A Look Back at the Chattanooga Muslim Agit-Prop Shooting

Rather than cover the latest “shooting” in Houston, I offer a review of the July 16, 2015, Chattanooga staged shooting since I’ve already done the work. As per usual, there were no photos of a real crime scene beyond bullet holes in windows. We have the quick participation of Ziopath agents Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and SITE’s Rita Katz. The Geller routine was so badly botched that it was shit canned by Fox News right on the air. Apparently, even they could see it might not pass the dumb dumbs’ smell test.

ckeoittwwaanuwy-300x259Rita Katz’s contribution to this Islamophobic hate mongering boogeyman was this tweet (at right) showing alleged shooter “Mohammad” in the standard super-contrived social media image. In the more recent staged deceptions, Katz and Geller have been put more on the backburner, as even the dumb dumbs have become a little suspicious about them. Geller is offered up as the token Jew who has been put on the SPLC hater list.

Next, we shift gears to the ongoing ridiculous narrative heard so much of late in these hoaxes. Somehow, a “friendly, funny, kind” young guy is suddenly “radicalized on the Internet” and throws away his life by shooting church ladies, Marine enlisted men, random passers by or whoever. No, it’s never high value targets is it! This is shown and nicely dispensed of by RedsilverJ in his video below. Notice how CGI-synthetic the “wrestling video” is. Again, the Crime Syndicate is using B-movie effects and really not even trying anymore.

Dead “terrorist”: a moment of silence for Gumby the Dummy please.

Finally, we end with one of the most laughable acting jobs yet in these hoaxes. The Syndicate is scrapping the bottom of the barrel with this joker [starting 0:30].

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  1. Notice that the gate has been badly bent, but the plastic-and-beercans front end on the rental Mustang hasn’t even been scratched. In reality, if the Mustang had bent the gate like that, it’s front end would have been shredded.

  2. The most obvious and glaring factor in all of these “turror” events is it never happens to “rich people”. Or near Wall Street or near the Trilateral Commission or near the Council on Foreign Relations. It is always to “poor innocent bystanders” or “Average joe just like you and me”.

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