The Rubber Ankle Freak Show of the Melbourne ‘Car Attack’

IMAGE: DCPmusic/Facebook

This woman was allegedly injured in the Melbourne “car attack” that The New Nationalist covered here. Enlarge screen and we recommend without sound and voice: watch the animatronics dummy’s ankle move and then buckle at 0:30. The “attendant” moves in to reposition the foot and keep the show rolling at 0:40. Some sort of ankle fracture? Does the skin surface of a fractured ankle look rubbery in real life? Leg and foot looks connected and is motioning just fine in earlier part of the video. Surreal and mechanical. Here are photos of hundreds of fractured ankles. Outside the cartoon world they are noted for extreme swelling and stiffness. If skin breaks there is ooze and bllod. 

Another WTF moment worth noting. Sound back on.

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