Looking Back at a Previous Black Lives Matter Hoax in Minneapolis

With the Black Lives Matter (BLM) hoaxes in full swing, I am taking another look at an incident from last November that allegedly took place in Minneapolis. Minnesota seems to be a hotbed of the BLM movement. Allegedly four or five BLM protesters were shot. This one also followed the standard trademark hoax script with completely worthless grainy, dark, sideways film footage. The background shouting sounds staged and out of context. If you turn the images back to a normal position, you will see the “pacers,” or actors, who mill around for effect. The stagecraft looks poor. Fortunately there is a nice, concise surviving YouTube video below that proved the background on this.

Next we have the proverbial social media footage of the perps that miraculously show up. They talk casually about going after the dindus (slang derision toward blacks meaning “I-didn’t-do-nuthin”) and stirring up trouble. After some “crazy talk,” the driver whips out the gun for effect. Whoa, hide your women and children.

CaptureI’m sorry, but I need to call a spade a spade and a hoax a hoax. The hooked-nosed guy on the right in the black hat looks just too Ashkenazi to pass my sensibilities. And these are not Minnesota accents [go to 0:50] but rather something brought in from the outside.

Additionally, if you do an open-source search on “white supremacists attack BLM protesters Minneapolis,” you will see a slew of coverage from the usual suspects in late November 2015. The narrative says two and three and then four shooters “were arrested and taken into custody.” Curiously, once the search parameters are set for 2016, this story completely disappears. One would think that media coverage of something as serious as this would at least follow the legal proceedings against these two or three or four white supremacist boogeymen. But alas — and no big surprise to TNN — no.

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