that then has you providing us with more; ALL IS GOOD, but it is intricate to say the least.

            Post 1:

            “• … the war forced upon the Greater German Reich by the capitalist rulers of France and England”

            This is a bit of a “fudge” on Mr. Hitler’s or his speech writer’s part as neither of these economies were actually capitalist the time. They were still guided by aristocracy in the case of England and a plutocracy in the case of France. So there is exaggeration here from an economics standpoint.

            “Under the slogan “democracy”, this conspiracy of imperialism and capitalism has led the world, and particularly Europe, into countless entanglements.”

            Sure, he or they are right here and that is why the United States was not set up as a pure democracy, but rather a democratic-republic. Pure democracy turn into mob rule, which is where we are headed if we lose our collective memory in these United States.

            ” I do not believe that one can maintain a situation in which a man toils and works a whole year, only to get a ludicrous salary, and another just sits down in a leather seat and gets enormous sums for it. This is a condition unworthy of man.”

            Great sentiment and yet he was paid to look at maps in great detail, as a former artist who never heard of complimentary or tertiary colors on a wheel and seemed to overlook YELLOW in his compositions. Yeah, I am all for chasing out the desk worker for the farmer, but then I would also have to kick out the failed artist / map examiner who cannot close out the deal at Dunkirk.

            POINT – SC (really kidding).

            All my best my friend and more to come,

        • Small fun fact, we (yes im german living in germany) paid the last rate of that versailles treaty on 3rd october 2010, for nearly a century, its hilarious.

          And thanks alot JS and SC for the comments, always love to learn and add to the version i know; we had 33-45 every year in school but as you can guess it was pure brainwash with “their” version of history(including ccamps visits to manifest that). But i had grandparents(yes sadly had, time goes by and they passed, and i cant ask more questions) both mother father side from silesia which had to flee when the russians came, and i learned alot from their version, which did not match the official version.

          Sure i know nothing will ever change i cant even talk about those topics in public, downplaying certain things is not good in germany as you know.

          • Well Kati, you’ll be glad to know that the British finished to pay their loan for WW1 in 2013! He he.
            I cannot know the future but I can assure you that more and more of us are studying seriously, planting the seeds of truth on social media, taking the time to answer those who also know that the official story is a lie but wish to know more and sometimes taking a few insults, hoping that soon justice will be done and that the German people will be cleared of all false accusations and will finally be free to say the things they want to say, whenever they want and wherever they want. Cheers from Canada, Rosie.

          • It is just always great to see you here and read your perspective. You do keep us informed with what is going on in Germany and Europe on the whole through various threads, and I know that I am not the only one who is appreciative.

            As for the debts, I do always wonder where these payments end up. To my knowledge they are paid to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), but I wonder what happens after that.

            All my best,

          • Kati, this is to say Hi as a favour to SC, to thank you for your post and deliver my final block of passages from The Speeches as promised earlier. I figured since I have already condensed several thousand words down to a few hundred I might as well share and let people read on as they desire.

            1939.09.19 – Adolf Hitler – speech in Danzig 19 September 1939
            • This same World War which, in its wake, left no winners, only losers, also left a conviction in the minds of many, namely, that a similar fate would never again be repeated
            • Apparently, the main warmongers and war profiteers have forgotten the lessons of this slaughter of peoples
            • As this bloody struggle, into which Germany had entered without any war objective, drew to an end, there was the desire to bestow upon mankind a peace which would lead to the restoration of law and hence to the final elimination of all despair
            • This peace was, however, not placed before our Volk at Versailles for discussion. Rather this peace was forced upon us by means of a brutal Diktat.
            • For the warmongers and those who ended the war deceived themselves on one particular issue: this Diktat not only failed to resolve a single problem, it created a multitude of new problems.
            these men ravaged Europe, tore asunder states and geographical units, suppressed their peoples, and destroyed ancient cultures.
            Tens of thousands were abducted, abused, and murdered in a most gruesome manner. Sadistic beasts let themselves go and allowed their perverted instincts to run free. And the pious democratic world stood by without batting an eyelid.
            • who could have so deceived Poland?
            • the main warmongers have taken up residence-where they reside still as of this day!
            For these warmongers Poland was but a means to an end
            Now that Poland has chosen war, it has chosen it because others incited it to enter into this war
            In the meantime, Russia has felt it necessary, to safeguard the interests of its Belorussian and Ukrainian minorities, to march into Poland as well
            • [Read that last line again – and again]
            In the meantime, Russia has felt it necessary, to safeguard the interests of its Belorussian and Ukrainian minorities, to march into Poland as well
            And now we witness how England and France are outraged at this cooperation of Germany and Russia.
            I would like to make a declaration here: Russia remains precisely what it is, and Germany will also remain what it is. On one point there is total agreement between both regimes: neither the Russian nor the German regime wishes to sacrifice even one man to the interests of the Western democracies.
            Well, my dear gentlemen of the Great Britannic World Empire, Germany’s objectives are very limited in fact. We have discussed this in great detail with Russia, as the Russians are our next-door neighbors and, in the end, those most immediately affected.
            Accordingly, England ought to welcome the understanding arrived at by Germany and Soviet Russia.
            For the arrival at this understanding should remove once and for all the haunting images of the present German regime being out to conquer the world
            • [Please read that again also]
            Germany will realize these demands in one way or another. Germany and Russia will create a situation which some day one will only be able to call a relaxation of tensions, here on the site of a storm-center of Europe.
            • I do not pursue any war aim against either England or France. Ever since I came into office, I have sought to slowly restore close relations and trust with the former enemies in the World War
            • You know of my proposals to England. All my ambitions were to enter into a sincere and friendly relationship with England
            Now that all of them have been rejected and today the English believe they must wage war against Germany, I must say the following: never again will the Poland of the Versailles Treaty arise!
            Not only Germany guarantees this, the Russians do so as well!
            • These propaganda amateurs would do well to serve an apprenticeship with us here for an extended time.
            • The German Volk does not want war, yet it was attacked
            these plutocratic world democracies, these so-called world empires, whose might rests on the suppression and rule of foreign peoples.
            the English objective in this war is not the elimination of a regime-it is the elimination of the German Volk, of German women and children, and, therefore, we shall act accordingly
            • [So it was always about regime change – wow, does history repeat itself!!]

            part 6/9 from my notes …

            1939.10.06 – Adolf Hitler – speech before the Reichstag
            • [Three weeks later and five weeks after responding to hostilities by Poland]
            • Why should there be war in the West? To restore Poland? The Poland of the Treaty of Versailles shall never rise again!
            • This two of the world’s greatest states guarantee [Germany and Russia]
            • The example of Palestine amply proves that it is better to attend to current tasks and to solve these in a reasonable fashion, than to preoccupy oneself with problems which lie within the vital interests and spheres of interest of other peoples who are better equipped to deal with them.
            • England has yet much to do until it can point to similar successes in its Palestinian Protectorate
            this war in the West will not settle any problems, with the possible exception of the ruined finances of a few armament industrialists and newspaper owners, or other international war profiteers.

            I implore Him [The Almighty] to allow us and all others to find the proper path so that not only the German Volk, but all of Europe, may rejoice in the new happiness of peace

            1939.10.10 – Adolf Hitler – opening speech at the new Winterhilfswerk
            • [Regarding the conclusion of WWI]
            • All we needed to do was to lay down our arms and to trust England. Then we would be welcomed with open arms into a true community of man, ruled by law. There, the colonies would be redistributed fairly in a manner in which all justified claims to colonies would be heard. This would be done in all solemnity in the League of Nations. War would be abolished for good, and eternal peace would reign
            • What happened to the promised freedom of the peoples? What happened to justice? What happened to the peace without victors and vanquished? What happened to the right of all peoples to self-determination? What happened to the renunciation of reparations? What happened to the fair settlement of the colonial question? What happened to the solemn declaration not to take its colonies from Germany? What happened to the sacrosanct assurance not to burden us unnecessarily? What finally happened to the assurances that we would be welcomed as equals into the open arms of the so-called League of Nations? What happened to the assurances of a general disarmament? All lies. Broken promises.
            • Our colonies were taken from us. Our trade was ruined. Our merchant marine was robbed. Millions of Germans were torn from us and abused.
            • Reparation payments were demanded of our Volk which it could not possibly have paid in a hundred years. We were all thrust into deep poverty.
            • The National Socialist Movement came into being because of this poverty
            • Our Movement came into being because of the misery this brought on. From the greatest breach of faith of all time came the events at Spa and then the shameful Diktat of Versailles.

            part 7/9

            1939.11.08 – Adolf Hitler – speech at the Burgerbräukeller
            • [One month later – talking about the war of 1914]
            • [No mention of Russia except as standing alongside against the warmongering plutocrats in control of London.]
            The forces which opposed us at the time have also engineered the present war against Germany-with the same empty phrases and the same lies
            • What brought Germany to the ground back then were the lies of our enemies. It was the same men who lied then who lie today once more, since they are the same old warmongers who already opposed Germany in the Great War.
            At the time, Mr. Churchill agitated for war. […] And it is the same Mr. Churchill who is agitating for war today
            • The lies back then were the same ones as today.
            • Why did England go to war back then? In 1914, the English claimed: Great Britain is fighting for the freedom of the small nations
            • They claimed at the time: England is fighting for justice!
            • Apparently, it was saving this for the next war! And then England was fighting for “civilization,” which can be found only in the British Isles
            • Moreover-as usual-England set out to do battle for the cause of “humanity.”
            • Humanity was stuffed into shells as gunpowder
            • We English are not fighting against the German Volk; to the contrary, we love the German Volk. We-Churchill, Chamberlain, and the others-are only fighting the regime which oppresses the German Volk. For we English have only one mission: to deliver Germany from this regime and to thereby make the German Volk happy.
            • {OMG – where I have heard that regime change rhetoric before – almost everywhere!!]
            Destitution and despair took hold of the Volk. Then followed the years of inflation, robbing the Volk of all means of sustenance, the times of rampant unemployment, of enormous numbers of suicides in Germany. In two years, we had more suicides in Germany than Americans were killed in the course of the war in the West. The National Socialist Movement came into being because of this great poverty; and from its beginnings it had to make the most difficult decisions
            • this new German Reich possesses no war aims in this struggle against England and France.
            The case of Poland proves that England is not interested in the existence of such states; otherwise it would have had to declare war on the Soviet Union as well, since Poland was divided approximately in half
            • [this could be significant because it shows that Hitler’s trust in Russia may be misplaced as they are receiving different treatment from the warmongers]
            Now that they say their only aim in this war is to finally end all wars-well, why did they begin this war in the first place? This war began solely because England so desired!
            It is the Germany of social welfare, of social equality, of the elimination of class differences-this is what they hate! They hate this Germany which in the course of seven years has labored to afford its Volksgenossen a decent life. They hate this Germany which has eliminated unemployment, which, in spite of all their wealth, they have not been able to eliminate. This Germany which grants its laborers decent housing- this is what they hate because they have a feeling their own peoples could be “infected” thereby. They hate this Germany of social legislation, this Germany which celebrates the first of May as the day of honest labor.
            • They hate this Germany which has taken up this struggle for improved living conditions. This Germany they hate! They hate this Germany, this ethnically healthy (volksgesund) Germany, where children are washed and are not full of lice, and which does not allow conditions to take hold, such as their own press now freely admits to.
            • It is their big money men, their Jewish and non-Jewish international banking barons, who hate us because they see in Germany a bad example potentially rousing other peoples, especially their own people. They hate this Germany with its young, healthy, blossoming new generation, the Germany which takes such care of the well-being of this generation.
            • England does not want peace! We heard this again yesterday.

            • I regret that France has entered the service of these British warmongers, and has allied itself with England in this manner.
            I regarded the success in arriving at an understanding with Russia not as a triumph of German politics, but as a triumph of reason

            part 8/9 …

            1939.11.23 – Adolf Hitler – speech to the OKW – Flensburg, November 23, 1939
            • [Another copy of this speech:
            • Two more weeks later, and two months since the end of hostilities with Poland]
            Russia is at present not dangerous. It is weakened by many internal conditions. Moreover, we have the Treaty with Russia.
            • Treaties, however, are kept as long as they serve a purpose. Russia will only keep it as long as Russia herself considers it to be to her benefit
            • Now Russia still has far-reaching goals, above all the strengthening of her position in the Baltic
            • [Maybe a hint there of realism with respect to Russia]
            • It is difficult to see into the future. It is a fact that at the present time the Russian Army is of little worth. For the next one or two years, the present situation will remain.
            • If the French Army marches into Belgium in order to attack us it will be too late for us. We must anticipate them

            1939.12.07 – Adolf Hitler – Germany and the Finnish Question
            • In the context of the crisis between Soviet-Russia and Finland, which has now evolved into an open conflict, numerous parties, above all the kitchen of lies (Lugenkuche) of British and French official and editorial cabinets, have attempted to implicate Germany in the events to the North.
            • They maintain that Germany is violating its apparently self-evident obligation to help Finland, a country to which it is tied by a multitude of bonds.
            • So British and French propagandists are not condemning Soviet Russia
            • [Another clue]
            • Beyond all doubt, the Nordic peoples have always occupied a special place in the hearts of Germans for historical and sentimental reasons
            • Every statement by the Third Reich was interpreted to its detriment, which was accompanied in the papers by truly incomprehensible attacks
            • This systematic rejection of everything emanating from the Third Reich
            • [See Libya, Iraq, Venezuela, Russia/Crimea and now Syria, Iran and China.]
            • The consequences of this systematic campaign against Germany in the Nordic states crystallized when, in the course of this year, Germany declared its willingness to enter into a series of non-aggression pacts with them. While pacts with Denmark and the Baltic States were concluded, Sweden, Norway, and Finland showed no interest.
            • English warmongers largely influenced the Finnish decision
            This present war has been forced on the German Volk by the British warmongers

            part 9/9 … almost there

            1940.01.01 – New Year’s Proclamation to the Party and the Wehrmacht
            • After mastering its internal divisions, National Socialist Germany has proceeded step by step to cast off its enslavement. A struggle of historically unprecedented proportions and the yearnings of a thousand years have culminated in the consolidation of the German Volk within the boundaries of the Greater German Reich. These measures have not robbed the outside world of anything. They have not done it any injury. They have but accorded the German Volk what all other peoples have long possessed
            Nevertheless, the Jewish-internationalist capitalists in connection with socially reactionary classes in the Western States have successfully roused the world democracies against Germany.
            Publication of documents on the events preceding the outbreak of the German-Polish conflict prove beyond doubt today that the English warmongers not only desired no peaceful settlement of the problem, they also did everything within their power to promote a conflict with Poland in order to free the way toward either a shaming of Germany or a declaration of war upon Poland
            • the Poland concocted by the Diktat of Versailles exists no more!
            Germans and Czechs shall live and labor peacefully next to one another in the future as they have throughout many a century in the past.
            The Non-Aggression and Mutual Assistance Pact with the Soviet Union constituted the most outstanding feature of the year now past
            From the outset, the attempt of the [Jewish] plutocratic statesmen of the West to pit Germany and Russia against each other was foiled; the desired blood-letting in both nations to the advantage of third parties was forestalled; an encirclement of Germany was prevented.
            • [Read that again]
            From the outset, the attempt of the [Jewish] plutocratic statesmen of the West to pit Germany and Russia against each other was foiled; the desired blood-letting in both nations to the advantage of third parties was forestalled; an encirclement of Germany was prevented.

            • For there is one thing we all know for certain, National Socialists: the Jewish-capitalist enemy of the world facing us knows but one goal-to destroy Germany, to destroy our German Volk!
            • The German Volk did not want this fight. Up to the very last minute, I offered my hand in friendship to England.
            However, the reactionary Jewish warmongers in the capitalist democracies were not willing to let this opportunity to destroy Germany pass: too long had they prepared for this.
            • Hence ours is a clearly defined goal in this war: Germany, and Europe moreover, must be liberated from the violating grasp, the persistent threat posed by the England of the present and of the past
            We must make a final stand to tear the weapons from the hands of these warmongers going about declaring war on everyone

            So as of New Year 1940, there was no war other than that declared by the Jewish plutocrats ruling London, and Hitler thought that Germany and Russia would stand shoulder to shoulder and defy these warmongers by insisting on peace – or so he thought.

            Read on and see where it all went south … Spoiler alert – scan on references to Molotov.


            • Thanks for posting these for examination. To me these rambling speeches reinforces my theory that Hitler was set up and entrapped by design. He is complaining about this, but perhaps doesn’t yet know he and his nation are deer in the headlights. Instead he thinks the west will fold. And France did militarily in 1940, and Britain still didn’t seek a deal.

              • I do not disagree with you RW (whether Mr. Hitler was an actor or a dupe almost seems inconsequential at this point); however, I would (very humbly) submit that Mr. Hitler thought that Britain would join him eventually or have another civil war in which Germany could support a specific side. Yet, as you pointed out the party that rose to power after the onset of war did not permit such events to take place. It seems Mr. Hitler was grasping onto an idea that had already passed him by when Churchill took over.

                Just a thought.


            • “• And now we witness how England and France are outraged at this cooperation of Germany and Russia.
              • I would like to make a declaration here: Russia remains precisely what it is, and Germany will also remain what it is. On one point there is total agreement between both regimes: neither the Russian nor the German regime wishes to sacrifice even one man to the interests of the Western democracies.”

              Yeah JS, I would say that this bit was very confusing to the Japanese High Command. They were under the impression that Germany would come eastward and they would attack westward; the goal was Russia.

              To my knowledge, neither nation wanted to have the United States enter the war. Further, as I said to RW, Mr. Hitler was hoping to side with England. The original goal was to do what Phillip K. Dick wrote about as happening to the U.S. in the Man in the High Castle, but to Russia not America.

              Of course by the time Hitler attacked Russia, the Japanese were engaged in too many theaters to even consider much of an attack on the nation’s eastern side.


        • Post 2

          Okay, I may not agree with him on just about 97% of everything; however, I would be happy to (at possible risk of life) face Sensei Putin in Kumite. Now good old SC, would not have much of a chance to win this one, but hey it would be an experience with a master of Judoka and Systema. It would be an honor to have this gentleman remind me why I like life, and who knows, maybe I would get a hit or two in (no spinning kicks where I come from):

          I bring up Mr. Putin because we share a love of marital arts and we both agree that Poland started World War II, by way of British provocateurs.

          Modern day Polish folks are wonderful, independent, kind, smart and simply wonderful to spend a dinner with. Old Poland, after the nation was created from the thin air of Versailles, was a nation controlled by the Brits. As modern Polish people know, the British created WWII by proxy through the Polish people and then punished the wonderful German people for fabricated charges (see Versailles) instigated by a scion of Queen Victoria (see Germany, WWI).

          As we all know here at WW, most of the German citizens had no faith in gimpy (the German WWI leader) when he inserted Germany into WWI. The Brits manipulated Germany into the war though Victoria, and basically cousins (of a certain class) decided to turn a “b*tch fight” into a more serious event, which killed millions and disrupted the fabric of society (please recall “CHANGE” not hope, is the ultimate psyop — when you add “hope” to “change” you have a prfect combination for snake oil).

          Back to JS:

          “One key element of the Diktat of Versailles was what Germany had to accept exclusive blame for WWI and pay extortionate reparations – equivalent to the entire wealth of the country – even though the other principal belligerents England, France and Russia were equally, if not more blameworthy.”

          Yes, and that is how you know that “The City” is in charge. The BOE was taken over by the Rothschild family after Waterloo; hence they owned The City after that battle. So the terms were dictated by Britain or rather The City and they were onerous to permit the corporate raiders into (although then they were referred to as “Merchant Bankers”) Austria, Germany and Hungary (as well as Turkey, North Africa and the Middle East — please do not forget the 14 points). Amerika got its first chair at the “grown-ups” table and it was dominated by E, Mandell (dipsh*t extraordinaire, and consummate “Administrator”) House, with a or both Dulles brothers sitting in “high chairs of destiny”.

          As we know from history, Germany was the only nation to refuse these financial raiders after a time (hence the rise of the SA and then the full Nazi party), which was extremely prudent. Being sucked into a war or multiple wars was not too wise, but that whole conversation requires another thread

          (Why didn’t Mr. Hitler and Mr. Roosevelt ever decide to meet and simply talk things over? Mr. Roosevelt, gladly, met Mr. Stalin and Mr. Hitler, gladly, met Benito [both met with many leaders]? Why did they not simply discuss ideas with one another? Well Simple, the tragedy does not work so well, if we all agree on PEACE and go home!)

          As for:

          “But Shandong to Japan!?”

          Well now I think you are being too kind to me with this one. As you well know, I cannot comment on the classical music of NK; however, this one I can work with.

          Without getting into the fact that “Han shot first” (in other words, the Chinese invaded Nippon in first [in history], after the Japanese had attributed to them a divine connection in source of history and the Mongolian invasion was attributed to the Chinese) as a concept, the fact remains that we should consider ye olde Britain in this whole mess.

          Yes, we barbaric Americans forced open a nation, against its own will. Quite simply (disregard the John Wayne film on the topic), WE WERE WRONG AND HYPOCRITICAL! Yet, after we sold the weapons and trained the infantry to wipe out the samurai, we actually backed off to a large extent. Enter the Brits.

          When you look at the war between Japan and Russia, please think the Brits. When you think about transferring the property of the German (whom they always envied) to Japan for “sticking it to the Russians”, please consider the Brits. Honestly (my humble opinion) had Rome not (quite literally) saved them , then they would all be speaking Gaelic.

          Shandong to Japan was The City and, as a result, British calculus of the most rudimentary, Imperialistic, kind.


  9. This is what I know, I could be wrong but when Hitler said he wanted peace, I believe it simply because of the available documents, for example the Schlegelberger document clearly states that he wanted to wait until after the war to take care of the Jewish problem, not during, that changes the whole idea we had about that question.

    Hitler was a brilliant man totally dedicated to the well being of the German people but contrary to general belief he was... just a man, he didn't hypnotize anyone. To understand the whole Jewish and financial reality of NS Germany one has to look at the Weimar Republic inter-war period, the first time Germany was somehow democratic... and they hated it!. Now for those who haven't yet you should listen to Benjamin Freedman's 1961 Speech at the Willard Hotel in Washington.

    Benjamin Freedman’s Speech with Images

    Sir Arthur Bryant, a respected British historian, explained in his book, "Unfinished Victory" 1940, that although Jews made up less than 2% of the German population, they controlled 57% of the metal trade, 22% of grain, 39% of the textile trade, more than 50% of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and an amazing 1,200 of the 1,474 members of the German Stock Exchange were Jewish and where it really hurt, German banking and finance was almost under the total control of powerful International Jewish Financiers.

    It was estimated that during the Weimar Republic, the average income of the Jews was three times that of non-Jews so while the German Volk was starving to death, the Jewish crowd was buying Germany for pennies on the dollar. THAT created enormous resentment and it is the basis for what is now considered as baseless anti-Semitism, in fact, there was a damn good reason for it but don't go away, there's more:

    How would you feel if the Jews of the world declared war on you as soon as you're elected? Not a good thing you say? Obviously. Now how about if they organized a worldwide boycott of German goods to starve your people... AGAIN! That's where the German economists had to be creative and they were.

    Judea Declares War on Germany

    Of course the German Jews saw that boycott as a very bad idea as a way to stay healthy so they wrote an official protest and found a group of Zionists who were willing to collaborate with the NS in a project called "The Transfer Agreement" where the Jews who moved to Palestine ended up buying tons of needed construction material for the future state, all reimbursed by the Zionists as soon as they got to Palestine, A FORM OF BARTER, and that's how Germany got her economy going again without being controlled by a privately owned central bank. The countries with which Germany did barter business with loved it, of course, and many continued to do so after the war.

    As for the Jews there were 150,000 fighting in the German army and all those who found a way to be useful to the Reich and were willing to deal with the restrictions were welcome to stay, the restrictions were only for the duration of the war and all quarter Jews were going to become full Aryan breed after the war as well. The Jews who ended up in the camps were the communists, those who agreed with the boycott and the trouble makers who refused to participate to the war effort. In only a few years the NS took the worst economy in Europe and made it the most prosperous in the world, created 5... no, 6 million jobs and Hitler became an international star, making the man of the Year of Time magazine twice.

    Of course, that was not going to be tolerated by the bankers, there was a rumor that many other states were thinking about adopting a similar system so their when they realized that their worldwide monopoly was at risk, they took the proper measures, bought the right people including Roosevelt, Churchill, Eisenhower, Truman and Stalin who, being all half Jewish, weren't very hard to convince. The destruction of Germany was ordered and generously paid for, we all know the rest.

    So, yes Hitler believed in peace and if he had had his way, communism would have been eliminated, no invasion of Europe after the war, no cold war, no nuclear weapons escalation, no US military empire and no more privately owned central banks taking for themselves about 40% of the economy of the world, the only thing that would have been needed to achieve this is a little logic, that the western powers allied with Germany rather than with the brutal genocidal communist system of the Bolsheviks.

    It did come close when Viscount Halifax challenged Churchill to consider one of Hitler’s peace offers, sadly through one of his vicious manipulations Churchill won the day and 70 million people died as a result of Churchill being deeply in debt to a Group of notorious anti-German filthy rich Jews called “The Focus”.

    The 1940 War Cabinet Crisis

    The Hope: Churchill & the Jews

    What The Jews Did To Germany and Now in the USA

    Hitler’s Peace Plans

    What The World Rejected: Hitler’s Peace Offers 1933-1940

    Hyperinflation in Weimar Germany

    1938 News Report: Financial War on “Anti-Semitic States” for
    “Persecuting Jewish FINANCIERS”

    The Secret Stalin-Churchill Pact (Bolshevik Horrors)


    "Hitler and the German people didn't want this war. We didn't answer Hitler's various petitions for peace. Now we have to admit that he was right. Instead of a cooperation with Germany, which he had offered us, now stands the gigantic, imperialistic might of the Soviets. I feel ashamed to see how the same intentions which we accused Hitler of now are pursued under a different name."
    - Sir Hartley Shawcross, British chief-accuser in Nurenberg

    "We could have, if we had intended so, prevented this war from breaking out without doing one shot, but we didn't want to."
    - Winston Churchill to Truman (March 1946)

    "Germany's unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up its own exchange system from which the world-finance couldn't profit anymore".
    - Winston Churchill, The second World War (Bern, 1960)

  10. You know, I was getting a little glum today when thinking about this thread. Honestly, I think everyone who has come through here has put forth excellent posts, responses, links, analysis, and resource suggestions. Even when I disagree with a perspective, I still firmly believe that an excellent and wide amount of participation has made this thread rather exceptional, beyond the great writing that forms its basis. Yet, I still find myself a little gloomy, a little melancholy, and a little down as I give more thought to the entire subject.

    My issue (I think) stems from the fact that I can no longer find a single, national, leader both leading up to and during World War II that I can honestly respect. As a child, I was very well indoctrinated / schooled in the “cult of personality” and taught who the “good guys” were and who the “bad guys” were. It was black and white, night and day, and / or Allied Forces versus Axis Powers or an Axis of Evil if you will.

    Then I grew older, enjoyed reading and historical research, which began the rise of a contrarian perspective. Initially, I began to think well the Japanese were not all that bad, I mean it was the Chinese who had first attacked Nippon first in history, so it was only right that the Japanese should at some point show China they would not be bullied anymore. Also, it was the United States who bullied them to attack Pearl Harbor. They really are / were just misunderstood. Other opinions followed suit for both Germany and even Italy (I mean unifying that state must have been extremely hard to do with its history and all).

    Then I got mad at having once “liked Ike” (even wrote a book report about him in grammar school), because he quite literally tortured German prisoners. The Marshall Plan was utilized to create control mechanisms in Europe and push dollar hegemony, while establishing the American Empire as the new power “on the block”. Things like these historical events really bothered me. Heroes were becoming villains and villains were becoming less villainous. Now there was room for gray.

    Then we began reading and speaking about this thread, and something new hit me today. Every single leader in this conflict was guilty; guilty of lying, guilty of murder, guilty of destruction, guilty of war crimes, guilty of avarice and just plain EVIL men who really changed the world for the worst through their decisions and actions. That is when it hit me that there was not a single leader in the war that I did not have an issue with (accept maybe General Patton – he might get a pass).

    In order to lift myself out of this mood, I began to think about personal ads for a laugh. You know MR. X looking for a FINE LADY. A fine stud with A, B, C attributes, single and ready to mingle. You see the idea occurred to me, what if the more commonly know leaders had personal ads seeking your support, your vote, a date, and / or your consideration. Would you give it based on the qualities of these men?

    For instance:

    Wealthy crippled man guilty of incest, potentially guilty of statutory rape, descendant of a drug cartel, descendant of a central banker, chronic smoker, alcoholic, philanderer, known liar, has strong communist sympathies, suffers from narcissism, with poor eyesight, low testosterone, an inability to perform in any more intimate or even violent deeds of a sexual nature due to disease, SEEKS YOUR VOTE TO:


    For a complete understanding of the term “wandering PP”, please see the following video:

    Okay let’s try another:

    Formerly gay, failed artist with a “background” as an international gentleman of Austrian province seeks mannish lady friend as a “beard”. Must be vegetarian, must not smoke, must not drink, and must like going to bed early. Any variations or violations of such qualities may result in your own suicide under questionable circumstances.

    Should also love book burning, the enslavement of the “great unwashed” (definition of which groups change regularly, so check in frequently), WAR, gold acquisitions through adverse possession, property acquisitions through adverse possessions, have a desire to form a more perfect union with our Aryan brothers across Europe (one might even call it a “European Union”), lots of beige clothing, some white clothing, lots of black clothing, red arm bands, shiny black boots, Mercedes Benz vehicles, Volkswagen vehicles and double breasted coats.

    No need for sweet affections or nicknames; simply call me Mein Fuehrer and be prepared to fall in love with a Taurus, who is a straight up SINGLE BALLER and PARTY FREAK!

    It helps if you enjoy fluoride in your water and have an appreciation for the finer weapons of mass destruction.

    Now I was going to do ones for Stalin, the Emperor, Mussolini, and Churchill; however, this is getting long and I still have so other posts to review / respond to. One observation that was consistent: EACH OF THESE COMBATANTS HAD MOMMY ISSUES; ALL OF THEM. So here you have grown “man children” with “mommy issues” commanding vast war machines and sending loads of people to their deaths. Pathetic!

    We should have skipped the war, broke bread, had a good talk, maybe a hug and hung every single one of these mtherfckers!

    I know, I know, easy for Simple to say since he was not there…yeah, you definitely have a very good point.


    • Ha ha ha, hilarious, only one problem: the single baller… prove it!

      Indeed, that war would have been so easy to avoid, if only… And as I always said, if women had been allowed to be part of high command, the Allies would have been greeted on the beaches of Normandy with hot tea and a warm cinnamon bun, pity!

      Here, if you ever do Montgomery…
      Monty’s Boy

      • Nice try though, the doctors disagree and the record has disappeared,,, BUT it’s Hitler, ha can take it.
        You should try his psychiatric evaluations done in absentia with strange data by the most biased least credible fakirs ever seen, both the CIA and MI6 each did one.

        • Rosie,

          Thanks; I think we are going to have to agree that I will need a time machine to prove this one. Now I have always liked these:

          and I know I could then go to 1930s Germany, but I do not think the misses will let me get one. To my knowledge they come with a few keys of cocaine in them, and I just think she would prefer that I did not do “hard time” for possession.

          I will look up those evaluations; must be hilarious. Listen, I may not agree with everything you have posted based on my own opinion (which I think is healthy for us both); however, I DEEPLY RESPECT YOUR PERSPECTIVE AND EVERYTHING YOU HAVE WRITTEN HERE.

          You have an excellent writing style and wonderful research skills. Thanks for all the conversation. Please be well.


          P.S. Between your response here and Torchy’s post on today’s thread, I have nearly choked on my coffee twice from laughing so hard.


    German White Book , Communications Between Officials Before the War

    No. 206

    The German Ambassador in Warsaw fo Foreign Office Telegram
    Warsaw, Match 24, 1939

    The calling up of reserves already reported points to the growing

    influence of military circles upon the conduct of Polish foreign policy.
    For the time tring, the Foreign Minister is still in a strong position, as
    is evident from the arrest of Mackiewicz. a prominent editor, who,
    although an adherent of Pilsudski’s, has become a bitter opponent of
    M. Beck. It is to be feared, however, that M. Beck will adopt a more
    extreme course if the threatening wave of Nationalist feeling cornpcls
    him to do so.
    As to British suggestions, which have motivated the British
    Ambassador’s repeated calls at the Foreign Ministry during the past
    few days, nothing definite has so far become known. Therefore it is
    impossible to say whether Polish mobilization measures were influenced by this British action, or not. A remark made by M. Arcizewiski, Under-Secretary of State, to some diplomats here, seems worth repeating in this connection. Amid various deprecatory remarks about Britain and France, who without running any risks themselves, had attempted time and again to utilize Poland for ends other than her own.

    No. 207 SECRET

    Director of the Political Department at the Foreign Office

    Memorandum Berlin, March 25, 1939

    The High Command of the Army called me by telephone at 11 a. m. today and gave me the following information regarding Polish mo­bilization measures:
    1. About 4,000 Polish troops have been concentrated near Gdynia.
    2. The force of a garrison hitherto stationed in the southern part of
    the Corridor have been transferred to the immediate vicinity of the
    Danzig frontier.
    3. Poland has mobilized three classes.
    All these measures are reported to apply to the northern part of Poland
    only; in other parts of the country the extent of military measures taken
    was not yet dearly determin

    No. 208

    Conversation of the German Foreign Minister With the Polish Ambassador,
    March 26, 1939

    I received M. Lipski, the Polish Ambassador, at 12:30 p. m. today. Ambassador Lipski handed me the Polish Government's memorandum here enclosed, which I read in his presence. Having taken note of its contents I replied to Ambassador Lipski that, in my personal opinion, the Polish attitude could not be considered a suitable basis for a solution of the German-Polish question. The only possible solution of the problem was the reunion of Danzig with the Reich and the construction of an extra-territorial motor-road and railway connection between the Reich and East Prussia.

      M. Lipski replied that it was his painful duty to draw attention to the fact that any further pursuance of these German plans, especially where the return of Danzig to
    the Reich was concerned, meant war with Poland.
    I then drew Ambassador Lipski’s attention to the reports in hand respecting the concentration of Polish troops, and warned him of the possible consequence. The Polish attitude seemed to me a peculiar reply to my recent offer of a final adjustment of German-Polish relations. If things continued like this a serious situation might soon arise.
    I was in a position to tell Ambassador Lipski that such action as, for example, a violation of Danzig territory by Polish troops, would be regarded by Germany in the same light as a violation of the frontiers of the Reich. Ambassador Lipski emphatically denied that Poland had any military designs upon Danzig. The movements of military units carried out by Poland were merely precautionary measures.
    I then asked Ambassador Lipski whether the Polish Government would not reconsider the German proposals as soon as the situation had become somewhat calmer, so that a solution might be reached on the basis we proposed, namely the re-union of Danzig with the Reich and an extra­ territorial motor-road and railway connection.

    Ambassador Lipski gave an evasive answer and referred once more to the Memorandum he had handed me.

    I replied to Ambassador Lipski that I would first of all report to the Fuehrer. My chief concern was to prevent the Fuehrer from gaining the impression that Poland simply did not want to come to an end.

    von Ribbentrop

    ...and so on, and so on up to the horrific murders of ethnic Germans, the Polish mobilization, incursions and attacks on Germany's side of the border, still refusing to negotiate and finally the German invasion,
    1st September 1939.

    Excerpts from the German White Book. Compiled and published by the
    German Foreign Office Page 215


    Order # 1 Invasion of Poland, 31 August 1939

    Since the situation on Germany’s Eastern frontier has become intolerable and all political possibilities of peaceful settlement have been exhausted, I have decided upon a solution by force.

    2 The attack on Poland will be undertaken in accordance with the preparations made for ‘Case White’, with such variations as may be necessitated by the build-up of the Army which is now virtually complete.
    The allocation of tanks and the purpose of the operation remain unchanged.
    Date of attack 1st September 1939.
    This time also applies to operations at Gdynia, in the Bay of Danzig, and at the Dirschau bridge.

    In the West it is important to leave the responsibility for opening hostilities unmistakably to England and France. Minor violations of the frontier will be dealt with, for the time being, purely as local incidents.
    The assurances of neutrality given by us to Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland are to be meticulously observed.
    The Western frontier of Germany will not be crossed by land at any point without my explicit orders.
    This applies also to all acts of warfare at sea or to acts which might be regarded, as such.

    The defensive activity of the Air Force will be restricted for the time being to the firm repulse of enemy air attacks on the frontiers of the Reich. In taking action against individual aircraft or small formations, care will be taken to respect the frontiers of neutral countries as far as possible. Only if considerable forces of French or British bombers are employed against German territory across neutral areas will the Air Force be permitted to go into defensive action over neutral soil.
    It is particularly important that any infringement of the neutrality of other states by our Western enemies be immediately reported to the High Command of the Armed Forces.

    Should England and France open hostilities against Germany, it will be the duty of the Armed Forces operating in the West, while conserving their strength as much as possible, to maintain conditions for the successful conclusion of operations against Poland. Within these limits enemy forces and war potential will be damaged as much as possible. The right to order offensive operations is reserved absolutely to me.

    The Army will occupy the West Wall and will take steps to secure it from being outflanked in the north, through the violation by the Western powers of Belgian or Dutch territory. Should French forces invade Luxembourg the bridges on the frontier may be blown up.

    The Navy will operate against merchant shipping, with England as the focal point. In order to increase the effect, the declaration of danger zones may be expected. The Naval High Command will report on the areas which it is desirable to classify as danger zones and on their extent. The text of a public declaration in this matter is to be drawn up in collaboration with the Foreign Office and to be submitted to me for approval through the High Command of the Armed Forces.

    The Baltic Sea is to be secured against enemy intrusion. Commander-in-Chief Navy1 will decide whether the entrances to the Baltic should be mined for this purpose.

    The Air Force is, first of all, to prevent action by the French and English Air Forces against the German Army and German territory.
    In operations against England the task of the Air Force is to take measures to dislocate English imports, the armaments industry, and the transport of troops to France. Any favourable opportunity of an effective attack on concentrated units of the English Navy, particularly on battleships or aircraft carriers, will be exploited. The decision regarding attacks on London is reserved to me.

    Attacks on the English homeland are to be prepared, bearing in mind that inconclusive results with insufficient forces are to be avoided in all circumstances.

    signed: ADOLF HITLER

    A little copy/paste and a good coffee to start the day, AHHH...

    Now, time to analyse a little shall we?

    Hitler seems to have planned for the possible immediate attack of France and Britain and since he suspected that they were also going to declare war on Germany, I think he was trying very hard to avoid the mistake of WW1, the blame clause.

    It appears like he is going to let them lay the blame on themselves, so this time, he intends to avoid by any means the terrible consequences of shouldering the whole damn thing, guilty or not.

    So, I think we're dealing with one wise dude here, could it be that he is the one playing de Ropp like a fiddle? Could his opening his heart and revealing all his plans loud and clear simply be a subterfuge to lead fat boy in the wrong direction? Hummmmmmm...

    "We will force this war upon Hitler, whether he wants it or not."
    - Winston Churchill (1936 broadcast)

  12. Not directly on topic but topical, and certainly contextual nonetheless.

    This is a great presentation by Daniel Dumbrill. Please review his channel if you haven’t met him before.

    • New Atrocity Consent Manufacturing Propaganda For America’s Next/Post-Afghanistan War

    Watch that first, then reflect on this:

    “Facts must be distorted, relevant circumstances concealed and a picture presented which by its crude colouring will persuade the ignorant people that their Government is blameless, their cause is righteous, and that the indisputable wickedness of the enemy has been proved beyond question.“

    “Departments have to be created to see to the psychological side. People must never be allowed to become despondent; so victories must be exaggerated and defeats, if not concealed, at any rate minimized, and the stimulus of indignation, horror, and hatred must be assiduously and continuously pumped into the public mind by means of “propaganda.

    “… the injection of the poison of hatred into men’s minds by means of falsehood is a greater evil in wartime than the actual loss of life. The defilement of the human soul is worse than the destruction of the human body.

    Read on … (please do – and share this resource)

    • Falsehood of War-Time – Arthur Ponsonby

    (Ponsonby was writing in 1928 about WWI, so none of this was new and original)

    and then this …

    “Atrocity propaganda is how we won the war. And we’re only really beginning with it now! We will continue this atrocity propaganda, we will escalate it until nobody will accept even a good word from the Germans, until all the sympathy they may still have abroad will have been destroyed and they themselves will be so confused that they will no longer know what they are doing. Once that has been achieved, once they begin to run down their own country and their own people, not reluctantly but with eagerness to please the victors, only then will our victory be complete. It will never be final.

    Re-education needs careful tending, like an English lawn. Even one moment of negligence and the weeds crop up again – those historical weeds of historical truth.”

    … Sefton Delmer – former Jewish British/Australian chief of ‘Black propaganda’ in a conversation with Dr Friedrich Grimm (German Professor of International Law)

  13. The replies to this post were much more enjoyable than the article, and up until this article I would say I was a big fan of Russ and his work. I enjoy hearing him on various Rev radio shows, and have had this site open of my browser for a few years now, but get rather triggered when people with such an audience and reputation go down this road.
    I have been researching the NSDAP for a few decades, lived in Germany, and had a now disappeared website, American National Socialist , with thousand of readers. So I will be the first to admit that there is some emotional defense, hence being triggered, but this Rakovsky charter has been discredited, and I wish I could remember off the top of my head where that was, perhaps Dr. Johnson, or The Barnes Review, and no one denies that there were a lot of traitors in the Third Reich, but to suggest that Hitler was a dupped puppet is flat out ridiculous. It seems to me that Russ is now chasing shadows.
    I don’t know if Schacht was a Mason, and no evidence was provided, but even if it were true, they are pretty harmless until they reach 33rd degree, and during that time period the SD were investigating Masons and activist clergy more than they were Jews. I think perhaps a basic economic primer on his monetary reforms would be helpful to interject in this discussion.

    For argument sake, if some of this posit is true, what exactly does it hope to accomplish by discrediting the one man and movement in modern history that were precise, and articulate enough to name the problems, and then bravely take them on with dedicated resolve. Offering economic and cultural solution in a grounded holistic manner is exactly what Asha Logos is suggesting in his videos, which Russ claims to be inspired by.
    Befuddled that someone I thought was clued in would try to make such an argument, which is clearly not his area of expertise, makes me call into question all of the other articles on topics I am not as well versed in. Perhaps it is time to retire this browser tab.

    • You may be befuddled and going away, but that’s not stopping my pursuit of the truth whether you can it handle it or not.

      And I am likely not done with the topic either. Am going to read a few books (Hitler’s Traitor is one) before writing more. But among Hitler’s most egregious travesties of all was being a meth-head.

      Major Cortez Enloe of American Military Intelligence contributed to Collier’s, one of the two leading and most widely circulated weekly magazines, an article, published in the issue for 4 May 1946, in which he stated that “there is some evidence that Himmler, the Gestapo chief, Martin Bormann, Hitler’s executive officers, and the ill-famed Dr. Morell conspired in a plot slowly to poison the Führer…It is certain that the daily dose of drugs hastened the collapse of Hitler’s personality.”

      Then in his drugged induced state he was completely controlled by Martin Bormann. Bormann has to rank as one of if not the number one villain and sinister characters of all time. I touched on him down in the comments.

      I can’t see how the Hitler fan club can conceivably defend this aspect even if you totally reject my bankster theory. The man blocked Hitler’s access to any one decent and sane. He blocked good intel and fed Der Failure with recipes for disaster. I suggest deliberately. He brought in the worst of the worst kakistocracy to run operations (mostly looting) such as administration of the eastern occupied zones. At every turn Bormann worked overtime to bring about the worst outcome for humanity imaginable.

      This in turn has opened the way to the guilt tripping of a whole race and later generations of people who are not responsible for the acts of drugged Hitler and sinister Bormann. It was a classic hijacking, a concept that I dwell on constantly on these pages. Hijacking is still going on big time.

      • I, too, appreciate this site. But in this case, you are simply believing jewish lies.

        To me, it is detrimental to anyone searching for truth (as you suggest).

        And the fact that you use “fan club” causes me to think there is something more than you just being wrong-headed about this subject. My research has shown me the exact opposite of what the jews told you.

        You seem to want to double down. Do so without any more of my participation.

        Take care. It was good for a while.

        • Clemson and B’Man,


          All of us knows that it is fine to disagree on WW and have dialogues to discuss our perspectives, learn from one another, maybe still not agree, and grow in our own research. We are all seeking some truth here and trying to help one another do the same, BUT BE POLITE!

          You do not come on WW and start attacking the man who provides the forum, personally. RW does this work out of pure passion and a desire to help us all think on deeper topics; he gains nothing from his labors and is not trying to make believers out of anyone. He is trying to inspire and get us all to use our own talents to at least consider the world around us, our history and where we are headed. Coming here to just attack his work is selfish and the mark of true low lifes who have no appreciation for anything but their own myopic thinking.

          Clemson, I do not know you, have never noticed you before on WW, and do not think you are a good fit for hanging around here. It is blatantly obvious that you have not done a whole lot of reading of all that WW has to offer, but twisted a thread to blather on about a topic you have so little comprehension of.

          B’Man you are breaking my heart here because we were getting on really well and I like most of what you wrote. We do not agree on many things, but you were decent in allowing us both to share our perspectives and just enjoy a civilized discussion. To go after RW, personally, was petty and reprehensible. What the f*ck changed over your weekend for you to go from a gentleman presenting himself reasonably, to a PRICK who attacks the creator of this forum?

          I will pray for both of you, because perhaps something outside of WW affected your input here; however, I agree with RW:


          We can all passionately disagree here and have mile long conversations to “fight our respective corners”; however, we need to do so with an understanding that we can be polite to one another in our disagreements. WW is a valuable tool to allow us to learn and grow in our understanding of the world we live in, let’s not f*ck it up by acting like grown children.

          It is not like RW, Torchy and / or Mr. Mueller get a nickel from the operation of this website and all of their labor; we should give them the thanks and respect they deserve for producing Winter Watch day in and day out.

          As for everyone else here, you know I love you all and have a “blast” in our conversations, no matter what we have as commonalities or differences. You are all in my good thoughts and prayers, every day, and I appreciate that all of you showing up here to help me think, learn, consider and be inspired.

          All my best,
          Simple Citizen

          • I hope these guys can up their game a notch beyond calling everything that doesn’t fit their zeitgeist Jew lies. Such lies exist for sure, but I don’t think using this as ad homeniums should be the cornerstone of ones debate method. They even dismissed the great Henry Makow with this. When in doubt they levied this against gentiles. And I saw no datapoints. It is as bad as the leftists calling those who don’t check their boxes neo-nazis. Weak, just weak.

            • Wow, spirits heated up here since last time. I consider myself as a Hitler fan but I always avoid certainty like the pest in my research and my communications, nothing can break a good discussion, a fruitful sharing of or even a lovely clash of ideas but the worst, if we are not careful it can easily ruin a precious friendship. Unfortunately it seems to be a sign of the times that the radicalisation of ideas in pretty much every domain makes disagreeing joyfully extremely difficult nowadays if not impossible and it’s all because of the FK LEFTISTS, they all want to destroy the world…

              He he, did you believe me? Anyway, I do not agree with WW’s banksters theory but until it is proven wrong dismissing it completely wouldn’t make sense so it is not an option,. I really enjoy the quality and the diversity of the interventions here so if we’re welcome to stay me and my totally irrational but highly enjoyable NS fanhood, we’re staying.
              Cheers, Rosie.

              “Germany’s unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up its own exchange system from which the world-finance couldn’t profit anymore”.

              - Winston Churchill, The second World War (Bern, 1960)

              How can this guy be an idiot! : )


              • The slave trade is not something I have studied much but I always had the vague impression that it was a political/racial issue rather than historical fact, I will research that right now, maybe there are documents, old contracts or something and I’ll get back to you. Cheers,

  14. Hitler did offer Poland a military alliance against the Soviet Union in the 1930s and they refused. Instead of coming to an agreement with their German neighbor the Poles entered into an alliance with Britain which left them in the lurch in 1939 and totally betrayed them to Stalin in 1945.
    I would also point out Roosevelt’s interference in Polish-German affairs. He was telling the Poles not to negotiate over Danzig and even promised military aid behind the backs of Congress.

    Why Germany Signed The Non Aggression Pact With The USSR

    • Thank you Les – saved for perusal later.

      Just to add to the dossier, while I don’t actually agree with Geoffrey Roberts’ thesis and conclusion regarding “Moscow’s passivity and indecisiveness” here is a valuable paper on this topic.

      • The Soviet Decision for a Pact with Nazi Germany – Geoffrey Roberts

      I have scribbles all over my printed copy emphasising valuable bits of information as well as highlighting what I feel are inconsistencies and/or ‘errors’ but it adds a number of valuable details including quoted passages relating to this topic, including and especially Ribbentrop’s telegraphed communication to Schulenburg on 3 September 1939 on page 73. (The document starts on P57 of “Soviet Studies, Volume 44, No. 1, 1992, Pp 57-78”.)

      • With regards to Roosevelt he was communicating with Churchill in 1939-40 even before the latter became prime minister. A clerk at the US embassy in London – Tyler Kent – had kept copies of their warmongering correspondence and was about to go public when he was arrested by the British secret service. If this information had gone public I doubt FDR would have run for president in the 1940 election because he would have been a liability to the Democratic Party. Roosevelt was a pathological liar – telling the American people he supported neutrality and non intervention while in private doing everything possible to embroil the US in the conflict.

        • Tyler Kent, ALRIGHT, someone knows about him!!! Indeed, if all the papers he had collected had gone public there would have been no war, no communist takeover of Eastern Europe, no destruction of Germany and the murder of 16 million of them, most after the war, no cold war, no nuclear escalation, we may even possibly have been able to close off all privately owned central banks including the FED, self financial control being one of the basis of national socialism and a well organized well implemented system of barter saving the world about 40% on all their transactions both internal AND international, in fact, I can’t wait for the horrific lies still being propagated today about that sad period of our no so distant past to stop and justice being done to the real victims of those two insanely murderous wars instigated and fought by old European empires to prevent a much too prosperous newcomer from taking too big a share of international commerce, even the mighty US was afraid of little Germany, FDR was not an ideological man, he wanted to be remembered as the savior who took the US out of the depression and he kind of succeeded, copying many of the measures put in place in Germany first like THE NEW DEAL! Yeah right. Unfortunately the papers Tyler Kent had saved are forever boxed up in some dept. of injustice in England but a BBC team found him living in the US deep south and made a more then interesting interview with him, enjoy:



          PS: I am not providing the results of my research as a means to start a conflict with anyone, this is strictly sharing material, no hidden intention here… good. : )

  15. Throughout the 1930s, Hitler was duped into persevering in his desire for friendship with England, an alliance originally proposed jointly by Theodore
    Roosevelt and the Kaiser in 1898 between the three Nordic powers, England,feating Germany and the United States. The Schroders assured Hitler than their AngloGerman Fellowship in England was a hundred times more influential than it actually was. With such figures as the Astors and the Chamberlains supporting rapport with
    Germany, Hitler was persuaded that war with England was impossible. In 1933 he had announced his discovery that Marx, Lenin and Stalin had all said that before
    international Communism could triumph, England and her Empire must be destroyed. “I am willing to help defend the British Empire by force if called upon,” he
    declared. In 1936, Hitler arranged for meetings to take place between English and German diplomats, but the desired result was never attained, as the British had only one goal, to lull Hitler into a sense of false security until they could declare waragainst him.
    To lure Hitler into World War II, it was necessary to guarantee him adequate supplies of such necessities as ball bearings and oil. Jacob Wallenberg of the Swedish Enskilda Bank, which controlled the giant SKF ball bearing plant, furnished ball bearings to the Nazis throughout the war. The anti aircraft guns sending flak against American air crews turned on SKF ball bearings. Its American plant, SKF of Philadelphia, was repeatedly put on the Proclaimed List, and each time, Dean
    Acheson removed it.President William S. Farish of Standard Oil refueled Nazi ships and submarines through stations in Spain and Latin America. When Queen Elizabeth recently came to the U.S., the only family she visited was the Farishes. Throughout the war, the British paid royalty to Ethyl Standard Corp. on the gasoline used by German bombers who were destroying London. The money was placed in Farben bank accounts until after the war. I.G. Farben was organized by the Warburgs in 1925 as
    a merger between six giant German chemical companies, Badische Anilin, Bayer,Agfa, Hoechst, Welierter-Meer, and GriesheimElektron. Max Warburg was director of I.G. Farben, Germany, and I.G. Chemie, Switzerland. American I.G. Farben wascontrolled by his brother, Paul, architect of the Federal Reserve System, Walter Teagle of Standard Oil, and Charles Mitchell of National City Bank. Just before World War II broke out, Ethyl Standard shipped 500 tons of ethyl lead to the Reich Air Ministry through I.G. Farben, with payment secured by letter of Brown Bros.Harriman dated Sept. 21, 1938. Throughout World War II, the Paris branches of J.P. Morgan and Chase National Bank continued to do business as usual. At the end of the war, occupation authorities repeatedly issued orders to dismantle I.G. Farben plants, but were countermanded by Gen. William Draper of Dillon Read, which had financed
    German rearmament in the 1920s. Winston Churchill remarked of this “managed conflict” in 1945, just before it ended, “There never was a war more easy to stop.” P67

  16. One feature about the Versailles Conference has been kept secret by those
    who possess the power to keep things from the public or to proclaim things from
    the house tops. It is this: All important decisions were taken by the “Big Four” –
    Britain, France, Italy and the U.S.A., represented respectively by Mr. Lloyd
    George, M. Clemenceau, Baron Sonino and President Wilson. So much is
    known. What is not known is that the secretary of Mr. Lloyd George was the
    Jew Sassoon ; of M. Clemenceau the Jew Mandel Rothschild, now known as
    Mandel ; Baron Sonino was himself half a Jew: and President Wilson had the
    Jew Brandeis ; the interpreter was another Jew named Mantoux ; and the
    Military Adviser yet another Jew called Kish. P44

  17. The post and the comments were good reading for sure. My take was that Zionists had arrived at a point in history where they could implement a massive global plan leading to the formation of the nation of Israel, think Theodore Herzl. It certainly helps if you are open to the thought of Satanic influence. WWI was part of the plan and after Versailles was ratified Germany was financially, militarily, and spiritually wasted. Fast forward to 1936 and the Berlin summer games of Jesse Owens lore and Hitler had a huge army, tanks, submarines, bombers, and fighter planes. He was working on jet engines and nuclear fission. I submit that international banking who financed him is equally as guilty of all the bad that happened in WWII. The Zionists goals were realized by destroying a nationalist people the Germans, they got Israel in 1948, earned big bucks from all sides, and sacrificed millions and millions of humans to their God Satan.
    Today we can see the exact same playbook. Our congress and presidents serve International finance and not the interests of the constitution, the private property of the USA, and its citizens and legal residents. We just removed Kahn as prime minister of Pakistan because he wouldn’t play ball against Putin. All of NATO and the US and Israel are engaged in canceling the whole country of Russia. Putin is not a nice guy, and he may be engaged in a ruse to facilitate WWIII, but the rest of the west does not even hide their wreck less, fascist, wanton for destruction.
    International finance (Kabbalist/Talmudists) control news, education, political, judiciary, and social media. Now we see that they control big pharma.
    Muslims, Christians, and Kabbalists all have specific eschatologies and are forcing events to fulfill these spiritual agendas. As for me the nuts and bolts aren’t as interesting as the big picture. Hitler was a tool as were the rest of the global leaders, and whether it was 60,000 or 6 million Jews that were fed through some gas chambers, the ilk that did that are doing it right now in Ukraine. There are 2 kingdoms, the kingdom of God and his Messiah, and the Kingdom of man.

  18. You have overthought this whole subject, Russ. It comes down to Good versus Evil. There is no need to read any books on the subject, or even to be able to read.

    Just look at images of German and Austro-Hungarian aircraft of WW1. What symbols do they bear on their now ancient wings? The Christian cross. What symbol did the English, French and American planes wear? The All-Seeing Eye.

    Look at German armored vehicles of WW2- they wear the cross. The Soviet tanks? The red pentagram, symbol of the Devil.
    Where was the the great invasion planned, the invasion that wrecked Europe?
    In the Devils House, the worlds largest red pentagram. When did this invasion take place? On the 6th hour of the 6th day of the 6th month.

  19. Excellent article, and great observation in the opening about Hitler’s unhinged megalomania.

    A few years back, long before all this crazed “white supremacy” psy-op, I took the time to read Mein Kampf mainly out of curiosity as I have zero interest and regard for either Hitler or the National Socialists.

    Boy oh boy! It was the most painful experience of my life, even more agonizing than reading that awful “novel” called Moby Dick. What a dreary, verbose, utterly devoid of irony and self-awareness of a “book”. Those who claim that Hitler was some kind of a saint or good man are almost identical to the Trump-is-the-messiah crowd: ignorant gullible fools who know nothing about the subject matter. Although Hitler was not an outright two-bit con-artist like Trump, he definitely was a crazed bloodthirsty warmonger, as you point out, and makes no qualms about it in Mein Kampf … repeatedly, leaving no room for interpretation.

    When he came to power a decade or so later after writing Mein Kampf, he doubled down on his insanity and led Germany to a disastrous war costing over at least 10million German lives, not to mention the millions of people from other European countries. NONE of it was necessary, ordained, or fated. No! Belgium posed NO threat to Germany. France posed NO threat Germany. Norway posed NO threat to Germany. Neither did Greece, or Serbia, or Luxembourg or Netherland or Russia or … or …. you get the point.

    One can write an entire book on his catastrophic meddling on the battle tactics in the various theatres, overruling his generals and chiefs-of-staff, with predictably disastrous results and tens of thousands of dead German soldiers. (I’m a bit of a war history aficionado, so I know what I’m talking about).

    It’s insane that anyone would put this maniac on a pedestal … as people do with that other piece of garbage Trump. Just look at a photo of Berlin circa May 1945: Behold! That’s Herr Hitler’s legacy!

    • While reading ‘Mein Kampf’ was apparently one of your most painful experiences in life, I must say, reading your shallow, myopic, and formulaic drivel was one of mine.

      You see, it is you Johnny-boy who are uneducated on the subject-matter. I would gladly throw you and your infantile and rancorous rantings into the same useless academic pile as those “great biographers” of Hitler themselves. The Bullock’s and Kershaw’s of ill repute!

      The denigrating, tiresome and trite narratives of “Hitler, the based and wicked megalomaniac whose lust for war and power blah, blah, blah…” “Hitler, the neurotic non-person and drug addict who lacked talent and personability and on and on…” Always the presence of antipathy with the constant choice to place a cloak of selective invisibility over talent and genius that conflicts with their denigrating portrait. All the pseudo-analysts, gripped by their preconceived pictures of evil fall short of even producing an approximate understanding of Hitler the historical person and political genius.

      It’s clowns like you that help maintain the ridiculously inaccurate portrait of the former Vienna vagabond. Your comment exudes disdain and resentment, and if any positive recognition of the man’s character and accomplishments were to stare you in the face, that recognition would be done grudgingly. One must always maintain those negative qualities of Hitler the failure, the hater, the addict, the closet homosexuality, etc. Never the courageous corporeal of the front, the student of history, the talented architect and painter, the kind man towards women, and lover of animals. No! Twice no! Those get in the way of the disparagement and base hatred!

      You see Johnny-boy, the image of the Hitler that has wormed its way and settled itself in that little mind of yours is the Hitler the Jew has created through decades of propaganda and relentless repetition! Fast-food Hitler! And you’ve bitten hookline and sinker!

      As a side note, I noticed your dislike and dismissal of Melville’s ‘Moby Dick!’ A “Dreary and “verbose book!”???????????? As the book that many, myself included, view as THE greatest novel ever written, I think it’s appropriate that you’ve reached that conclusion regarding what Melville called “a most wicked book!”

      Nietzsche said that great writers write in order to NOT be understood by the herd or rabble. They write esoterically, or in code, so that not just any buffoonish ape can get at what they were saying. It requires extensive exegesis Johnny-boy! That’s why MD comes across to you as excessively verbose and obscure! Your not willing to “suffer the book” and put in the necessary work. You want it easy! Why? Because yours is the “genius of the crowd” Johnny-boy!

  20. Re: Hitler’s “Table Talk” by Rauschning, David Irving claims the content was largely
    made up by the author, who was not really a part of Hitler’s inner circle. Even establishment historians like Kershaw doubt its authenticity as expressing Hitler’s thought. Peace, great website.

    • Yes Chris! There’s a book by Mikael Nilsson titled ‘Hitler Redux: The Incredible History of Hitler’s So-called Table-Talk’ that came out a few years back that delves into the history of how the TT came to be recognized by many as genuine. The books expensive as hell, and would probably be better through interlibrary loan!

  21. “Against the frantic advice of his generals, who wished to deliver the coup de grace to the English Army, Hitler held back, because he did not wish to alienate his supposed vast following in England. For the same reason, he refused to invade England during a period when he had military superiority, believing that it would not be necessary, as the Anglo-German Fellowship group was ready to make peace with him.”

    Once again, we are seeing self-evident, nation-state strategic priorities being leashed and thwarted by ostensibly ‘national leaders’ in the Wagner Group’s clashes with the seemingly counter-patriotic Russian MOD; counter-patriotism here being a synonym for transnational interests and agendas.

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