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I Told You This Would Happen: White Americans Are on the Road to Dispossession

Immigrants' rights supporters march down Jackson Boulevard on Feb. 16, 2017, in Chicago as people across the U.S. hold a Day Without Immigrants protest to show the impact immigrants have on the economy. PHOTO: Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune

17 November 2020

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS — Biden has appointed a radical slavery reparations advocate to his Treasury Department transition team.  Mehrsa Baradaran, a UCLA professor, advocates reparations as the way to correct “white supremacy.”  As I have reported, scholars have concluded that there are probably as many and perhaps more white descendants of slaves in the US than black descendants.  

Baradaran misuses the word, “reparations.”  Reparations are what a harmed person is paid by the person that harmed them. No living white person has ever owned a slave, and no living black American has ever been a slave.  So what Baradaran is advocating is that white Americans be dispossessed so that black Americans can take their assets.  In other words, she is advocating a racist act of theft.  Her racism against white Americans has not kept her off of Biden’s Treasury transition team or from being a UCLA professor who brainwashes students. As the Democrats intend to open the floodgates of nonwhite immigration, every person of color who enters the US will benefit from the dispossession of white Americans. […]

5 Comments on I Told You This Would Happen: White Americans Are on the Road to Dispossession

  1. The worlds elite seeing what great wealth, privilege and higher status they have in 3rd world countries (basically a feudal 2status model, the privileged and everyone else in the gutter) despise Western working and middle class (who just happen to be mainly white) for having decent quality of life, rich culture and the wealth, education and social position to stand against their overlords tendencies to total exploitation. As such we are seen as redundant, surplus to requirements. Flood the world with 3rd world people used to slave conditions and get rid of the inconvenient Westerners in the way.

  2. Why don’t all the vibrant black and brown people stay in their own countries and make them as good as majority White countries? Why? Because they can’t!

  3. It was NEVER about “equality”. IT has always been about REVERSING the roles …. White Privilege, like the Scofield “bible”and christian.zionism/rapture, is a carefully engineered and designed psychological attack on White Christianity. The inventors of both are deviously evil. Those who believe these things are unquestioning idiots.
    “White privilege” is CHILD ABUSE ….. it is a deliberate, carefully designed, racist attack on the self esteem of White children.
    “White privilege” is classic Racist Bullying …… tearing down others rather than lifting yourself up.

    • Yes- after 40 years of being taught & accepting those lies (like most boomers), my turn around, within the following 10 years, contributed to a partially paralyzing anxiety that had to be fought off. Since then, cyber space contains many contrary remarks of mine that are ‘incriminating’. Perhaps the ensuing nonwhite administration will slap my peers & loved ones into genuine consciousness when it’s true color agenda is enforced. Down with the enemy, up with Christ!

  4. Yes and no.

    Where does true white power lie? Why were the institutions of true white power avoided in domestic terrorist campaigns (BLM / ANTIFA) in the United States and Britain?

    Well one could opine that true “white power” resides in the various round table groups around the world. We might wish to notice that not a single “white power” group was harmed in the violence of New York City, Washington, District of Columbia and London (notice I did not state City of London) in the terrorist attacks of last spring / summer.

    Certainly one could ask why the homes of Chatham House, the Council of Foreign Relations, the Tri – Lateral Commission, the Tavistock Institute, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Woodrow Wilson Center, the CITY of London and any countless centers of power remained unharmed by the “social justice warriors”? Did they not wish to crush “the man” and exact both retribution, as well as change.

    In terms of reparations, the average, white, American may not have the deep pockets to now pay for “forty acres and a mule”; however, these societies and endowments of “white power and white privilege” are more than capable of dispersing the necessary funds to make quite a many people whole. Why are they not being singled out for a payout?

    There is literally a whole other “subculture”, which is actually quite dominant, of groups, clubs and societies that are never touched by the “virtue warrior”. These children are paid off , in a chain of sources, that mask the origination of funds. Even the most “Marxist”, lesbian, man hating, castrating, obese, woman of color, still answers to a “white daddy” funder; please do not let these “cut-outs” fool you. Yes, they are all revolution and maybe even “all Satan”, but in the end, big white daddy pays for their Lean Cuisine. They are absolutely pathetic.

    Their whole revolution is funded by the corpotacracy, and would make both Mussolini, as well as his buddy FDR, quite proud. While many of us would opine that they are true Nazis, I would suggest that we are quite wrong. The youth of today are Black Shirts (even by their chosen clothing), yet less intelligent ones at best.

    In the end, many “white” people will self suicide, based on the direction of other “white” people who happen to belong to this club or that club.

    My humble suggestion is to avoid all clubs (including political clubs). Just keep thinking, and seek freedom.


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